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She blames her husband while wanting to cheat

Saima was my buddy Majeed’s wife. Majeed and I are the same age, as we’d been childhood friends. I saw Saima for the first time just after her marriage. Well, at that time I never thought of having any sexual interaction with her. We met so frequently and always felt so comfortable with each other. I’d always found Saima very polite and obedient, in a faithful-housewife way. Due to my long and very good friendship with her husband, we used to see each other frequently, and she used to talk to me a lot too.

Now after her marriage, 14 years had not taken away anything from her. She was still as beautiful as before. She was very health conscious and followed a healthy regimen of diet and exercise. This kept her body fit and youthful, and she looked ten years younger than she was. Saima was an extremely beautiful lady. She was tall and slim. She had a very pretty face with flashing large brown eyes, long eyelashes, and a finely shaped nose that made her look majestic. Her angelic face looked so innocent, but her best assets were a great set of ample breasts, a flat and firm belly, and flared and wide hips on a narrow waist. She had creamy, white, blemish less, very smooth skin. Her black silky straight hair fell just down to her hips. Men and women alike stared at her whenever she went out. I felt my friend very lucky to be her husband. I told my friend several times in front of Saima how lucky he was to have such a beautiful and polite wife.

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