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Shahina: My Journey To Incest

“Aaaahhhh Aaaaahhh hmmmm hmmmm Aaaaahhh” I was moaning with every stroke as my bf akshay was ramming me from behind. I was on my all four on the corner of bed with him standing on the floor, his both hands on my hips moving with my body movements to and fro, his cock buried in my vagina fucking me real hard, room filled with my moans and his moans and the sound of “chap chap and fat fat” with his every stroke. I was in Rockygy position getting a real hard fuck from my bf.


My legs were wide open allowing him easy entrance…”Ohhh Ohhh Haaa” his voice became more thick and I knew he was going to cum now..”don’t cum inside…hmmmm”…he removed his cock and ejaculated on my ass cheeks..i did not want him to remove his cock at the most pleasurable movement but at the same time did not want to get pregnant also….he was done and so was i..”shahina….you are a real thing babe.”he said while wiping his fluids from his cock and from my ass cheeks…”Chalo yaar…its too late now..” I said and started wearing my clothes…”college ends at 5 and its 8 now…” I added further…we both came out and I headed towards my home on my scooty….


Akshay proposed me only 2 months back after I dumped my previous bf who wanted to film me while having sex….what a bastard….from then I had more than 10 sessions with Akshay. I was with my previous bf for around 6 months after my first bf dumped me for some other bitch..I am shahina..a cock hungry slut..19 yrs old…with body stats 32-28-34…and 5.5 height…fair and quite hot girl in college..student of last year diploma engineering..


I reached home “What took you so long beta..?” dad enquired..”stuck with some college job dad” I answered..”Its happening again again..The day before yesterday also you came at 9” ..his voice was soft as he knew what was i doing..yes he knew..from past 2 years I was noticing that he was lusting on me..on his own daughter…I had seen him coming in my bedroom late night and peeping through bathroom door while I had bath..a 45 yrs old man..average built and a businessman..Mr. Ishaaq dad…he followed me many times after my college hour..saw me going in and coming out from rooms with my bfs….that gave him courage to enter into my room late night..pressing my boobs n kissing me on my lips while I was sleeping….or atleast he thought that I was sleeping..i never allowed him yet to move further..i never supported him while doing his acts…besides him I had two elder brothers…sahil…26 yrs old..working in delhi..and sameer 17 yrs…a first year science with us…mom expired long ago…a small family from Nagpur..


“Ohh dad…there is a project work going on and that is why I sometimes come late..i have to do it properly na…” I said and went inside my room..sameer was out somewhere hanging out with his friends. We had a maid to look after cooking and cleaning stuffs…


Maid did her job and left. Dad called my name…”I am too tired today..give me a massage before dinner ”…he said when I came out of my room..”Ok dad…done..”


This was a routine thing..every after 2 or 3 days he needed a massage from was happening from last one and half years..i never mind giving him one…I had a soft corner for him….from sex prospective…he was also fucking some girl from his office..he was active fucker..i knew it through his mobile messages…


At night around 10..i gave him a good oil body massage..he used to lay down only in his underwear which allowed me to see his penis curved..he had a curvy one..unlike my bfs…they all had straight lunds…I used to sit on his thighs putting my both legs besides his thighs while giving front as well as back massage..his penis used to touch my vagina while giving him front massage.i also enjoyed it and sometimes to add extra pleasure I used to wear nothing inside my nighty.when my thighs touched his..he used to moan slowly…acting as if it’s a moan of relief…while I knew what it was actually….and sometimes I used to sleep stark naked in my room..basically I was supporting him indirectly but never did it directly yet.


Days were passing like this and one day Akshay asked me to stay for full night on his room. He was from Mumbai and was leaving here in a rented apartment.”What…have you gone mad..? what would I say to my dad..?”…I yelled at him…”You are clever enough to manage that thing..” he said softly..”2 hours not enough for you? What are you planning to do for whole night..?” I asked.. “same thing but aaram se…you are always in hurry na…” he said…”can I ask you something?” he said further..”yaa..say na” I reolied..”Would you be interested in a group sex?” he said while moving his hands over my head..”will kick your ass if you say it again..” I was angry now…”ohh…calm down..was just asking” he changed after seeing my reaction..”Ok..will try for the night out but cant promise..” I said normally now..i headed towards my home after some time..


I reached home and asked my dad for staying overnight at my friends place for project work…”no…I cant allow you for that..its not safe..” a fatherly care was visible on his face..”dad…please…its important” I tried to convince him..”I know what your important project work is…you are already spending some hours for your work..i cant allow you for overnight..” there was a silence in the room for a while after this statement of his..”I did see you coming out from your project parten’s room 2 days were looking too tired..if you work for whole night…you health will be spoiled and also it is not safe for girl of your age to stay out for whole night..can you trust your project partner..what if he brings some more project people to work along”…he broke the silence..and now was talking about me having group sex..and it thrilled me this time..”May b you are right dad..i will call him and deny for this..” I said in a low voice..”wait….


