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shraddha kapoor forced sex – celebrity sex story

t was raining heavily that night …….shraddha kapoor’s car was stuck under the peepal tree ……shraddha asked her driver -aur kitna time lagega……
driver-mam,it will take atleast one hour…becoz of fog n heavy rain i couldnt see the road n…the car crash i m extremly sorry…
shraddha-its ok……never mind contiu..

driver noticed sudden change in her behaviour……he was kinda puzzeld…
usally she use talk very rude to him n other servents………..then he contiued….with his work
shraddha sat silently going to past ……..
two day before …………
shraddha came to meet a new directer …rahul mehta…. she was told by kareena when she met her in park at california…..(she was on tour ofcourse she was damn rich)
kareena told her to meet rahul mehta a new director who is plaing to make a big movie bassed on greek mythology……
back to scene.
shraddha enterd into rahul’s house …
rahul- welcome….have a seet lets not waste time let come to story…
shraddha sat on the sofa…
rahul i was telling here i am making a big movie….bluh bluh bluh,….
,………shraddha was quite bored….and i will pay u 50 crores rupee….
shraddha was stunned she couldnt believe it…
rahul said ok lets se if u r really perfect for the role….u are going to act as hera(zeus wife) or athena …..and one more thing it will include some hollywood scene i hope u understand….
shraddha was ready she thought she wouldnt get another opporunity like this…
rahul-i choose u and deepika or bipasha or anushka sharma or madhurima ooh ya she actully selected for athena role u are first to audition on hera ok!
shraddha had to get this role n the compition was too much…..
rahul told her to go n chagne her cloths into greek goddess hera cloths…and dont wear undergarments..
shraddha was quized but she thought olden time they were not there…
she goes to changing room changes her cloths…. she look in mirror oops her one side boob was clearly visible…she tried to cover it..
then she thought to clean her armpits as it been a long time she done so…
she goes in front of rahul he was amazed by beauty…..
wow by lady u actully suit for this role so…u will be selected if…..u do as other actress have done ok…grinning..
shraddha didnt understood anything she thought he said that she was first to interview n he is tell other……..
she was confused…
rahul points toward her dick…comme on dont act silly….suck it as other done as u suit for this role i will take if only u slepp..with me
shraddha said no way….i can do that ok i will never ever do that….k
ok said rahul then anushka will get the role ….
shraddha thought then she said ok..but only one blowjob …
rahul-wow u know quit things prob but u will have answer my 3 question while sucking my dick…ok
ok said so shraddha
then removed his pants become totaly naked…
shraddha kept her head down… n moved slowly toward him…
ok shraddha did u suck any cock before…
ye..s i sucked when i was small one of my cousin forced my to suck his..then for m 1st movie role thats it
hmmmmm… comme my dear he took her hand and made her sit on his dick as shraddha wasnt wearing any panty his dick touched her virgina….
she immidetly got up n said wht the hell r u doing….deal is a deal…..
ok ok comme sit down n suck my dick u..hmm shraddha
she sat down n took his dick in mouth….
she didnt alow his dick touch his dick….just with lips she made his dick in and out in and out…
rahul was enjoying this took hold of shraddha head n got up n starteed pounding it in and out ..
rahul- ahhhh u bitch u dont even know how to suck a dick shame on u ….
shraddha was gagging she was cursing herself why she agreed
he slepd shraddha and said u bicth suck it with tougue its tasty suck it…
shraddha start sobiing again he started his deep throut at last he came whole in her …..
he told her drink it instead she vormited it all…….
rahul was angry now u bich he torn shraddha;s dress she became complty naked…
she tried to cover her breast n pussy and said wht r u doing u said only blowjob..
nah i said blowjob first thn fucking…
shraddha tried to run but rahul cought her slaped her made her sit on sofe then kissed shraddha’s jusicy lips…they were red ….she was sweting heavily swet ran throw her breast n fell on her pussy….while rahul now started smocching with her moved to her neck….
yumm u r tasty beb ..he her hand and placed it over his dick n said to rub it….
she had no way so did so….
she was cring too..
rahul took her whole left breast in his mouth n sucked it…. then starded sucking her nipple …n fless he sucked her both boobs cleen then moved to her nevel….he sucked it.then he started licking shraddha pussy shraddha started moaning….
then rahul enterd one of his finger into pussy …wow bitch u have a really really tight pussy…..his dick got bigger then before it was now 11 inch.. shraddha was scared how ill she take that….!!!
now rahul slowly enter his cock he was half in n asked are u a vrigin..?
ya…yaa plzz dont do it..plzzz
wow my luck is great today…..
he stood up n forced her down to sleep on cold tiles….
then he inserted his dick n start sucking her blood came out…..
wow beb u r awsome….ahhhhahhhhhhh
then he slept over her n start licking her arpits….boobs
he fucked her for 30 mins then he finally removed his dick n enterd shraddha mouth in sleeping position then while in sleeping position he stard pounding on her…..shraddha was drained out of energy ..
now rahul stoop up inserted his dick in her mouth n started her cunt….she came in no time and rahul too came in her mouth….she gaged but drank it this time…
wow said rahul u r selected for role meet me after 3 days at calfornia us..ok bye take ur cloth ok bye bye dear….
shraddha stood up n wore her cloths rushed to her home n slept for next 12 hour naked on bed…..
sharddha woke up from her past n driver said mam its reeady car is working lets go…

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