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Sex With Wife Elder Sister

This incident happen recently I am Rakesh and got married with Meera 5 years before everything was fine and we both are happily living our life. I use to go out of station and that time myself and my wife chats lot on phone everything about sex and leaks. This chatting was going cool once while chating I asked my wife shall we talk about other female also. So first she said no I don’t like that somehow.
I made her agree and slowly slowly we started talking about know females as it sounds gud when we talk about know females and talk about there boobs gand choot and all and we both are enjoying it lot and lot one day I asked her shall we talk about ur sister again she said no.but after someday she said ok.her name is jyothi and in chating we use to call her randi or bitch.
She is between 40 to 45 years not so good looking but after chating about her everday we both go horny for her and she is thin and small boobs hoping she will be gud in bed and we fuck her everyday on chating slowly slowly she become Jyoti for me on bed and I fuck meera with Jyoti name one day we came to know she is not happy with sex life so me and wife planned when we are talking about her lets enjoy with her in real and planned.
So we called her once to our home on vacation and she too agree for that and she came alone without her hubby and kid.everything was normal for two days and from office I use to send sms to my wife and chat about her what she is wearing can u c her boobs how her gand is looking now etc. I asked my wife to ask her whether I can drink at home and she replied she too want to have wine and in the evening we all sat together and start having drink .
I started msging to my wife siting near to her itself and we both were enjoying Jyoti presence. We all are sitting in same bed and cover with the bedsheet so that my wife can feel my lund she started rubbing my lund and it got erect and said Rakesh can you go n switch the gas I understood she want to show my erect lund to Jyoti randi and Jyoti saw also when I got up it was rock hard inside my pant as I was not wearing underwear that time again I came back n sat in between them and stated enjoying the drink.

My wife started rubbing my lund with her hand and I started pressing her choot, we all had good drink and Jyoti randi was going out of control I slowly kept my hand and her thighs and she closed her eyes like she was waiting for this touch and she said Meera hmmmmmm. I gently turned my face facing Jyoti and gently kissed on the neck and then below her ears at this point both of us were feeling the pleasure build up and meera was enjoying with my lund Meera said Rakesh you are tasting so yummy dear uuuum and got back kissing it, licking it and stroking it hard in between her breasts.
I touched my legs and I could feel the perky nipples on my thighs and then she moved upwards kissing my navel running her tongue around and stroking my cock in her hand and suddenly brought her boobs around my cock and took it in between her titties and started rubbing my cock in the cleavage holding her boobs around my cock. I was enjoying it all and felt the cold climate had acted fast on Jyoti randi, she again took my cock in her hand and started licking my balls.
I took the salty nuts in her mouth one by one I was enjoying it all but feeling so different. I looked up at Meera, who was playing with her choot. I bent forward to take one of meera nipple in my mouth and started sucking it and biting it while fondling and squeezing both her tits. Jyoti bitch took my cock out of her mouth and looked upwards at us. I moved a hand down towards her boobs and grabbed one.
I caressed and fondled it and then pinched her taut nipples between two fingertips making her moan. I told Jyoti that she was doing a great job on the cock, she blushed a bit and then gave a kiss on the tip of the cock and said this lovely hard thing is making me do all this nasty thing. Now, Meera too got on her knees next to jyoti and took the cock in her hand and said, let me see how much it has been changed by being with another lady.
Meera rolled her tongue in a circle on the tip of the cock squeezing the cock with her hand and stroking it in between. She then took in cock in her mouth and started sucking on it; Jyoti was a few inches away and just looking at meera giving me a blowjob. Meera raised herself up on her knees and pulled my cock upwards exposing the hanging balls fully and asked Jyoti to lick them. Jyoti bent further down and got beneath the balls, raised her face up and started licking the balls while Meera sucked on my cock.
Jyoti bitch took the balls in her fingers and pinched her nails into the soft skin, then she took one ball fully in her mouth and rolled her tongue on it, she took it out & took the other ball in her mouth a bite on my balls and she kissed my balls still cupping them and asked reema to interchange positions. Then Jyothi took the full length of my cock in one gulp and started a very hard blowjob while meera was licking my balls. Meera stood up and sat on the bed raising her legs apart exposing her smooth and lovely pink pussy lips to me
She rubbed her pussy with her fingers and called closer as Jyothi was still busy in the blowjob I just bent forward kissing Meera inner thighs, started licking the skin around her pussy, smelling her love juices. I flicked my tongue on her pussy a few times and started licking it, slurping my tongue all over spreading the pink pussy lips which were nicely wet I pushed my tongue inside to taste her juicy wet cunt. Jyothi by now was sucking hard on my cock, squeezing it nicely in her hand.

