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Sex during the Bangalore Hyderabad bus trip – I

Hi readers, for the pleasure of your reading, I would like to narrate a story about my lucky experience in the bus.

I am 45 years old, living in Bangalore and my job involves a lot of touring to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Vijayawada. For the past many years I have been traveling in overnight buses to all these places. Long back (in 1990s) there were many opportunities when you used to get a willing girl/woman beside but nowadays no such luck.

I have had many opportunities of boob pressing, kissing, finger fucking, and hand-jobs with many ladies in those days but in the recent days it was only imagining and craving and chances are almost nil. Well, very recently, may be by a stroke of luck, I had a very sweet experience, which not only satisfied my yearning for a bus-experience, but has given me a dream relationship.

That was February 14th Saturday, I was on my way to Hyderabad, booked as usually in KSRTC Volvo bus. I usually book the seat no 5 or 6, as it comes right in front of the ladies seat. Sometimes you get a naughty girl behind you, who starts the things by keeping her feet below your bum,

and a little handwork follows like sleeping on your side and extending your hand to touch her legs, thighs and if she bends forward – then her boobs and face. I had gotten into my regular seat number 5, a window seat, booked almost 20 days back. The pushback was a bit tight, but no problem…in KSRTC, some seats are loose and some are overtight… it is always like that.

All the other seats in the bus were full except the seat no. 6, which was by my side. As I knew at the time of booking, it was full. Even though my mind was praying heavens to send a lady there, I knew there was no chance of that. Behind in the ladies seat there were two very good looking ladies, one about 23-28 years and the other probably about 35+ (guess).

The young one was slim and sexy, the older one was a bit overweight, but yet, sexy. Almost all other seats were occupied by late-middle age or older people (probably all the youngsters were celebrating valentine’s day in their own work-cities)

The last stop where people board is usually at Yelahanka Intersection, and I thought as usual some hefty, smelly, insensitive guy who almost half sleeps over my body, with dirty shoe smell or drinks smell and snoring like a helicopter would occupy the seat next to me. But, luckily, the bus stopped at the pick-up place, and conductor spoke over the phone and confirmed the party is not coming.

I thought at least tonight I can travel a bit freely. Some Telugu movie was being played in the video and I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. The ladies in the back seat were talking something in Kannada, and shifted to seat number 6, pushed back my seat and started dozing off.

In about 45 minutes, Chikkaballapur came and the bus stopped for dinner. I felt a finger on my shoulder and turned back, the chubby old lady smilingly requested me to straighten my seat, as she wants to go out for refreshment. Within half an hour the bus started again and soon the lights were turned off and the bus was filled with peculiar sounds of snoring by different people.

As both seats, 5 and 6 were empty, I had laid down on the seat. Suddenly I heard some noise from the back seat, and some hurried movements, and the sour smell of vomit hit my nose. It occurred to me that one of these two ladies has vomited.. probably due to the food they had at the hotel.

The driver stopped the bus, someone from the back seat went down, probably finished vomiting, and came back. The bus started again. Then again after a gap of a minute or so, I felt a finger on my body, I sat up and saw, the same chubby lady was standing clutching her vanity bag to her chest.

As I looked upon, she told me the other lady was feeling vomiting sensation, and by this lady got up to ask the driver to stop the bus, that lady has vomited partly on her seat. She asked anyway, one seat by my side is vacant, can it be given to her.

I asked whether she wants to sit by window or istle, she said window would be fine. I sat up on seat no 6 (istle), and before she put one foot forward, the driver gave a big jerk for manoeuvring, and she fell fully on me. She was shocked and trying to get up, I also lifted her up. Unintentionally, I had felt her boobs and body to some extent, and it was awesome.

She said sorry, adjusted herself and sat in the window seat. Within a minute, she asked me whether I can get her water bottle, which is on the backside of my seat (in front of her previous seat). I gave it to her, she took a few sips, thanked me, and asked me whether I am going to Hyderabad. I said yes, and told I travel frequently Hyderabad.

She told that she goes once in two or three years only, and this time she is going to attend some conference, which was on Sunday and Monday. She told she is Srilatha, I introduced myself to be Adithya (don’t believe these names). I asked whether she is staying there with relatives or friends.

She told she had planned to stay at her friend’s house, but due to some demise in her family, the house is full of relatives and is also not good for staying now, hence would be staying in a hotel in Habsiguda. It was a pleasant shock to me, as that happened to be my regular hotel, and my room also was already booked there.

That hotel is about 8-10 kms from Imliban bus stand, and auto’s in the morning ask 250-300 rupees. Hence I had already booked a Ola taxi, and told her then we would be travelling up to the hotel also together. She smiled and thanked again. Then there was all silence she pretended to sleep.

I was also posing as a gentleman, keeping to myself. Suddenly she told, these blankets they give in KSRTC buses smell nasty. I told they are only fit to be kept on the lap. To cover our upper body and face, we must bring our own shawls. Then I gave her my shawl, which she politely refused. Then I kept it between us and said, in case you feel cold, you can use it.

