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Shadi shuda muslim aurat got fucked by hindu soldiers

As you know Pakistan had been fully occupied by indian army. One month after the invasion the army had setup various check posts all over Pakistan at many places. All the vehicles were checked by soldiers and only then they were allowed to go further or go through the check post. This is an incident of one of those days when a beautiful rich 28 years old newly married pakistani muslim woman was returning home from her relatives house. It was 11 PM at night. The streets were lonely with hardly any movement. She was alone driving her car. On the way to her home there was a check post. The car arrived at the check post. Five indian soldiers were there at the check post with their guns. As soon as they saw the car approaching they waved a red flag to stop the car. The women stopped the car. One soldier opened the car to check. He asked the woman to come out of the car. When that women came out all the other 4 soldiers where gazing at her as if they were seeing a woman for the first time in their lives. The other soldier came near that women and started questing her. After that he offered her a cup of the the woman refused. She said just do your work and let me go. Then that soldier touched that paksitani muslim woman gently on her arms and said I just want to make you feel comfortable.
paki muslim woman:- no need.. checking is over I am leaving.
That soldier said do as I tell to you to do or else the consequences will not be good.
paki muslim woman:- u invaders first invade our country and now threaten us.
That soldier ordered that women to come with him inside the room (there was a small concrete room beside the check post were the soldiers used to rest).
The woman refused. Then that soldiers gave a signal to the other soldiers and one of them grabbed the woman’s arm and pointed his pistol at her. The woman got scared. She had no other choice but to go inside that room. Now that paki muslim babe was standing in front of 5 sex hungry Hindu soldiers. All of them were gazing at her sexy body. Now one of the soldiers said…. Remove your clothes. The woman nodded her head. That soldier pointed his gun at her face. Paki muslim woman said… Kill me but I won’t remove my clothes in front of bastards like you. Other hindu soldier  shouted tear her clothes apart. Then one of the soldier grabbed her forcefully started to remove her clothes, the paki muslim women was screaming but these sex hungry hindu soldiers did not care.
Now she was completely naked in front of 5 sex hungry hindu soldiers who were staring at her fair white body. There was not a single mark on her body. The cocks of hindu soldiers with flickering in their pants.
Then one of the soldiers took out his massive black cock out of his pants and put his cock right in frot of that paki muslim woman’s face and told her to suck his cock. The woman refused and shouted you fucking hindu invaders. That soldier got angry and pointed his pistol right above her head and threatened her. The women was forced to open her mouth and suck that massive black hindu cock. The soldier’s cock was inside her mouth fully erect. The hindu soldier whispered with pleasure ‘nothing is more more satisfying than a muslim woman sucking a hindu cock. He made that paki muslim woman suck his dick at gunpoint until he cummed his load inside her mouth. After that the soldiers decided to fuck her one by one. . One by one 5 hindu soldiers fucked that paki muslim babe. They made her suck their dicks and ride their cocks. No part of  her body was spared.  That paki muslim woman’s pussy was filled with gigantic hindu dicks. She had never experienced such massive organs fucking her pussy. The paki muslim woman was screaming loudly as the massive organs of hindu soldiers were ripping her pussy apart. Then indian hindu soldiers drugged her with Morphine injection (morphine- a drug which soldiers keep to kill pain if injured..which also causes intoxication). After she was drugged with morphine she was intoxicated and now she became silent. Then hindu soldiers fucked her all night long one by one. As the other soldiers guarded the check post one soldiers was always remained inside fuckiing that beautiful muslim woman. Her boobs with chewed and every part of her gorgeous body licked. They kept her fucking until sunrise later in the after noon she was freed but that paki muslim woman will never forget those ruthless hindu dicks tearing her pussy.Jaisa ki aap logo ko pata hai ki pakistan pe indian army ne kabja kar liya tha. Kabja karne k 1 mehine baad indian army ne puray pakistan mai jagha jagha check post banaye the. Sab gadi motor ki checking hoti thi jo bhi check post se guzarti thi. Ye kahani aise he ek din ki hai jab ek sunder gori ameer pakistani aurat apne ghar laut rahi thi.  Us aurat ki umar 28 saal thi aur uski nayi nayi shadi hui thi. Raat k 11 baje the aur road sunsan thi bahut kam gadiya chal rhi thi. Wo muslim aurat akeli thi aur apni car chala rhi thi. Raste mai ek check post padta tha. Jaise he us aurat ki car check post par pauchi indian soldiers ne laal jhanda lehraya aur car rokne ka ishara kiya. us aurat ne car rok di . Ek indian foji ne car kholi aur us aurat ko car se bahar nikalne ko kaha. jaise he wo aurat bahar nikali vaise he 4 indian hindu soldiers ki nazar us aurat pe padi. Wo us aurat ko aise ghoor ghoor k dekh rahe the jaise pehli baar koi ladki dekhi ho. Unme se ek soldier us aurat k kareeb aya aur saawal puchne laga. Fir use us aurat ko ek cup chai k liye pucha. us pakistani muslim aurat ne mana kar diya. Us aurat ne kaha ki aap apna kaam karo aur mujhe jane do. Fir us foji ne us muslim aurat k haath ko apne haath se halke se chua aur bola mai to tumhra khayal rakhna chahata hu.
pakistani muslim aurat ne kaha.. iski koi jarurat nahi hai. checking khatam ho gyai hai mai ja rahi hu.
