Wednesday , September 28 2022

Shobha and the Servant

Shobha – age 32, wife and mother of a 2 year old boy,
Chetan – age 35, Shobha’s husband & works at an MNC. His workaholic lifestyle has taken a toll on his physical fitness, moderately overweight.
Bhola – age 20, village born and bred. This rustic simpleton is shy but physically fit. Virgin.

Chetan stepped out from their bedroom into the balcony for a smoke. The night was quieter than usual and the city had been like that for the last few days as the country went into a lockdown. He glanced back at his wife Shobha, as he slowly shut the sliding doors of the balcony so as to not disturb her. She was naked, gorgeous and half-asleep on their bed. They had just finished a round of love making, and she hadn’t covered up after their act. He could see her nude back, and those dark thick tresses sprawled across the pillow. Her back was to him and the satin bedsheet only half covered her fleshy naked buttocks. And those long legs and the smooth thighs were shining on the glow of the bedroom yellow.lights.

She was unusually energetic today and had insisted on keeping the lights on through their sex. He wished wistfully that he could match her sex drive. She was 32, and the mother of a four year old sleeping in his own room and here he was 36, over weight and beginning to bald. Maybe he should cut down on his cigarettes he thought and that would make him more energetic in love making and match her own vigor.

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