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She has three men for the first time

It was amazing the transformation in our marriage and relationship over the last 6 months since we had started having fun at the club. Particularly since we had introduced Ray, Jayne’s black lover into our sex life, we had fulfilled many fantasies. With Ray, Jayne had fulfilled her fantasy of black cock and we had also ventured into some BDSM fun as Ray was very dominant with Jayne and she loved every minute. My wife was turning into a horny cumslut and I loved it!

Our adventures went on hold for a several weeks as we got bogged down with work, family and everyday matters for a while until sitting down one Friday afternoon after work, sharing a bottle of Chardonnay we realised that the night was free.

“I was thinking we could have some fun tonight Gary, no kids about for the weekend, no work, so we are free.” Jayne said with a mischievous glint in here eye.

“Anything particular in mind?”

“I got an e-mail from Ray asking about getting together, we could go over there?”

“I am invited this time then?” I asked smiling. Last time Jayne had been with Ray she wanted him alone, although as they fucked she had rung me on her mobile so I could listen to every detail!

“Mm! I am game for a few cocks again, want me to be your slut again darling?”

“Ok then, this evening we have some fun. You game for whatever I set up?”

“Yep! I will have a soak in the bath and get changed while you have a think and organise some debauchery!” Jayne said as she stood up and headed for the bathroom. I wasn’t too sure what to try and organise, but with the way we had been behaving lately I realised Jayne would have no problem with my perverted imagination coming up with something new for her. I dug through my filofax and made some calls while Jayne soaked in the bath and after about 15 minutes on the phone went upstairs just as she got into her dressing gown and began drying her long thick red hair. As she sat at the dressing table I began rummaging through her wardrobe.

“Are we going somewhere,” she asked.

“Yes, I am just sorting out something for you to wear.” I answered as I placed her clothes and shoes on the bed. “I am going to shower and then change, I want you to wear this tonight,” I said firmly.

As I showered I went through my plans for the evening in my head. Jayne and I have been together so long I know how her mind works and her fantasies. She just loves to be a submissive slut and loves cock, especially sucking them; her speciality and we found out this year her penchant for big black ones too! With what I had planned tonight I knew she would enjoy every moment.

I dried off and dressed before returning to the bedroom where I saw Jayne finishing off dressing. She was dressed in a very short black skirt, which only just covers the tops of her stockings, high heeled shoes and a leopard skin leotard, her hair and make up was immaculate as always.

“Well, I feel dressed like a complete slut. How do I look?”

“Like a fucking whore, just perfect I think! Come on then let’s go,” I said holding her hand leading her downstairs and out to the car.

“You going to drive there? I will drive back because I suspect you may be too fucked to drive home!” I threw the keys over to her and watched her bend forward to insert the key into the lock of the car door, as she did I can just see the tops of her stockings, the sight of her legs made my cock start to harden.

“Where to then master?” Jayne said slightly sarcastically.

“Ray’s flat, ok?” I saw her smile.

“In a hurry are you then?”

“You bet!”

As we set off I notice the swishing of Jayne’s stockings and the glimpse of white thigh as drives very quickly off the estate. I can’t resist sliding my hand up her thigh and feel her hot pussy. The drive to Ray’s was not long, he lived about 10 miles away in another town and Jayne as always drove quickly and managed to concentrate n her driving despite my fingers getting moist rubbing her pussy. We just listened to music on the radio until we pulled to a stop in the parking area outside the flats where he lived. I looked at Jayne’s hooded eyes and could see she was turned on.

“I want to see your pussy, show me your wet pussy.” I said sternly.

Jayne slid her seat back and pulled her leotard to one side showing me the glistening ginger hairs of her pussy.

“Touch yourself, Jayne.” She immediately began to rub her self slowly, her wet cunt making squishing noises as she fingered herself. “Better get yourself nice and wet baby because you will get fucked senseless and covered in spunk tonight, ok?” Jayne has a passion for “Goo Girl” porn films, where girls get covered in cum as men wank over them, if only she knew what was on the agenda tonight! Before she could answer I opened my door and gestured for her to follow, quickly adjusting her self we walked together to the first floor flat and knocked. Ray quickly opened the door and let us inside the small apartment, Jayne’s face lit up when she saw him. Ray took Jayne in his arms and embraced her, his muscular arms pulling her slender body to him. She responded, her lips parted to accept his probing tongue and her hands went to the back of his neck. Any doubts I had that she was up for this were dispelled; she was ready for this right now. As we stood in the narrow hall I saw her hand brush across his cock as he felt her thighs under her very short skirt.

“Stockings! Good girl!” He said ushering us into the lounge where Jayne’s face fell open as she saw another guy sitting there.

“Hi this is Tony,” I said as Tony stood up to kiss Jayne, “ I think you may have noticed him at the club darling?” I felt sure Jayne would have noticed Tony as he is a huge guy and obviously a keen bodybuilder. He was wearing just shorts and a small clingy vest and Jayne ran her hands over his chest as they introduced themselves. Tony quickly provided drinks and Jayne downed a couple of large vodkas very quickly as we sat around chatting and listening to music and glancing at the porn film playing silently on the TV. We paid little attention to the movie, only looking when Tony quietly said, “Fuck. Look at that.”

For a minute we watched as a small brunette knelt on the floor surrounded by a group of guys wanking and cumming over her, drenching her in cum.

“Gary says that’s one of your favourites Jayne.”

Jayne sat silently with her legs crossed showing a lot of thigh above her stocking top. She went to cover herself as we all looked at her for her answer but is stopped by Ray, “No Jayne, that looks nice please leave it as it is. You like that bit of the film?”

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