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Sex on a First Date

At the ripe old age of 17, I had already had several GF’s, of which three I had sex with. In none of those instances had I ever engaged in sex on the first date with them. In fact, there were usually many dates involved before progressing to sex. However, that changed when I met Karen, a 17 year old girl that went to the other high school in town.

We met at a basketball game; she was a friend of a friend of my cousin. She was about 5’4, 105 pounds with a nice set of 34b breasts. Her brown eyes being framed by her blond hair. She definitely looked fine standing there in her jeans and sweater.

We had a good time at the game; however, that was it. I kind of had a girlfriend and had not asked for Karen’s phone number. Imagine my surprise a couple of days later when I got a phone call from a friend of Karen’s. She went on telling how much Karen liked me….thought I was good looking….would like to get to know me better. The call ended with me in possession of Karen’s phone number.

After some deliberation, I gave her a call that evening. We had a good conversation, at the end of which, I asked her if she wanted to catch a movie that Saturday night; to which she said yes. The rest of the week was weird. This was the first time I had a date with a girl that I didn’t see every day in school. All I got to do was talk with her each evening after school. Conversations were good, but, the subject of sex was never broached.

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