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Seduced And Fucked Advocate Bhabhi

Hello ISS readers, my name is Anay & i am from Pune. I am 21 years old and a law student. This is my story about how I fucked a hot and horny advocate.


Being law student i have to frequently visit registration court of Pune division. There i saw a really hot married lady, later i came to know she is also a advocate.


She has white skin color, used to wear Punjabi dress as she was Punjabi. Soon, i started talking to her and used to ask her for help and she used to help me a lot and we used to have a lot conversation. We exchanged our contact numbers and used to call and chat at night. Being too close to her i noticed that she never used to talk about her husband, so i asked her about her husband, she said ” he lives in delhi, and comes home once in a month.” this was the time i started having bad intentions about her, i started to peep into her boobs and cleavage, sometimes i used to touch her boobs with my elbow, i don’t know she used to like it or doesn’t want to say anything. Soon, things got deep i used to visit her house once in a week normally on holiday and we used to chat and talk about cases. At here house i got a lot of chances of watching her cleavage full properly.


One day when i reached her house she welcomed me and asked to stay there as she was going to take bath. I said ” yes! Sure” and after a few minutes she called me and asked me ” can you plz switch off that button” while she was inside, i said “sure, why not?” and as i entered bathroom she got on my backside without letting me see her wet body, the button was above her height. I got up there and switched it off and as i turned back i saw her trying to adjust herself with just a towel. That was 1st time i saw one boob full open as she was trying to adjust the towel she didn’t noticed me watching her boob and then she said “have you done?” i said “yes” and then got out.


She came out and thanked me and said “now as you have helped me, i was thinking of giving to a treat, here at my home” in no time i said “yes, m ready” then i called my room-mate and informed him i won’t be coming tonight. I knew that tonight i m going to fuck her. She started cooking and i don’t wanted to miss any chance, so i got myself into kitchen and started talking.


I said “so don’t you feel alone”


She “no, just sometimes but when my husband visit me for 3 days he gives me a lot love”


I understood what she mean.


Me “so when was the last time he visited”


She ” about 3 weeks ago”


Me “so maybe you must have forgotten his love”


To which she smiled without looking at me, but i knew that she wants me now i just need to seduce her to which i started my work.


I kept my hand on her shoulder and caressing her. And suddenly she turn a little bit and my hand fell on her boob and i didnt removed it and she also did`nt said anything and i got it that she want me badly. She was in punjabi dress and having a pallu on it. So i tried with all my confidence and asked “why don’t you remove this pallu its troubling u?” to which she said “my hands are busy, remove it yourself.” i was in heaven, instead of taking it off from front, i got to her back and kept my hands on her boobs lightly, and started rolling my fingers over her boobs over pallu. She said nothing, and slowly i started removing her pallu.


Finally i removed it and suddenly she turned back. I got scared and she said “wait! What are you doing?” and before i said anything she again turned back and kept everything aside. And again she came close to me and said “let me show you heaven tonight or do you want dinner?”


I said “only a madman will say no.” and i kept my both hands on her boobs and started pressing them lightly. She started moaning, wow man so soft boobs, its was my 1st time to press boobs, it was awesomest feeling. While i was pressing her boobs she kept her lips over mine and we started kissing. I have kissed my girlfriends so, it was not 1st kiss, but she was a good kisser. We stopped and she said ” we have full night, a full house so lets move in bedroom” i agreed and we got into her bedroom. And we again started kissing and i started pressing her boobs.


I was pressing her boobs from down side so that her boobs used to come out more than half out oh her dress. Then i said “turn back let me make you dressless” soon she turned and started opening zip of her dress and then i saw her blue bra. It was awesome, i completely removed her kurta and now she was only in bra and salwar. I started kissing and pressing her boobs and she started pressing my dick over my pants then i said “wait I’ll remove my clothes” and in not time i was full nude. I dont have a superman type dick but large enough to satisfy a hungry pussy.And then i unhooked her bra and made her topless.


Her boobs were awesome i started licking them while she was playing with my tool. Then i started putting my hands in her salwar but she stopped and said “1st lemme make you cum” and started stroking and then she got on her knees and started sucking my tool. Wow it was so amazing man. Her soft lips and my rock-hard dick, what a fucking combination. As it was my 1st blowjob it didn’t took much time and i was cumming so i asked “where to cum” she said “on my face and boobs” and then my cum was all over her top body. Then she said “now it your turn ” and asked me to remove her salwar. I obeyed her and removed her salwar and there she was in black panty. Wow man 1st i kissed her pussy over her panty and it smelled great.


Then she started pressing my head into her pussy and i knew she wanted to me lick her pussy.Slowly i removed her panty and her pussy was now fully visible to me then i smelled it again and it was awesome. And i started licking her pussy, it tasted awesome i kept licking her pussy and started fingering and result was she had an orgasms. We both rested and then she said “now let`s order something and have a dinner and then I’ll be ready to take your tool in me” i said “ok but tonight lets make it as honeymoon” and she agreed to it.


Later we had dinner and then we were ready for honeymoon. I was roaming full nude in whole house and then i told her to where a red saree and she agreed.


This was just about how we started later we enjoyed honeymoon, I’ll write it in next part. Mail me . Thanks

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