Thursday , December 8 2022

She so wants to fit in at the Country Club – Hot Wife Initiation

Jenna couldn’t get to sleep after watching one of the videos the Country Club ladies gave to her to watch. The video was of a middle aged wife who seduced a black man to have sex with her.

Her wedding ring was prominent as the large black man fucked the woman. He was so overpowering and her repeated orgasms were so strong that Jenna couldn’t get it out of her mind. She got up and went to the bathroom and brought herself off.

The experience was so satisfying that she couldn’t wait to watch it again. She was eager to watch the other videos.

The following Saturday she went to the luncheon with the Country Club wives again. This time she dressed as she was told. NO Panties, NO bra. Susan had called Jenna and reminded her of the dress code and added that Jenna was to wear a short skirt that would be loose around her legs, and the white see through blouse she had worn the last time, only she should come to the luncheon with four buttons undone before she arrived.

As she down at the table the salads arrived. She wondered what kind of antics would she be expected to do.

Susan looked at Jenna and said, “you look lovely, dressed just as I told you, especially due to the fact that everyone in the restaurant can see your nipples, my how they stick out.”

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