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Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola Chapter 2

Chetan and Shobha lay naked on the bed, their sexual act just completed.

Chetan lay panting, his heavy breathing as much due to his intense energetic pumping and intense passion of their act, as also due to his general lack of fitness. Shobha snuggled against him, her chin against his left shoulder, her breast squashed against his chest and her left leg on top of his with their naked bodies entwined. She ran her index finger over his lips, gently parting them and moistening them against his saliva. She then traced her wet finger down over this chin and then slid it across his hairy chest. The wet finger played with his nipple tracing a circle around it with her fingernail. The finger then resumed its journey as she patted his hairy chest, and then caressed the convexity of his belly.

She was the one who had gone through childbirth, but it was he who had put on weight in the last three years, she thought wryly. She was proud of her figure – maternity had made her breasts grow larger but she was proud of their firmness. A couple of kilos, not more, had accumulated on her waist and buttocks and accentuating her voluptuousness. Her fingers resumed their downward journey, navigating through Chetan’s wiry pubic hair and then reached down and then almost gleefully grasped his penis and scooped his balls in her palm. She squeezed them gently but enough to draw a grasp from a still-panting Chetan. His penis was moist with the mix of her pussy juices and his own discharge. She raised her chin and kissed him gently against his cheek.

Chetan turned to his side so that he could see her better. He kissed her on her mouth. His tongue swirled against her. He squeezed her fleshy breasts and she moaned. He could see she was still hungry. He felt guilt that he discharged so quickly. After all, a staying power of a couple of minutes wasn’t something he was proud of and he remembered how in the early years of their marriage he had timed himself at fifteen minutes. He suspected Shobha hadn’t climaxed today, and that would explain her gentle massage on his cock. The ministrations of a yet-unsatisfied woman, he thought!

It wasn’t his fault that he climaxed so quickly – after it was she who had teased him beyond a point that he could manage. His cock stayed flaccid and unresponsive to her gentle massage. He had been completely drained by the intensity of their just-concluded encounter.

“Jaanu, you are crazy! Do you know what you did in the other room!”, he said, trying to distract her from her continuing massage of his organ.

She continued her gentle squeeze of his cock, then wrapped the fingers of her palm along the length of his cock and gently tugged it. Her efforts were futile and couldn’t coax his spent cock back to life. This soldier was truly exhausted and weary after a fierce but brief skirmish. Her practiced palm slipped down, and scooped his testicles and gently cupped them with a sharp fingernail teasing his scrotum.

He knew he couldn’t stand this afterplay much longer, and tried to distract her into conversation.

“Jaanu, you need to be careful with him around. After all, he is not Kamla-tai”, he said referring to the elderly housekeeper who had preceded Bhola. Kamla-tai was a sixty year old lady and had been housekeeper with the couple since their marriage. They were comfortable with her around, and with the lady being shortsighted and quietly diligent in housework, the couple felt uninhibited in their amorous behavior. Kamla-tai had left for her village to temporarily take care of her ailing sister, and had suggested her grandson as a temporary substitute. It was Shobha’s decision to agree, as she really needed help to manage the two-year old, and Chetan absently acquiesced realizing only subsequently when Bhola turned up at their house that this was a strapping twenty year-old grown up male that he and Shobha would be sharing their roof with until Kamla-tai returned.

And then lockdown happened.

The reference to Bhola succeeded in interrupting Shobha and she withdrew her palm, having also realized the futility of coaxing life back into his freshly-discharged organ. She then turned over on her side to face Chetan who lay on his back. He turned his head to see her magnificent, firm breasts with the coin sized perfectly circular brown areola with an erect nipple at the crowning centre.

“So my baby is jealous, huh!”, she teased him with that smile that he knew would arouse any man who found himself in the same room with her.

“And that’s why my Chota Chetan scored twice in two days!”, she again had her teasing smile, but this time he was uncomfortable at her playful reference to his cock. She used that nickname for his cock to privately tease him in the early years of their marriage whenever she initiated their sex – and that was often the case – but she hadn’t used that nickname for a long time now.

“Jaanu, its risky with him around”, he repeated trying to rebuke her, but he knew he couldn’t muster a stronger tone with her. She always seemed to be the dominant one between the two of them.

“Relax, baby, you know that he has got his ticket booked to go back to his village the day after the lockdown ends”.

“What if he talks about us to others?”, he said expressing the nagging worry that bothered him.

“Baby, he is a buddhu,” (half-wit), she said in a tone that he recognized was the one she used in office, when she worked, with her colleagues and passed judgment. Unfortunately, she often used the same tone on him at home, and he could never push back on her confident assertive self. “He’s not smart like you. He can barely say whats in his mind”.

Chetan suspected that was merely because Bhola was shy and tongue-tied with Shobha because he had never been under the same roof as a smart, sexy and educated woman like Shobha, and that on his own, he suspected all twenty-year old males were the same – horny, testosterone driven and sex-starved. Bhola may be shy, he thought, but he;’s probably still a horny bastard.

He tried a more logical approach.

“What is he records something on his phone, or takes pictures of us”, he said, and couldn’t bring himself to say “you” instead of “us”.

“Relax, baby, he doesn’t have a smartphone. He just has the same feature phone you bought for Shanta-tai. And isn’t it my dear hubby who is getting excited? When was the last time you did it two times in two days?, huunh?”. She refrained from pointing out that she hand’nt climaxed, and not that her husband seemed to have noticed.

“Woh to hai”, he conceded, but still be careful, ok? (Thats right, but still be careful), he said giving in to her.

She smiled secretly at having scored another small victory over him. Chetan’s breathing had slowed down, and he now turned his back to her. In less than a couple of minutes, she heard gentle snoring.

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