Friday , December 9 2022

Shared love for domination leads to an awakening

My wife Carrie and I became aware of our shared enjoyment of Dom/sub sexuality about the same time that we reconciled after a brief separation.

We are both in our late 30’s attractive and fit and we began exploring the lifestyle by dabbling in role playing. We would alternate roles since both of us enjoyed both the Dom and the sub roles. Eventually it became clear however that we both preferred the submissive role.

Upon that realization we began to look for ways to help us excel at dominating each other since it did not come naturally for either of us.

One day as we lay in bed after a particularly dirty sexcapade my wife suggested we look on the internet or in the personals of the local Advocate and see if we could find someone to train us in the art of D/s role playing and the D/s lifestyle. We searched around on the net and eventually found a local swingers site that had a D/s forum. We posted our request to find a man/woman/couple to help teach us the art of D/s role playing and we went back to bed and had another hot sweaty sex session.

The next few days we weeded through the responses and answered emails from prospective “teachers”. Nearly a week after our initial post we got a response that we both felt was perfect. We wrote a reply email to the couple who had written the response and soon we were exchanging phone numbers and pictures.

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