Thursday , December 8 2022

Shy Indian Wife get Fucked

“I thought I was hallucinating.” Bela glumly said. “That my guilt was making me imagine you were right there. So I closed my eyes.”

“And then he came inside you.” I said, the images burned in my brain. Bela had closed her eyes after staring at me, opened her mouth and started moaning. Riaz’s brown fingers clasped tightly, almost painfully around her boobs, and I saw her body start shaking rapidly in a telltale climax rhythm.

“Yes.” she said. “I am so sorry.”

And she started crying again. I sighed. It had taken almost an hour to stop her crying, bring her to normal and get her talking again.

After the young buck had shot his jizz into the condom inside my wife’s cunt, he leaned forward in satisfaction to kiss her. But he stopped with his lips half an inch from her face. Because that’s when he saw me. And unlike Bela, he didn’t think I was a hallucination.

“AAAAAHHHH!!” he shouted as his eyes went really wide in terror.

Bela winced at the shriek in her ears and opened her eyes.

“What???” she asked in an annoyed voice.

“SAHAB!! Oh shit oh shit oh shit!!”

That’s when Bela looked at me and realized I was actually there. Her mouth opened wide and she suddenly jerked back, her boobs squeezing back through the bars and she also let out a squeal.

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