Tuesday , June 6 2023

Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola Final Chapter

The next morning, Shobha had her periods.

She was relieved because the forced abstinence would also give her body the time needed to fully recover from the soreness of her last sexual jamboree.
She also knew her libido would rise in the subsequent days, and she hoped the two men in the house would be in the same boat. She smiled to herself as the pun in that phrase struck her and she thought her situation wasn’t very different from the visual that the phrase connoted. Two adult men – horny and virile – on the same boat as her – a nubile, sex-hungry and uninhibited woman was a good description of the state in that household during the lockdown, she mused.

Bhola continued to look at her in the kitchen every day with a look that alternated between a puppy looking at a master and a Rocky looking at a bone. That look alternated depending whether he thought Shobha was watching him or not.

Shobha had no trouble maintaining an imperious attitude with Bhola while supervising his household chores. After all, that attitude came naturally to her. Bhola made clumsy efforts to seek confirmation whether happy days – or happy nights – were going to visit him again, and Shobha drew silent pleasure in ignoring these hints and keeping him guessing. It then occurred to her that her stonewalling might lead him to ventilate his sexual frustration through masturbation. The delicious thought that she might be the subject of his fantasy was outweighed by the desire to ensure he kept his sexual energy bottled up only to be released at her pleasure.

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