Us foji ne kaha jaisa mai kehta hu viasa kar warna anjaam acha nahi hoga. Fir wo aurat gusse mai aa gayi aur usne kaha.. ek to tum log hamre desh pe kabja karte ho aur upar se humko dhamkate ho. Us hindu foji ne us aurat ko room k ander chalne ko kaha (check post k bagal mai room tha jaha hindu foji aram karte the). Us aurat ne mana kar diya. Fir hindu foji ne apne sathi foji ko ishara kiya aur usne apni pistol us aurat k sir pe laga di aur usko majboor kar diya room mai chalne k liye. Ab wo pakistani muslim aurat 5 sex k bhuke hindu fojio k samne khadi thi. Wo sab indian hindu foji uske sexy figure ko ghoor k dekh rahe the. fir ek foji ne kaha .. chal apne kapde utar. Us aurat ne mana kar diya. Ek foji ne apni gun uske mu k aage rakh di. Us pakistani muslim aurat ne kaha mujhe mar do lekin mai tum haramio k samne kapde nahi utarungi. unme se ek hindu foji ne kaha sali k kapde faad do. Fir kya tha hindu soldier ne us aurat ko jabardasti pakad k uske sare kapde utar diye. wo aurat chilla rahi thi par un fojio ko parwah nahi thi. Ab wo muslim aurat 5 hindu soldiers k samne bilkul nangi khadi thi. Uska jism gora tha aur kahi ek bhi nishan bhi nahi tha. Hindu fojio k Lund unke pant mai fudak rahe the itni sunder muslim aurat ko dekh k. Fir ek indian hindu foji us aurat k paas gaya aur usne apni pant se apna bada kala lund nikal k uske mu k aage rakh diya aur usko chusne ko kaha. Wo pakistani muslim aurat gusse mai boli harami hindu kutte. Fir us foji ko gussa aa gya uske uske sir pe pistol rakh k usko majboor kar diya apna mu kholne k liye. Us hindu foji ne apna lund us pakistani muslim aurat k mu mai dal diya. Uska lund bilkul tight ho gya tha. Us hindu foji ne maza lete hue kaha ‘ lund ko bahut rahat milti hai ye dekh k ki koi muslim aurat ek hindu lund chus rahi hai. usne us muslim aurat ko tab tak lund chuswaya jab tak uska pura pani us aurat mu mai na jhad gaya. Uske baad un 5 hindu fojio ne faisla kiya ki is ko ek ek kar k choda jaye. 5 hindu fojio ke ek ek karke us masoom pakistani muslim ladki ko choda. usko jabardasti apna lund chuswaya. Uske Jism ka har hisse ka hindu fojio ne noch noch k maza liya. Uski muslim chut bade bade hindu lund se bhar gayi thi. Us muslim aurat ne kabhi bhi itne bade bade lund nahi liye the. Wo hindu foji bahut muscular the, lambe chode the aur unke lund bhi bade bade the. Hindu soldiers uchal uchal k uski chut fad rahe the. unhone kabhi itni sunder aurat ko haath nahi lagaya tha. Jab hindu lund uski chut mai ghus rahe the to wo muslim aurat bahut jor jor se chilla rahi thi. Fir hindu fojio ne usko Morphine ka injection lagaya. (morphine – dard ko mitane k liye istemal hoti hai jab foji ghayal ho jate hai lekin morphine mai bahut nasha hota hai). Morphine ka injection lagane k baad us aurat ko nasha chad gya wo ap chup ho gayi. Fir hindu fojio ne puri raat us pakistani muslim aurat ko choda. 4 foji check post mai khade ho kar apna kaam karte the the lekin 1 foji hamesha room mai hota tha us pakistani muslim aurat ko chodne k liye. Aise he wo pakistani muslim aurat hindu lund ki hawas ka shikar banti rahi puri raat. Uski chut bilkul khul gayi thi itne bade bade lund le kar. Uske boobs aur pure jism ko hindu Fojio ne chus chus k laal kar diya tha. Subha hone tak wo sab usko ek ek kar k chodte rahe aur fir dophar ko usko chor diya lekin ab wo pakistani muslim aurat puri zindigi hindu mardo k lund ka kehr nahi bhul payegi ki kitni buri tarah 5 hindu mardo ne usko puri raat choda tha.

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