Sunday , November 27 2022

Sexual Awakenings: Diary of a Teenager

Not much had happened since I last saw the woman who changed my life, Julia, drive off a few years ago. Although, I had grown more confident around girls now, I still hadn’t really gone too far with any girlfriends I had found, sometimes because of me, other times because they wanted to go slow and our relationships ended before it went to the next stage.

A couple of years after Julia left, me and my family moved to a new area. An apartment block, it wasn’t too bad but with money tight now and that, we found somewhere reasonable and good enough to survive. The apartments themselves weren’t too shabby, and we had our own little swimming pool in the centre of the complex for use of all tenants.

Over the coming weeks, we got around to meeting most of our neighbors. All seemed okay, and now, being seventeen years old, and just coming into my prime I guess, their was a few pretty girls and women always hanging around the apartments.

I still jerked off a lot, and most of the time I was thinking of Julia’s hot naked body and the time we spent together, and occasionally, I would have seen one of the hot women from the complex in their bathing costumes and thought of them as I stroked myself off.

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