I was pushing my cock in her mouth and banging it and in sometime I released my sperm little little and licked it all up. Jyothi randi took my cock out of her mouth, still stroking it in her hand, she too got up on the bed next to Meera and started watching me work up on Meera pussy with my mouth while.Jyothi mouth was open in gaze, as she saw meera moaning. She told meera that she had only seen anyone eating pussy like that in bluefilms.
I moved a hand between Jyothi legs and started rubbing her pussy while continuing to lick, roll my tongue and lips all around and inside Meera pussy. Jyothi kutiya was very wet by now and I could feel that with my fingers I changed over to Jyothi and spread her legs wide apart, bending forward giving flick of my tongue on her pussy. Jyothi had a hairy pussy I asked why lot of hairs on choot she said my hubby doesn’t fuck me so for whom should I clean it now.
I got you so next time when I will come I will come with clean shave and I rubbed my fingers over the hairy patch and kissed her pussy twats and looking up into her eyes, I started licking her choot lips, slurping my tongue over them. She was enjoying it a lot and then spread her lips apart exposing the pink wet hole inside pushing a finger in to feel the wetness and making way inserting another finger in.
I started finger fucking her and started licking her pussy around the fingers, which by now were working magic on jyothi. I pulled the fingers out and pushed my tongue in her pussy hole, spreading the choot lips with my fingers, I started licking and sucking and eating her juicy cunt. Meera now was fingering herself and I moved my hand to her pussy and began fingering Meera on one side and eating Jyothi dripping wet pussy on the other.
Jyothi started moaning with pleasure and was about to scream as she cummed, I licked the love juices off her pussy which almost dripping by now, thin sheath of juices were formed on the pussy hole, I slurped my tongue over it and licked it all up. I asked Jyothi randi if her lovely pussy was ready to take my cock inside it. She said she would love to but she had already cummed and cannot take it anymore. Meera scold her Sali roj thu chvadi hai kisi se aur drama kar rahi hai tuer. Jyothi said she had never ever tried it after cumming once.
Meera said Sali randi I know all about u.Meera looked at me as i lifted jyothi randi legs spreading them wide apart exposing her pussy towards me, i positioned myself on top of her. Meera held the base of my cock and pushed it slightly inside jyothi pussy I gave another push and slid it further in, I could feel the pussy gripping my cock gently with juices all around it. I withdrew my cock an inch and gave another thrust to push my cock fully inside Jyothi.
I started riding her and looked at her small boobs which were jumping as I rode her and fucked her hard. I shifted my weight on my knees, pulled one of her leg up on my shoulder, still pumping my fully hard and throbbing shaft in her juicy wet cunt and grabbed her wobbling boobs and started groping her and kept fucking her very hard and fast. Jyothi held her lips tightly closed but still her moans could be heard in the room.
I bent forward and started sucking on her dark red rosy nipples and fondled and squeezed her tits while thrusting my cock in and out deep down inside her cunt. I held my shaft deep inside her for a few moments and started swirling the cock in circular motions inside her pussy, making her squirm as I did that. She could not control it anymore and opened her lips moaning. Meera stood up on the bed and got in front of me, she pulled my face up and came closer offering her pussy to my mouth.
I was fucking Jyothi hard and fast I could and I was eating my wife Meera wet pussy at the same time. Jyothi kutiya legs started shivering and shaking and soon she had cummed again. I withdrew my cock out of her cunt and asked meera to well cummmm my cock in her pussy. She kneeled and turned on the bed getting on Rockygy style offering her pussy to me for a good fuck. I spanked her ass cheeks and the crack with my cock which was very hard and throbbing and placed it on her smoothly waxed pussy.

Held meera by her waist and pushed my dick into her pussy and started banging it hard. I was pulling Meera to myself each time I would thrust my cock into her choot even Meera started pushing herself backwards onto my cock each time I pulled her waist and banged into her pussy walls. Her C sized firm tits were swaying in air hanging downwards freely and I held them and kept fucking her harder and faster, squeezing her boobs as I pound her pussy.
My upper thighs were colliding with her ass cheeks and a fucking sound was coming from meera fully wet pussy as I rode her. I smiled at jyothi who had watching us and seemed very happy and pleased at all she got. She came closer to me, smilingly and opening her lips slightly offering a kiss to me. I responded equally passionately to the kiss, locking my lips with hers and soon the kiss turned into a passionate smooch as we started feeling each others lips wildly.
I was still fucking Meera my wife with all the might my cock and legs could gather. Jyothi pulled one of my hands which were holding Meera waist and moved it over to her boobs I cupped her boobs and started fondling and caressing them as I offered my tongue inside jyothi mouth our tongue’s were playing each other as I squeezed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples, between my fingers. I could feel that my cock could no longer hold fort anymore and holding Meera.
I released the first load if cumshot into her pussy, and continued banging her releasing a few more shots of warm cum into her. Then meera pulled out and turned towards us. She was me locked in a passionate smooch feeling Jyothi lips, which I then released. Meera called Jyothi onto my cock and asked her to share the cum with her, as she kept stroking my cock hard with her hand. Jyothi lied down on the bed on her back with her face right below my cock Meera pressed my cock head making my cumshots fall on Jyothi boobs and on her face and lips.
Meera in between licked some cum off my cock and even took some in her mouth. I got up on the bed, on my feet, took the cock in my hand and started jerking off, releasing the last few drops of cum on Meera tits and Jyothi too got on her knees next to Meera. Then both started licking my cock clean as I looked into Jyothi randi eyes and can feel Jyothi still wanted something from me, saying that she hugged me tightly with her boobs squeezed against my chest
My cock touching her and told that she wanted to feel my full body against hers. I pulled her closer by grabbing her ass, pressing her boobs further, feeling her nipples on my chest and kissed her lips and then I turned her around and now my cock was between her ass cheeks and I slowly moved rubbing my cock up her ass crack pressing myself on her.
I pulled meera closer and made her also to turn her back towards me, to look into full sized mirror on the Almaraha as the two sexy ladies stood naked in front of me with their full view visible in the mirror to u


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