Within a few minutes, she curled on to her left, facing the window, sleeping in the side position. If you can imagine, her butt will be thrusting to my side and touching my left thigh. I started getting an erection. There was a very dim light. I opened my eyes wide and started staring her. She was wearing a short sleeved kurta and luggings.

Very nice dress for night affairs – if only she gives me a chance. I tried to see if any part of her body is visible… again…no chance.. except for her arms nothing was visible. Suddenly she adjusted her position, and her butt pressed my hand which was on the arm rest. Unfortunately, I suddenly moved my hand back in reaction.

I cursed my own stupid reaction and slowly kept my arm back there, taking care not to touch her bum, then slowly over a period of next one and a half two minutes rested the arm fully, so as to sit on her bum. By now all my sleep had gone off and I was very awake and alert, trying to test her. Suddenly again, her bare foot came and fell on my foot.

I still do not know whether she is doing it in sleep or she is awake. Anyway I kept my foot shaking in sync with the movement of the bus. Slowly I lifted my foot from the bus floor and kept on the foot rest, taking care to keep it as much closer to her as possible, now my calf was also touching her calf, although over the clothes. By this time, she did one unexpected thing.

She lifted her hand and kept it over her butt, which came straight in contact with my hand. Then for a while, both of our hands and feet were touching and mildly rubbing with each other. For some time I was thinking it is only my wild imagination, but then the way her hand was over-moving with each movement of the bus, I felt like testing.

Now I took the shawl and wore it so that it covered me and also the side of her body, and kept my hand below on her butt, and she suddenly held my hand. I also held her hand in my grip firmly. Both were pressing our hands and kneading it for a while. Then slowly I got my hand freed, and moved it on her butt. Even with the thick luggings above, her butt was firm, yet soft and bouncy.

I was moving my hands all over her butt, and slowly raised it to her waist. The moment my hand touched her waist her bare skin, she pulled my hand and kept it pressed to her waist. Within no time, I turned to her side, into the same position as she was, pulled my left hand back and kept the right hand on her waist. Srilatha was also ready now.

She did not want to scare me, rather she wanted to assure me and motivate me. She pulled my hand further on to her. Now I was caressing her waist and belly. I was having a tremendous erection by now. When I got busy with her belly, navel and waist, she slid her hand further down on myside and gripped my erect penis over my pant. I got real courage now.

I slipped my right hand upwards, and sneaked below her bra line, to hold her breasts and nipples. As I started squeezing them, she moved a bit more backwards pressing her butt to me. My left hand was free anyway. I started to rub her ass over the luggings for a while and then slid it on to the butt, but it was difficult to caress her ass with left hand, so I took it back and entered my hand on the front side. Ohh, her pussy was already wet.

She now turned half this side and slid her hand into my pants, holding my hot cock with her soft palm, squeezing and leaving, she extended to my balls also, but again went back to my penis, which was oozing pre-cum already. Then, holding it like that only, she again turned back to the window side, offering her ass to me to play with.

I now tickled her inner thighs with my right hand, and pinched her ass. I could feel the goosebumps on her ass. Then I went down further, kneaded her ass cheeks and then inserted my hand between the thighs to reach her wet pussy. Wow…she is great. She knew that it would be difficult for me to insert my finger into her, from the top, so she had turned back again!!

It did not take any effort to enter my fingers into her pussy, because it was already so wet and so slippery. When my finger entered inside, she shivered and pulled back her hand from my penis and pressed my hand further into her pussy with her hand. Now I started finger fucking her, and she again started moving her right hand over my lower body while pressing my hand with her left hand.

After a while, she pressed my hand very hard with her thighs and hand and her ass started jerking… she had come!! Holding like that for a while, she turned to my side and pulled my head towards her and kissed her heavily. It was a different experience for me.. Always, first kiss and later sex. Here it was reverse, first it was genitals and later the lip lock.

While pulling my neck from her right hand and kissing me, she used her left hand to catch hold of my penis, and stroked it up and down. I was also already very much excited. The simultaneous kissing and stroking made me cum within 2-3 minutes. After all these was over, I held her face, kissed her, and whispered in her ears, THANK YOU, YOU ARE SO LOVELY AND NICE.

She held my hand, kissed it, and whispered – you are also very nice, and then kissed my lips again. Then she corrected her dress and turned that side and slept. I also slept off. In between off and on, we were caressing each other, though we did not do much of anything further. Morning around 6.30am, I woke up, and looked at her. She was looking at me and smiled seeing me.

I said good morning, she wished back. I asked what time is your Conference. She said it is at 11, and is nearby, so she has to leave the hotel at 10:30am. By now we were already as easy with each other as husband and wife Or close relatives. She asked me about my program I said I have a few meetings in the Hotel only, and mostly the potential customers (dealers) will be coming to the hotel itself.

By 7:30 our bus arrived at Imliban, we got down and came out. Our taxi was waiting. By 8.05 we came to the Hotel and checked in. Luckily we got rooms opposite each other. First, we entered into her room with the bellboy, after her room was checked in, the bellboy opened my room. I told her to brush and come to my room for coffee, so that we can have a coffee and then later fresh-up.

