Sunday , November 27 2022

Shopping Spree

I was looking for a special gift for the wife. She is hard enough to shop for usually, but her birthday makes shopping even worse. I went to her usual shopping spots and found nothing. I went to the craft shops where she gets her multitude of craft items. In a final attempt, I went into an adult shop.

A simply built sales lady asked, “How can I help you?”

I told her about the wife, her birthday, and my shopping dilemma. She took the time to ask questions about my wife’s likes and dislikes. My likes and dislikes were discussed. Her manner and soft voice allowed me to drop my down and we talked about past experiences. My wife and I had a few threesomes in our twenties and thirties but when our children arrived we stopped hosting. Both I and my wife are bisexual so our threesomes were split evenly between men and women.

She asked about our small toy collection. We had sex cuffs, a couple of paddles, and dildos. They ranged in size from a small prostate stimulation tool, two strap-on’s, various sizes of penis-shaped dildos, and a huge double-headed monster 30 inches long.

As we talked I noticed the sales lady was getting more red-faced and her breath quickened. We looked over the clothes and accessories, toys and oils, and we picked a new toy.

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