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Sasurji ka lund khake sasurji ki dil ki hasrat poori ki

My name is Pranitha and I am basically from Bangalore. My parents are from Delhi but I am totally brought up in Bangalore as we are settled here for dads job. I am a modern girl with positive mentality towards everything. After finishing my PG, when I was 24, I got a marriage proposal from Chennai through my Dad’s friend. I liked the proposal and the marriage was over in 4 months. I wanted a love marriage but i thought practically because my husband has real good job and gets paid lakhs per month. He was 29 years old.
Before my marriage, my husband used to work in Bangalore and after 8 months he asked for a transfer to his hometown, Chennai.

We rented a new 3 BHK flat in Chennai. My in laws lived around 20 mins driving distance from our place. They visited us once in a while. My FIL was 58 years old and my MIL was 53. I was enjoying the good days when me and my husband used to have sex everyday and several romantic moments. My in laws are retired and do nothing in their home all day. So they started visiting our house every single day. Especially my FIL. who started coming to our house every day after lunch. My husband leaves at 10 and comes back at 5 5 30 pm. My FIL will come around 4-4 30.

I used to wear tiny shorts, tank tops in our home. Its what I used to wear in Bangalore and I did not want to change it. My husband was okay with it but not infront of others. Anyway before my FIL arrives I used to change to home pants but I would still keep my tank top. Even my husband agreed to that. Anyway when my FIL started coming everyday I no longer cared about changing to pants as it seriously started to irritate me. Because I used to wear it in Bangalore in front of my whole family and no one complained and I never felt uncomfortable wearing it. So when my FIL comes to our house, I will be in shorts way above my knees and I was comfortable wearing only tank tops in the hot Chennai weather. I used to wear transparent or top coloured bra.

Before my husband comes, I would change to pants. I still remember the surprise face of my FIL when he saw me in shorts. What a crack he is, he just could not take his eyes off my legs. I never thought he would be looking like that. After that he started coming earlier like in 3 30 pm . What he does is watching TV with me. I dont know what the hell is wrong with him, is he blind or what? I could see him staring at me, my legs and my breasts. He doesnt take his eyes off my boobs and legs.I have 32 C boobs so little cleavage could be seen always and a lot sometimes.

After 3 days, he started something new, he would come to my house wearing pants and shirt and he would take off his pants and will be in boxers. He says this is lot more comfortable for the climate. He would leave before before my husband came. And if he stayed till my husband came, he will change back to pants.

After a week like this, I discovered that he is telling my MIL something else about going to places afternoon. He told her that he came here only those days when he met my husband. But only I knew that he came here every single day. One day I asked him why. He started laughing and said nothing. There is no doubt in my mind that he is coming to see me in tiny dress. I never told anything to my husband. I did not change my dressing style though. I was never attracted to my FIL. He is kind of dark, with mustache, had good height, fit body but had belly. I was never attracted cos he is old. He is an old 58 year man.

Now he has started sitting with me in sofa and used to watch TV with me and will talk to me many things. I will talk back to him and his company was not bad. He will be in his boxers and inner sleeveless t shirt. One day while watching TV, he rested his head on my shoulders. There is nothing to say wrong as he is father in law. Then day by day he started touching me more, he started to hold my shoulders, his hands would be over my shoulders. He will be sitting beside me and will be looking at my cleavage. and some days i could see his bulge in the shorts and he could see me looking at it. But i never wanted to have sex with him.

Then one day I started thinking, nobody knows about this tiny relation with me and my FIL and he clearly wants sex with me but cant do the first step. but if i want i can stop him coming to our flat. But i did not want him to stop coming. Why? I realised that I actually like my FIL doing this to me. Those bulges in his shorts never used to make me aroused but I always liked to see him bulging. Then one day I asked him again, why do u come here everyday without telling your wife and son? He said okay if u dont want im not coming again. And he did not come again tomorrow. But that actually made me upset. I dont know why. I seriously dont know why. I was missing him sitting with me with his hands over me and I was upset that he was not coming. I called him on the third day morning and said if u want u can come. He came that day changed to his boxers and inner wear. I dont know why i was doing this. I was sitting in sofa and he came and sat with me.

He put his one arm around me and i rested in his shoulders. After some 15 minutes, he put his another arm also around me, I suddenly looked at him, he kissed on my cheeks.I smiled and thought what a sweet person, and kissed him back on his cheeks. Next moment i realised that his two hands were still around me. He kissed me in my foreheads. As a part of decency, I smiled at him again. And I could see the big bulge in his shorts. His legs were spread and his thing was upwards. His hand went to my stomach and he asked me to close my eyes. I did. Then he kissed me in my eyes. Then nothing happened for 20 seconds, I was waiting for next kiss and thats when i realised how sexually aroused I was. I opened my eyes to see my FIL taking his hands from his boxers. I acted like I dint see it.

Then he spread his arms and said “hug me”. I just did. I was clearly not attracted to that old man but I could not stop myself from hugging him. My head was in his chest. I realised that he is hardly pressing my bare back and I again looked down to see the bulge which I cant stop looking at. Then he was holding my face with his two hands. His face was too close to me that I was able to see only his lips. Next thing I know is that I was kissing him on his lips. Now we both are hugging our heads each other and kissing each other very hard. I enjoyed it. Seriously more than my husbands. He took his hands down to my stomach and put his hands inside. He was rubbing my tummy. Then he made me lay down on the floor. He kissed me on my lips and said” I love you so much dear”. I said I love u too..

Then we started kissing again. He slowly took my black tank tops over my bra and started kissing my boobs..ohhhh what a feeling. Then he took it off completely. Then he took his t shirt off. Then he carried me to the bedroom. While carrying I could feel his thing on my back. Once we reached bed, he started kissing my neck and slowly down to my boobs. He took my bra down and started licking my boobs, I was enjoying it really. Then he took off my bra completely. Then he was sucking my boobs and his hands went inside my shorts. good it was… Then he started licking my stomach. Then he suked my armpits which was completely new for me. I loved this with him. Then he kissed me again on my lips. Then he went way down and started kissing my knees. Then slowly he started coming up.

Then slowly to my shorts. Then pushed my shorts up and kissed my panty. Oh my god, i was enjoying my husband never did this to me. The pulled my shorts down and started kissing my inner thighs. ohh what a feeling. Then he took away my panty. I was completely nude. Then he put my legs over his shoulders and he pressed my boobs. Then started sucking my vagina. Really i was in heaven. I was literally moaning. When he looked at me I pushed his head back to my vagina. I started giving blowjob to my husband after 4 months of marriage but he never did this to me. Then my lovely FIL, he was sucking it with full force. I enjoyed the best sexual moment of my life.

Then i thought he definitely deserves something back. I hugged him and kissed his chest and put my hands inside his shorts . I started rubbing his penis. Then i took my hands off but my FIL guided my hands again to his penis. Then i went down on him and pulled down his shorts. He had a wonderful penis. The biggest and the best looking I have ever seen in my life. I started sucking it from the tip. i sucked it for few minutes.Then I started sucking it hard and my FIL was moving his hips upwards. Then suddenly he pulled it out of my mouth and his cream was all in the bed. Then he got dressed and said bye to me and left the place. Next day morning by 11 he came, he bought a condom and put it on his penis. That day he inserted his thing inside my vagina. I enjoyed it a lot. Me and my FIL have sex at least 2-3 times a week. I enjoy it because of the oral section with him. He says if i hadnt called him and asked to come that day, the day we had sex…he wouldnt have come. He says when I called him, he knew I was ready to have sex with him.

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