Thursday , March 30 2023

Sex Between Father Daughter First Time

I am new here and on looking round I was encouraged to set down my beginnings in family love, a term I prefer to incest, and so here it is. I am female and age 22. Our way to make love is not for everyone, and in no way do I condone force being used or coercion being applied. This is my story and it is a true account on my beginning as a sexual person at age fourteen. I have a very slim build, and 5.7 inches tall with light brown hair. I am nothing special to look at with a small pair of breasts and long nipples. I have a small, rounded ass that my dad describes as two oranges in a sack! That can lead to a chase and ends in kisses! I was a good student in school and I got good grades in all subjects.

I live in a naturist family who introduced my sister and me to nudism from the start. Their families are nudist as well and all have shared with each other through their lives. I loved the freedom to be naked at our sun club and at home. We adopted a common sense view to clothes; if the house was cool or cold we wore something for practical reasons My sister is almost eight years older than me and she is now married and has her own home. She is a frequent visitor to our sun club and our house. Her husband is also a naturist who she met at our club. He is older than her and a great guy, funny and full of life. It is easy to understand why sis fell for him.

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