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I first met Madelyn six months ago. I had just started my
first day on the job as an office worker at a local health club.
The job was only part-time, but one of the side benefits was use
of the facilities.
Not that I really needed them; even after three children, I
still had a nice figure. That’s pretty good, considering the
rest of me–I’m pretty short, only five two, with 36D breasts,
and I weigh just one ten. My best assets are my legs–they’re
long and shapely, and my face, which makes me look sixteen, even
though I’m thirty two. My hair is thick and black, very wavy, and
long, which helps.
Madelyn introduced herself to me right off. She was the
boss–a fact she made plainly evident. A striking woman of
thirty eight, she could have easily passed for ten or twelve
years younger–tall, very shapely, young face, long, dark blonde
hair she wore in a braided pony tail. Her outfit, made up of a
short leather skirt, burgundy blouse and black pumps, with nude
hose, revealed very much to the eye.
She took one look at my outfit and shook her head sadly. I
couldn’t see why; it was perfectly business-like. Calf-length
skirt, a white blouse, blazer, white stockings and white pumps.
“No”, Madelyn said, shaking her head. There was a look of
what I might call contempt in her eyes. “No, Karen, this will
not do. We like to portray an image of carefree youth here.
Notice.” She pointed to the two other girls in the office. Both
got up quickly, almost obediently; they were
young and pretty, dressed in short skirts and tasteful blouses,
high heels and such. “I should have told you the dress code.
First, no skirts below the knee; we prefer above or to the top.
Secondly, no hose other than tan or nudes. Above all, nothing
which has no sleeves and nothing loose or rumply. This is a
health club; we prefer to project health, as well.”
I nodded. She had a point. Then she smiled at me. “Other
than that, welcome to the Eternal Youth Health Club. There’s
your desk over there.” She pointed toward a glass top, open
front desk with a terminal and a small filing cabinet. She sat
me down and got me oriented, explained to me that I was permitted
to have knicknacks or family pictures on the desk if I wished,
the usual chatter. Then she let me work.
The other girls were helpful, if quiet; more than once they
stole looks at me, with little smiles. They weren’t mean looks,
but I got a funny feeling about it…
When lunchtime came they left, but I stayed behind to get
myself better oriented. I had brought a picture of my family
with me, taken just a month before: my husband, Tim, whom I love
dearly, and has been nothing but good to me since we married when
we were both sixteen; my oldest daughter, Kera, sixteen, who
looks just like me; my twelve year old, Candace, and my young son
Tim Jr., who was six. As I was putting it into place, my eyes
drifted over to the
reception chairs against the far wall. The way they sat, anyone
in them had a full view of all three desks–that included what
lay underneath. I crossed my legs self-conciously, even though
my skirt hid everything and there was nobody there.
That first day after work, Madelyn offered to pay for a new
wardrobe for me–it was tax deductible, she explained.
I didn’t refuse the offer; the look she gave me when I
started to was enough to chill that idea. She even invited
herself along, picking out clothes for me as we shopped after
work. She explained the dress code was very serious.
“At Eternal Youth, we like our guests to have motivation to
succeed”, she explained, “and that means both men and women.
Conservative dress simply will not do, you understand.”
The trouble was, I was used to conservative dress; I grew up
in a conservative family. I didn’t make my children dress that
way–Kera was always in short skirts–but I did.
My mother had insisted it was “terrible” for a woman to show
too much leg, and in fact, it was one reason I got married at
sixteen–to get away. Unfortunately, old habits die hard.
When I showed up for work the next morning, I felt
uncomfortable, yet freer, in the short skirt I was wearing;
Madelyn approved, as did my two co-worker, Carrie Ann and Laura.
Madelyn handed me something else, too–a pair of pink
shorts and running shoes, and a pink t-shirt with the “Eternal
Youth” emblem on front. She told me that certain days of the
week I would be working the “floor” in the club, and this was my
outfit; she would tell me beforehand.
That started the next day. I was assigned to work with
Dave Coler, one of the instructors; he was young, only twenty
six, solidly built, with wavy blonde hair and laughing blue eyes.
Carrie Ann and Laura had both dated Dave–Carrie Ann, in fact,
was married, and was having an
affair with him. I know this because over time, I caught them
together, usually in the equipment storage room. I never told
anyone, though.
Dave was fun to work with, and I came to look forward to my
days on the “floor”, which I alternated with the other girls. He
could be a little overbearing at times: he would put his arm
around me all the time, or pat me on the rear, or make comments
about my legs. I asked him to stop a few times, but he didn’t,
and I learned to let it go. Iit turned out Dave was one of the
top instructors, and his word was stronger than mine with
Finally, though, Dave pushed it too far; he got me alone in
the equipment room one day and pulled out his penis. He said
something about putting in me; I didn’t hear. I stormed out and
told Madelyn, threatening to quit if she didn’t do something.
She did; Dave got reprimanded, and I was assigned to work with
Madelyn on the floor. I thought my trouble was over.
Was I ever wrong!

