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Shy wife is fascinated by black men

Amy opened the laptop. She knew she needed to be quick, since the school bus would be there in an hour to drop off her kids. But she couldn’t resist touching herself any longer. Her last customer at the coffee shop had been a black man, and lately that was all that it had taken. Any time she talked to a black man, her pussy started to get wet. Sometimes even eye contact was enough. The worst was when it happened early in the morning. She could hardly stand the rest of her shift those days, her panties soaked, knowing it would be hours until she could get some relief.

It had been two years since the end of Amy and her husband Trent’s failed open marriage experiment. After a terrible argument, they had decided to stop seeing other people and work on making their relationship work.

Amy loved her husband and, for the most part, she was happy. But it was like a switch had been flipped inside of her. Back in their swinging days, one of her fuck buddies had been really turned on by interracial porn. He convinced her to pose for some nude pictures which he would then photoshop black men into. It was an incredible turn on for Amy. She had initially had a slight fascination with black men, but these pictures stoked the flames into something more.

After stepping back from their open marriage, Trent wanted her to delete these pictures, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Black men were always on her mind now, and thanks to the photos she was constantly picturing herself with a black cock in her pussy.

These were the pictures Amy was looking for on the laptop. She felt guilty for hiding them from her husband, but they excited her too much to delete. She found the folder where they were hidden and clicked the first one. An image on herself, her pussy impaled on a fat black shaft while she jerked off another black cock with each hand appeared on the screen. She slipped her hand into her panties and traced the wet lips of her pussy. She clicked the next image. It was a picture of a black dick shooting cum into her open mouth. Amy rubbed her clit, staring at the screen. The next picture was her being bent over and fucked doggy style. She loved the contrast of the black man’s hand, dark against her white ass. She thought of the black customer at the coffee shop as she fingered her wet pussy. She moaned as she could feel her first orgasm building. Amy eased back, not wanting to cum yet. The picture on the screen was of herself with her legs spread, a black cock buried balls deep in her slit, with a thin stream of white cum running down. Her fingers sped up again, she couldn’t help herself. The thought of a black man cumming inside her was too much. Her orgasm crashed over her as she shoved three fingers inside her dripping pussy.

As she came down Amy knew she wasn’t finished. She glanced at the clock. Forty minutes until the school bus would arrive. She still had plenty of time. She had gone through all the pictures in the folder, so she opened up her favorite porn tube site and clicked the “interracial “category. The first video she saw was called “BBC Hypno.”

“Why not,” Amy thought as she opened the video. Trance music started to play over some short clips of girls kneeling in front of black men and reacting with shock as they got their first glimpse of a huge black dick. A woman’s voice repeated the words “big black cock” over and over in time with the music, and Amy found herself matching this rhythm with her fingers as she slid them inside her pussy. The scenes changed to close-ups of white girls’ faces, each sucking a different fat black cock. Every few seconds, a line of text would flash across the screen, saying things like “This is only natural,” “You wish this was you,” or “Black dick is beautiful.”

“It is beautiful,” thought Amy, her fingers still moving with the beat. “Oh, my gosh, it’s so hot! I do wish it was me sucking those beautiful black cocks.” The scenes had moved on to showing the first penetration of black dick into the girls’ pussies. Amy watched as the tapered head of each black cock pressed against the slit, slowly spreading the lips of each pussy, stretching them as they slid deeper inside, and coming out slick with juices as they pulled back out.

“Big black cock,” the woman’s voice droned on, slightly faster now. Amy’s fingers kept pace. With her other hand she pulled her big tits out of her tank top and began playing with her pierced nipple. The girls on the screen were furiously riding away now, each of them impaled on a magnificent black shaft. Amy watched as the cocks disappeared inside a bouncing girl, who each threw her head back as she came. “Now you see what you’ve been missing. Only black dick can fuck you like this,” came the text on the screen. Amy couldn’t stop herself from moaning as she read it. Her panties were soaked through and her thighs and belly were covered in her pussy juices. She switched hands, shoving three fingers of her clean left hand into her messy cunt. Her dripping right hand went to her tits, smearing her nipples with her wetness before bringing them to her mouth to taste herself.

The black men in the video were each pounding away at the squirming white girl they were inside. The voice of the “big black cock” woman sped up again. Amy’s fingers were almost like a blur in her pussy, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen. “White women deserve to take black seed,” went the text across the screen. The camera zoomed in on the black cock rooted inside the white girl’s pussy as he thrust it in as deep as it would go. Amy’s eyes widened as the black dick began to throb, and the words “Black men should never pull out,” flashed on the screen. The black shaft kept pulsing pumping the girl full of cum. Another moan escaped Amy’s lips as she felt an intense orgasm approach. She kept her attention glued to the screen as a second throbbing cock replaced the first. This one must have cum more than the first, because a trickle of cum escaped the girl’s pussy lips and dripped down the black pole as it continued to spurt inside of her. “This is where black dick belongs,” came the text.

“Yes!” screamed Amy as her orgasm hit her. Her fingers made a wet slapping sound as they moved furiously in her messy slit. “Oh, fuck!” she moaned, waves of pleasure running through her heaving body as she came, never taking her eyes off of the black cocks still pumping sperm into white girl after white girl. “It’s every white woman’s duty to fuck black dick,” flashed the words as the video faded to black.

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