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Sheela getting personal massage from Karthik

Hi everybody my name is karthik, I’m single. I work for a hotel in Dubai named Atlantis as a masseur. I did my degree in massage therapy from Switzerland. So apart from hotel job I had a passion of doing massage.

Telling about me I’m 6 feet tall 87 kg of weight and average body structure and more than average dick. Sorry I forgot to say I’m basically from Bangalore India. I’m in Dubai for last 1 year. I am going to tell you a story happened 3 months back.

I was totally bored on my off days. I have 6 off days in a month. So I tot of sharing an advertisement of freelance massage in social Medias and google. I got a mail after 3 months. It was an Indian lady aged 43 yrs. Her name is Sheela (name changed for privacy). She is living in Quasis area in Dubai. And I use to live next to Quasis its in stadium.

She mailed me and asked me how much I charge and all. I just replied she can give me how much she can and only if she is happy with my massage also. So fixed a date with me by asking about my off days. We exchanged our numbers and she requested me not to call at night time because her husband will be at home.

So she fixed massage date on a Monday that day I was totally free because of my off day and I called her on the morning she said me to come after 9 o clock, because she has to send her kids to school then only she will be free. And she asked me to finish it before 3 o clock. I said ok and she texted me her address.

So I reached near her flat by around 8.45 and called her again and she given me the room no. Then I went and knocked. I saw the lady, she was medium color, she was not so fat but can’t say she is slim. Average body size. But she had big boobies. I noticed through her nighty and she was wearing a blue nighty.

She had good height also. She greeted me inside and asked me what to drink. I said a coffee and we talked for a while by sipping coffee. She was looking me from upside to down and she asked me about my work and whether I’m married or not and so I asked her whether we will start. She said ok and she took me to her bed room. So suggested her to do it in floor.

So it’s easy for me and better we will not drop oil in bed as well. So I asked to remove her nighty and come. So I suggested her she can wear her bra and panty if she wants to. And she can come in a towel. She went to bathroom and she came back by covering a towel and panty. I was so aroused to see her the way she covered her boobs with towel.

So I asked to lie upside down in bed sheet which we spread for massage. So I loosened her towel and took it out. Now I can see her full back nude. I asked her to raise her hands and up and started applying cocoa butter in her neck. She was getting bit nervous or tensed, so I slowly relaxed her with sensuous strokes now I asked her she will be fine with oil? And she replied yes.

So I slowly took out towel from her underneath and put it next to bed. Now I started applying oil on her neck and coming down on her back. When I massage her sides of back I was getting slow touches of her boobies’ side. When I do that she gives a slow vibration. i did her back and shoulders and I come down.

I asked her if she would like to keep the panty or not. She can remove and keep the towel over there. Now I folded the towel and removed her light blue panty. When I took it out I smelled her panty. It was really nice arousing smell. Now I started massaging her legs and fingers and thighs. Now I can see her pussy lips. And her pussy is cleanly shaven. So sweet I felt.

When I am doing thighs and she is giving small moans and she is pushing her body downwards. My dick is standing erect and it is about to touch her ass. So I asked whether I sit on her body and massage, she agreed and I sat on her back and massaged her beck and shoulder again. When I’m doing that I can feel my dick touching her inner part of thighs.

I can listen her moans “mmmmm ….uhhhhhhhh……mmmmmmmmm…. By that time I can see her towel went somewhere else and I can see her full body nude from back. I started massaging her ass cheeks and slowly with one finger I massaged her ass check she suddenly vibrated and said “feeling good karti” and I said thank you and kept on doing the same.

I understood that she is enjoying my finger work. Now its time to turn her body. So I asked her to come this side. So put towel for her and turned her body. I started with neck and same time I can see her constantly watching on my dick about to tore my pants. Then I asked her to pull down her towel so that I can massage on chest and she agreed after closing her eyes.

