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Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola Chapter 1

The surly fellow shook his head without taking his eyes off her deep cleavage, and then with a change of mind pointed to a place at the corner of the shop at the far end from where both were seated. Chetan thought the fellow had misunderstood since the place pointed out was in plain visibility of everyone seated in the tavern.

He shrugged and plugged in his earphones to prepare to make a call to his office on check on the status of a client deal.

“Jaanu, (darling), let’s hurry out as soon as it stops raining. Yahan sab hamein ghoor rahe hain”. (Darling, let’s hurry out as soon as it stops raining. Here everyone is staring at us!)

Shobha looked at Chetan, and looked around the room. He was of course right. The truck driver and his cleaner, and the four college guys on a vacation were all shamelessly ogling her. Shobha leaned back, thrust her breasts upwards and took a deep breath causing her breasts to bulge out even more.

Then she leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially to Chetan, “Baby, Lets make them jealous!”.

In a smooth action, she got up from the table, slung the carry bag across her shoulders and sashayed across the tavern floor towards the spot where the waiter had pointed. Chetan’s mouth dropped open and he looked at her. She swayed her ass in an exaggerated manner, just like a model on a catwalk and she walked past and between the tables with the truck driver and his cleaner, and the college kids. Six pairs of male eyes watched her gorgeous ass.

She paused the spot at the other end of the tavern where there was a clearing without tables. She spun around on her heels like a model who reaches the end of the catwalk and pivots. A 40-watt yellow bulb hung exactly above her head and illuminating her, making her body shine even more in contrast to the dim light in the tavern. She placed the cart bag on a still next to her. And then in a single smooth act, she pulled apart the cross tail flaps of her shirt and took it off.

There was pin drop silence in the room as the men watched stunned. She was now clothed only in her black bra and denim shorts. The black bra contrasted with creamy fair skin that glowed golden in the reflection of the bulb above. Shobha then turned her back to her male audience. The bra she wore had a thin strap, and her naked smooth back glistened in the reflected light. She then reached back, and in one practised stroke uncooked her bra and pulled it off her body this showing her bare back to the audience. She paused for a few seconds like a model at the catwalk posing and waiting for the cameras to click And the audience to take in this fill of the spectacle.

And then’ hands on her hips, she spun around, bare-breasted, to face her audience.

Her magnificent 36C breasts jiggled with the pivot and were now exposed to eight pairs of male eyes. The waiter froze in mid motion, and so did Chetan and the six other men in the room staring at the stunning spectacle in front of them.

Chetan’s mouth dropped open. He wanted to shout but no words came out.

Shobha tilted her chin up, raised her hands, brought them to her forehead and then slowly ran her hands through the wet hair. The act caused her naked breasts to thrust out even more. Her smooth, hairless armpits were exposed to the audience. Her dark brown nipples, perfectly rounded like a full moon crowned the tip of medium sized well rounded breasts. The nipples were visibly erect. He hands caressed and brushed the length of her her hair, and then she brought th e palm’s forward. She brought her two hands on either side of her full breasts, almost as if she then wanted to squeeze the gorgeous globes together. Instead her hands brushed past the bteasts, caressed her chest, paused at her navel and then went down to the denim shorts.

Which she then pulled off her body.

Chetan watched in stunned and paralyzed silence as if watching an erotic movie. He wife of two years was now standing topless, and clad only in black panties. She didn’t make eye contact with the men in the tavern. For all she cared, she was along in the privacy of her room and stripping unconcerned about the audience she had. She then leaned across and zipped open the carry bag. Her heavy breasts jiggled.

Chetan thought he heard a glass drop from the hands of the truck driver and shatter as it hit the floor. No one bothered about the broken glass as they all drunk in the spectacle of a lifetime.

A.naked, beautiful woman performing a strip tease in a filthy tavern.

Shobh pulled out a clinging full sleeved t-shirt. She casually pulled it on over her breasts. Eight pairs of male eyes, including the husband watched reluctantly as the gorgeous breasts disappeared under a clingy long sleeved t-shirt. Shobha then pulled out another pair of dry shorts. She casually pulled it over her panties and coolly buttoned up. She then smoothed the t-shirt and adjusted it over the shorts.

And she retraced her walk from the far end towards her husband. Her braless breasts jiggled as she walked, and the nipples were erect and protruding. She walked past the men, open mouthed and frozen like statues, who weren’t even blinking because they didn’t want to miss anything in this erotic spectacle.

Shobha reached their table, smiled innocently at Chetan, “Jaanu, shall we leave? It’s stopped raining now”.

Chetan snapped out of his daze, pulled out a five hundred rupee note from his wallet, threw it on the table, grabbed Shobha by the elbow, picked up the carry bag in his other hand and ran out of the tavern.

Neither of them looked back as they raced away.

Chetan was simultaneously confused and excited about the exhibitionist streak that seemed to have surfaced in his wife, triggered by the lockdown and the enforced confinement in their three bedroom flat with their servant Bhola. As long as it was harmless, he thought we should be ok. Bhola seemed to be a quiet fellow, and he hoped would not be the kind of guy who would talk about the erotic behaviour of his mistress to anyone.

And who would be talk to In this lockdown? The three of them were confined to their flat through the lockdown, and the apartment management had sent a strict message on the community WhatsApp group for inmates to not step out. All ordered grocery and essentials had to be ordered on phone or online and would be delivered at the reception at the lobby. Even if Bhola were to talk, who would believe him? And Shobha’s actions seemed to reignite lust back in their relationship. Sudenly, Chetan felt better.

Chetan wrapped up his last video call of a busy day and went looking for his wife. He found her in the living room curled up on the sofa watching web series on their giant sized wall mounted TV. Wait! It was the way she was seated on the 3-seater sofa that caught his attention. She was wearing a frilly pink skirt that he hadn’t seen her wear for a long time. Her legs were curled and the skirt had ridden up exposing her thighs. She saw him and shifted, and the act seemed to pull up her skirt a bit higher exposing her creamy curved thighs a bit more.

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