I said you cant stay out for whole night but you can call your project partner here and then you both can work together..” I just looked at him when he finished…”happy now” he said…and I only smiled at him..”but dad…you and sameer would be here..i cant work in you presence dad..” I said….”call him after sameer is asleep..i wont be here but would come at midnight and straight away sleep in my he wont come to know about my presence” I hugged him “thanks dad..”…”and if you want you can keep above window door open..its your wish” I did not say anything but understood what he meant..i called akshay and told him that tomorrow my dad is not at home so he can come up and stay for the night…

Next day when sameer slept at night, I called up Akshay to come over my place. Dad was not there, he took the house key and went outside. Sameer normally doesn’t get up at night and moreover I have mixed some ayurvedic powder, which dad gave in the afternoon, in his milk to ensure that he doesn’t get up. Akshay came and hugged me first.


Then I took him to my bedroom. I did not latch the door from inside only safety latch were put. I kept the upper window open to which akshay did not pay any attention. Getting fucked was normal for me but getting fucked in front of my dad was something exciting and thrilling. I offered food to akshay but he was in no mood for eating instead he said “Keep it in the fridge, we may need it later.” I did the same . it was around 11 o’clock.


He asked me to remove my clothes which I did dutifully. I started with my traditional multi colour flowerish kurti followed by salwar of same pattern. Then black pair of bra and panty. I was naked and so was he. I kept akshay facing towards me and I was facing towards the window. I saw but Dad was not there yet. I took akshay in my arms and started giving him a passionate kiss on his lips. He held me by placing his one arm around my shoulder and his other hand was moving all over my back including my ass cheeks. I was aroused completely and so was he. He then made me sit on my knees.


I then kissed his penis tip and testicles. Then i took both in mouth one by one for some time. This made him even more horny. I got up now and came on bed and laid there straight. I saw up and dad was there. I did not look him directly on his face. I got up and switched off main lights and kept zero bulb on. He was still able to see clearly but he now being on dark side I was not able to see him and so was akshay.


My dad’s presence thrilled me from within. I was more excited. I came to bed and laid straight with my both leg wide open. Akshay came in between my legs and started rubbing his dick on my vagina. I was already wet. And the next movement he was inside me.


I moaned slowly with AAhhh as he entered me. He started pumping me slowly first and was caressing my whole frontal body. He was inserting his fingers in mouth to lick, pressing my boobs and kissing my naval area along with fucking me with steady pace. I then held him by his hips “Fast yaar..” I said, trying to look at my dad but couldn’t see him. Akshay increased his speed and my voice also raised up “Aaaaahhhhh Aaaahhhh Hmmmm Aaaahhhh”. Whole room was filled with my moaning noise. Akshay was silent and was concentrating on his job.


And suddenly with heavy breath and increased speed of ramming my pussy, He cummed over my thighs..”Ohhh……Cant you bring condoms?” I asked him “Condoms spoil all pleasure” he said and sat on bed. ”and what if I get pregnant?” I asked again “you won’t, as I always ejaculate outside” he said “Hahaha” I just laughed teasingly. Actually I was not teasing him but my dad. “Would you like to eat something my dear?” I asked “Yaa…sure…I am hungry now” he said “So wait here I’ll bring for you.” I said and came out of the room and also locked the door so that akshay doesn’t come behind me. He was tired also and was resting on bed. I was naked, dad was standing on a table to see the show.


He got down and was looking at me. I did not look at him directly on his face but I was smiling. I went to kitchen and started taking food for akshay. He was behind me, watching my naked body, I took food plate and water bottle and glasses. I now headed towards my room with small steps, he was walking besides me till the door. Then I stopped in front of the door. He moved away. I opened the door and entered.


Akshay and I had food. Almost an hour was passed. After resting a while I asked akshay to start it again. I was still wet and exceited but akshay had lost erection. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him. After almost 5 minutes of sucking, his cock was erect and ready to go inside me. We kissed and he fondled my boobs. “You are such a fuckable slut..shahina…” he slapped my ass as I took my position in Rockygy style…I wonder why it is called Rockygy should actually be called a bitch position…”Yes..I am..” I said while parting my both legs to the maximum extent.


He entered and started thrusting his cock in and out my cunt. “Aaaaahhhhh Aaaahhhhhhh hmmmmmm Aaaaaaahhhhhhh….hhmmmmm” I again filled entire room with my noise. He was fucking me hard now and again after 15 minutes of fucking. He cummed on my ass cheeks. Only drops of his spearm was there on my ass.”Are you done?” I asked him “yes..for now..” he said..” more round” I asked again “after a while yaar..wait for some time” he said in tiring voise..”Ok rest here..i’ll bring some water for you..” I said and came out of the room.


As I walked ahead I saw dad standing in front of me. I still was not looking at his face. I was looking down and saw that dad was not wearing pants and undies. He was naked from below and his tool was erect too..i just laughed by seeing his cock. It was big. And I was getting the strangest feeling present on this planet. I was naked walking in front of him. He was enjoying my naked body. I took water and went inside. Akshay fucked me for one more time while dad watching the entire show. At around 5 akshay left. Dad went out again when he was leaving.


As akshay left, I locked the door. After a while, I heard a knock and I opened the door. Dad came in, he locked the door now. I was still naked. I turned and started walking towards my room. He followed me. I was tired too so crashed on bed. He looked at me for a while…standing there…”Wear you sameer may get up in d morning ” he said..i did not say anything..took my clothes n wore it and again crashed on bed…”Show was good” he said and left…

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