She brushed and came to my room. Meanwhile I had brushed. The coffee was ready. I closed the room. Made her sit on the bed, leaning on to the headboard, mixed her coffee and gave it to her, took a cup in my hand, and came and sat by her lugging on to her. She was smiling widely, and said you are very romantic.

I said, for a man to be romantic, the woman should be able to generate that feeling.. She was happy. She offered her cup to me, I drank from her cup and gave her mine. Then with coffee in our hands itself, we started kissing each other while exchanging the coffee from mouth to mouth. Once the coffee is finished, I took her cup and kept both the cups on the side stand, and rolled on the bed, pulling the blanket over me.

She started laughing with pleasure and anticipation, and came and sneaked into my blanket. After 10-15 minutes of deep and passionate kissing, I made her sit up and removed her kurta and bra. She removed my T-shirt. Then we both removed our pants and innerwear. Then we hugged each other tightly.

With a sleepless night, in a mildly cold weather, in an AC room, it was very nice to hug her rich soft and silky body inside the blanket. She caressed my hairs and kissed my forehead. I buried my face in her bosom and within a few seconds I slept off. Within 2-3 minutes I woke up, and she was smiling at me lovingly, asking me is it the right time and situation to sleep now?

I said she made me so comfortable that I felt so one with her, that nothing else came to my mind. She pulled my head down to her boobs and I suckled them for a while playing with them, slightly biting them and pressing them I had already had an erection now. She said, okay, I have to go and get ready now. I did not leave. Told her, there is plenty of time, it is still 8.30.

You have another 2 hours to get ready and go. Then I asked her when is her periods. She smiled and told, she is operated and slapped me playingly. I then made her lay on belly, started kissing her from her feet up, when I came to the bums, she started laughing with goose bumps on them, then when I went further up on the back, she was laughing uncontrollably.

Then I kissed her ear lobes, slightly bitten them and laid on my back, and pulled her over me. She came on me with wide opened eyes and an expecting smile on her lips. Looked at me teasingly, and then kissed me, she bit my nipples and kissed my navel. She was very eager for a sex session… may be more than even me.

She placed her pussy on my balls and brought it up and down, then she sat on my Penis, rubbed her pussy on that from outside. I cupped her breasts in my hand and started pressing, squeezing and pinching. Her breaths started getting heavier, eyes got closed. She held my penis in her hand, slightly pulled it back to position on her wet pussy, and then sat on it slowly, taking it inside slowly step by step.

Then she adjusted her position so as to take it much deeper. Once she knew that I was in her fully, she started moving her ass in a round motion, grinding my penis. After a while, she started moving up and down moaning Aadi..Aadi… Aaadee Aadi ka bacchaa. Ohh….aaaaaaah… Tension was building up in me.

Her moanings increased and then she increased her speed, and started fucking me while crying…. I started rubbing her breasts up and down, and scratched her bums and started pushing from below… She shuddered and cummed in violent motion, Meanwhile I put my fingers in her ear hole, and she shivered and lied down on me. I consoled her by patting and pressing her back.

She recovered in about two minutes and kissed me all over my face. She asked me will you do now? I asked her how would she like it from the front or back. She told, I have given her first chance, so she would give me my choice. I was still in the feeling of her body. So I asked her to lay down on her back and mounted upon her in the missionary position.

With the head rest of the cot to the support of my feet, I could nail her forcefully and fucked her for about a minute before cumming. After I came, I lied down on her while she consoled me by caressing my hairs and stroking my back.

After about 3-4 minutes, she told, I never expected I would sleep with a stranger, I am still unable to understand why I got into physical with you yesterday in the bus, and how I am continuing it here in a hotel room, still feeling so natural with you. I said, same here, I am also wondering how smoothly all this has happened, but we must thank the lady who sat beside you and vomited.

Both of us laughed and then she told, well, let me go and have bath. I told, You go to your room, I will also come there for just a few minutes. She asked me, why? You want to do it once in our room also? We both laughed and I said… no… I am not that strong, my age is catching up.

She said okay, you come, and then she went. I picked up a towel and new dress for changing, locked my room and entered into her room, and kept the towel, dress and key on her table. She was letting hot water into the bucket. I bolted the room and went to the bath room door. She looked at me and said what? I told I would like to bath with you together.

She was embarrassed and turned red, said no, no.. no way. I said, arre yaar, just now you were naked in front of me, and you have felt so comfortable with me, now why shy? Talking so I removed all my clothes, but she was still refusing. I held her and slowly removed her dress. Refusing, she yet yielded.

Then we had a nude bath together, touching, hugging and washing each other together, we had a lot of fun together. Then both of us dressed, came down to the restaurant section, had our breakfast and then came back to our rooms. It was time for her to go. She told she wants to spend the time with me only and she does not want to go, but it is compulsory that she must go.

There was some tear in her eyes. I hugged her, kissed her and told to attend to her work, evening I will be keeping free for ourselves. She went out without a mood to go.

Friends, this first part of the story is more details and less activity. But after this, what happened? I will be writing in less boring and more interesting facts in the next issue.

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