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We are a married couple aged 40 Tegan and 42 me Jim. We bought out 1st house about 1 year ago. After we moved in and met the neighbors we invited them over for a BBQ and to get to know them properly. The nite went off well and the couple 2 doors up was Tim and Jenny. We found out they were 52 and had been married since they turned 21.

Jenny looked good for her age and Tim was a bit over weight and loved his beer. As the nite came to an end everyone left so went to bed and talked about the nite. Tegan said she liked the couple over the road and said she was going out with the wife next week end. I told her i had talked to Tim and Jenny a lot and they seemed to be nice.

The next weekend Jenny came down and asked Tegan if she could pick her up on the Monday morning early as she had to get her car serviced as her husband was starting early and she had nobody to help her. Tegan said she had to go to work early but Jim would be able to pick her up. We made the arrangements for the next morning. I was not working that week so i had all the time.

That morning i went and picked her up and brought her home. I told her when the car was ready to come and get me and i would take her back.

When i am at home alone i like to go naked so walking in the front door i stripped off and went to my computer. i had loaded all my photo’s onto it from my camera and was printing some out. They were photo’s of Tegan naked and having sex. Tegan knew about them and i was putting them into a folder. When i finished i went and had a drink in the kitchen and put the folder on the bench top.

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