CHAPTER 2–The Seminar

Six months passed, which brings us to the present. Dave
left me alone; Madelyn and I became good friends, if not best
friends. We worked out every day after work, usually with
Madelyn coaching me. The whole time we talked extensively about
me, my marriage, my husband and kids. She ate dinner at our
house, got to know me very well–though I learned little of her.
She wasn’t married, I knew, but that was about it. Then she gave
me the opportunity to get to
know her.
“The Club is sponsoring a three day seminar this weekend”,
she told me. “I’d like you to come. In fact, I insist. It’s
mostly business, but you’ll have an opportunity for fun. A
girl’s weekend away”, she told me.
I agreed only after talking to Tim; he thought it sounded
like fun. He’d been planning to take the kids camping anyway (I
hated to go camping). Kera had backed out of that; she was going
to stay at a friend’s house. She hated to go camping, just like
So I went. Madelyn didn’t tell me much, just that we’d
have a suite, and I should bring a swimsuit–in keeping with
tradition, she bought me one, a little thing that hardly covered
me. I was also to bring my usual dress clothes and my “floor”
outfit, and I did.
The hotel was nice; it wasn’t more than a few miles from
home, very ritzy but not very full, especially with a seminar.
Madelyn explained that things didn’t start until Saturday,
anyway, so we’d have the whole suite to ourselves.
The suite itself was nice–three bedrooms, a sauna,
bathroom, balcony, everything. The bedrooms were huge and nearly
soundproof, with king size beds and thick, plush carpeting.
Madelyn had me put on my swimsuit, and we went down to sun by the
pool. The place was filled with men–almost no women, I noticed,
and no children. I got more than one appreciative stare and
whistle while I sunned myself.
A few hours later, after I’d tanned nicely all over (Madelyn
had taken me to the hotel’s little health club and had me tan
the rest of my body–suitless), we went back up to change for
dinner. I put on a white blouse with short sleeves, a short
denim skirt, white high heel pumps and nude
hose; Madely dressed similarly, her blouse burgundy, like the
first time I’d met her, her skirt white leather. We went to
dinner, then afterward to the bar.
I don’t drink, but I allowed myself to have a Shirley
Temple, which of course, has no alchohol. While we sat there,
surrounded mostly by men, both of us got hit on a lot; Madelyn
made one promise after another, giving them our suite number,
then explaining it was “just for her”,
indicating the wedding band on my left hand. Nobody objected,
though a few guys seemed pretty disappointed.
I didn’t know what to think of Madelyn; was this what she
meant to show me? That she was a…forgive me…a slut?
It sure seemed that way, to me. Eventually, her attention
turned to all the men, who had begun to flock around her, and I
excused myself to head back to the room. I was tired and a
little disgusted by her behavior, to say the least.
It seemed like most of the hotel was in the bar; the lobby
was empty, and the elevator was, too. I passed a boy of about
eighteen delivering room service, but that was it.
Unlocking the door to the suite, I stepped in. Suddenly, a
hand clamped over my mouth. My arms were pinned behind me, and
as I struggled, I was aware I was inhaling a strong, pungent
scent. Dimly I remembered a few movies I’d seen, and then I
passed out.

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