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Shilpi having sexy fun with boyfriend at Mall

This story is about a sexual encounter between me and Shilpi. We both are students in a reputed college in Potheri. We stay at the university hostel. Shilpi is really hot, fair, nice tits and an excellent ass. The one disappointment is in her height. She is a tad on shorter side. Her stats being 32-26-34.

I first saw her during the auditions for the fashion show in our college. The way she swayed her ass and her attitude was killer and had every boy falling for her. She is a rich spoilt girl from Delhi. Turns out we both got selected for the fashion show for the house Prithvi. It was an open theme.

And the house captain selected a theme of contrast, turns out the theme proved to be really lucky for me. The captain wanted everything to be in contrast so she paired her with me due to contrast in our heights. Then we were asked to select our costumes. As it was an open theme we could select any costume as long as contrast factor was maintained within the pair.

This is when we 1st spoke to each other to discuss our costumes. I decided we should hit the mall and checkout the latest designs. The easiest route to the famous mall was via train. We decided to take the 11 am train. Unluckily the train was very much crowded and we didn’t get any seat to sit so we had to stand and travel.

As the train passed coming stations, the train started filling and we came close to each other and at one point I was literally pressed onto Shilpi. She did not particularly seem to like it but made no attempts to separate. Then I held her by the waist with my free hand and she looked up and gave a smile.

At this point she got comfortable and I pressed her close to me her breast pressing just above my stomach and feeling each others privates below. We talked normally and this is when I got to show she already has a boyfriend in Delhi but doesn’t like him much.

After some talks I planted a kiss on her lips in the train but as the train was very crowded no one else realized what happened and she smiled me back and sort of hugged me. At last we got out of the train and proceeded towards the mall.

At the mall I bought her lunch and proceeded to shop for costumes. By now we had become really comfortable and were walking like couples. Then we entered a store and selected our dresses. She had also picked up a pair of lingerie for herself and went to trial room. After a minute she called for me and cautiously entered the changing room.

She was in her jeans with her top removed and in her bra. She her like that I jumped at her and started kissing her wildly and pressed her to the walls. She started undressing me and I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed it down. I was in my jeans and she in her inner-wears. She removed my jeans kissing all the while.

Then I broke the kiss and gave sensual kisses all along her throat and neck area. She started moaning slowly and had wrapped her hands around me. I then went to her cleavage and kissed her there. Then I unhooked her bra and she removed it of her herself and gave me the view of her extremely fair breasts with brownish-pink nipples.

I wasted no time and started sucking her breasts taking her entire breast into my mouth one by one and sucking it wildly while mending the other breast with my hand. After 5 mins of devouring her tasty breast I proceeded downwards licking my way all the way down removed her panties and licking her thinly haired vagina Occasionally fingering it.

After 3 mins of sucking her she pulled me up and gave a soft kiss and moved downwards and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked it nicely to my content and even licked it all around and wrapped her tongue around my dick. The view was really turning me on and her small sucks on my balls were taking me to my climax.

I pulled her up and slowly started inserting my dick in her vagina and gave slow thrusts and kissed her full on the lips. Slowly I increased my speed and gave medium thrusts and felt her vagina tighten suddenly she begining to gasp for air reaching her climax. I continued thrusting her and reached my climax as well in the next couple of minutes.

We then had a wild prolonged kiss then dressed ourselves and got out of the changing room finished our shopping and proceeded on our way back to college. We then gave small soft kisses to each other and proceeded to our hostels dreaming of many more sexual encounters.

More such encounters between me and Shilpi during the next practice sessions and also casual meets to pleasure ourselves and many other girls from the university to be followed. Please your comments below.

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