And telling you guys very frankly it was so amazing boobies. Her nipples r black in color and both nipples are really big. I started pouring oil on her left side and massaged her boobies. I slowly made some circles around her tits with my fingers and around made some circles around boobies with my palm and I caught her nipples with my fingers and poured some more oil in her nipples and its really slipping from my fingers. So I did it for long time.

Then I took her hands and kept on my lap and started massaging her hand and fingers. She can touch my dick at that time and she is pressing her hand towards my dick I can feel that and the same thing happened when I did on the other hand as well. Then she asked y am I not taking out my clothes. It will become dirty because of the oil.

So she said I removed my t-shirt and tracks and now I am in my white underwear. She can see my dick standing inside my underwear. She looked at dick given me a naughty smile. She closed her eyes again but she kept her hand on my legs while massaging her boobies and nipples again. I can feel she slowly moving her hand towards my dick.

And she reached her hand on my dick and she started rubbing her hand on my dick and holding my dick in two fingers and she trying to insert her hand inside my underwear. And freed my underwear and she inserted her hand. I asked her whether she liked it. She said very much and feeling to kiss. I said later.

Then I came to her legs and massaged her thighs and her leg ankle and fingers and come up to her inner thighs she started moaning “aaaaaahahhhh karthikkkkkk comeeeeee onnnnnn karthik do somethngggggg. I beg uuuuuuuu karthik pleaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee” and I slowly touched her pussy lips. I spread her legs to both sides and saw her pussy clearly.

Inside pussy its pink in color I felt to eat it. But I stayed patience. And I slowly I caught pussy lips in my hand and rotated my finger around the pussy lips. And slowly touch her clit and I really liked her sweet clit and bulging outside when I spread her legs. Same time with one hand I holding her nipples also. Nipples r so slippery.

I touched her clit with my hand and rubbed with my finger and she started lifting her middle body up. And she is pulling me also to her. She asks me to lie down. But I went to boobies and started sucking her cute boobies.i took her cute nipples inside my mouth and played with my tongue. She started moaning aaaahhhhh mmmmmmm come and lick my pussy baby. Please go down.

So took my head to her stomach and down to her pussy and spread her legs and started licking her pussy. I took her whole pussy lips inside my mouth and then I took her clit inside my mouth and started playing clit with my tongue. She said me to remove underwear, I removed and she said she want my dick inside her pussy. I said I cannot because there are some work ethics.

Somehow I violated all and she said it will be total secret. She will not let any of her friends also know about this. Still I refused and she was asking me to rub my dick in her clit I did so and she was come once and she was asking me to please insert my dick. And even I’m also totally aroused and I did also.

Inserted my whole dick inside her pussy and she started moaning and hugged me tightly and asked me to do it slow and I did it slow for 10 mins and I sucked her nipples. While doing slow she she is also pushing from down stairs and asked me to do it fast and I come to know she is about to come and I did it fast for some time and she burst out and said Thank you Karthi…

she want me to hug her and lie down with her for some time and she kept her head on my chest and we lied for half n hour so I know time is also moving very fast. But she is talking about her life and her husbands don’t like to have now days and all. While lying down she kept her thighs on my dick and after sometime I got erection again.

When she saw she gone happy and she asked me to suck her pussy again. Like an obedient boy I I did it again and she is so got wet again so fast and she want me to do it in Rockygy style and I asked her to bent down and I kept a pillow under my knees to adjust height and I did Rockygy. Caught her boobies while doing that and played with her nipples also.

By the time I finished Rockygy style its already 2’O clock and she said we will have shower together and we had one more sex while having shower. We did it in bath tub and its almost late. 4 o clock her kids will come so I dressed fast and she asked me to have lunch. But for her safety I cancelled her invitation and had some other day.

There might be lot of mistakes in this story. This is my second sex experience and first one was with my GF in b’lore. Broke up long time back and hope it won’t be much arousing for a story. You can drop your comments below. Thanks.

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