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Shy Indian wife received a massage a good massage from a 21 year old boy in a beach resort while the husband watched

I had to go on a business trip which involved six hours of driving and my wife was with me in the car – After the meeeting we thought of visiting a nearby beach which is famous for indian ayurvedic messages – I suggested that she go for a massage and she gave me a flat ‘NO” for her.

I requested a massage for myself and the guy who mas massaging me was just around twenty years old. I suggested that my wife watch the massage as she had never seen it before.

As my massage was almost geeting over I insisted that she have her at least her feet massaged as it would be cramped. Th boy suggested that a female person is available if my wife wants a massage. “Its just the feet – I am sure you can do it well” was my reply and I made my wife lie on the table – “Remove that skirt and wrap a towel” I matter of fact told my wife as we didn’t want oils on the dress as we didn’t have another pair to change – very reluctantly just to avoid a fight she very modestly wrapped the towel and pulled down the skirt.

I suggested that I help pour the oil on her feet as he massages – and the feet massage started. My penis was sticking out of the towel I had wrapped and I was just excited as I had my own plans. The oil that I was pouring to help started getting poured from the feet slowly up to the ankles and then to the calf with the towel getting in the way. I slowly got the towel hiked up and the boys hand started creeping up her legs. At one point I told her “Its a professional massage and no harm in getting your full legs massaged” and I just pulled off the towel.

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