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Sister and her bestfriend blackmailed

Hi friends,today i am sharing a fantasy story about my slut sister.Pls read,rate and dont forget to drop a comment.Part 2 will be coming soon.So,here it goes..

Most of my friends thought Shruti was hot, though to me she was just my bratty sister. She was 5’11’ , Long sexy legs,about 54 Kg, with black hair and brown eyes. When she wasn’t tanning herself she was working out, accounting for her washboard stomach and toned arms and legs. Her breasts were the typically full, firm mounds you’d expect of an athletic 18-year old, and from the couple of times her bras ended up in my laundry basket, I knew she was a 35C.

When I got home, I went outside to say “Hi” to Shruti, but she wasn’t there. I headed upstairs to change my clothes. The way our house was set up, my bedroom was at the end of the hall, with my parent’s room to one side of me, my sister’s to the other. As I passed my parents room, I could hear noises coming from inside. I knew they weren’t home, so I opened the door carefully. I couldn’t believe what I saw — my sister was on all fours, naked, being fucked from behind by my friend Aakash, as her best friend Ishita was on her back being fucked by another friend, Bharat. Ishita was even more beautiful than my sister — a little shorter at 5-foot, 8 inches, with black and brown hair, full, pouty lips, and breasts that seemed to defy gravity. She was playing with her nipples as Bharat fucked her hard.

I went to the living room and got my parent’s video camera. Quickly putting a new tape inside I snuck back upstairs. I eased the door open a little more, and zoomed in on the action. I had a perfect view of Aakash’s cock driving in and out of my sister’s cunt. I guided the camera over to her face, getting her right in the center of the frame, moaning with each deep thrust of Aakash’s cock. I scanned over to Ishita, focusing on her upper body as Bharat pounded her pussy. Her full breasts shook back and forth as Bharat fucked her. I watched silently as the two guys fucked them faster and faster.

“Ohhhh Godddddd, Shruti…I’m gonna cum,” said Aakash.

“Not inside me!! ” she yelled.

Aakash pulled out his cock and Shruti swallowed it whole. Aakash fucked her mouth for a few seconds until his whole body went rigid. I could tell he was cumming. I focused on Shruti’s mouth, Aakash’s cock down her throat, as he filled her with his cum. Aakash pulled his cock out, a trail of cum dribbling down Shruti’s chin. I caught it all.

Ishita could tell Bharat was about to cum, too. “Cum on my tits,” she said. Bharat pulled out of her pussy and started jerking off. A few quick pumps of his fist, and he sent gobs of cum all over Ishita’s chest.

Both guys collapsed back on the bed. The girls switched positions. Ishita started sucking Aakash’s cock, while Shruti feasted on Bharat’. “First to cum gets it all,” asked Shruti, in between slurps of Bharat’s cock.

“You’re on,” said Ishu, obviously knowing exactly what my sister meant.

Both girls worked furiously on the cocks in front of them. It was quite a sight — both of them on their knees, their asses pointed at me, their heads bobbing up and down as they sucked their guys’ cocks. Shruti reached down to fondle Bharat’ balls, and that sent him over the edge. He came hard and loud. To prove her victory, Shruti pulled her mouth away and let Bharat cum all over her face. “Move over,” she commanded Ishita.

Ishu had a definite look of disappointment on her face as Shruti took over her blowjob. She applied the Ishue ball-handling technique to Aakash, and had him cumming quickly, too. She took all his cum in her mouth, then turned to Ishu, and kissed her. Their mouths open, tongues intertwined, I was able to see some cum dripping between them. “Mmmmmm, thanks, Shruti.”

“Best friends share,” Shruti said, smiling.

The guys were getting dressed. “We gotta go,” they said. I don’t think Ishu and Shruti heard them, as they started kissing each other. I quickly hid in my room as I watched them leave, and then snuck back to the door, which they had left open. I pulled it closed so as not to be noticed, as I watched Shruti going down on Ishu. I could clearly focus on her ass and cleanly shaved cunt as she licked and sucked on Ishu’s pussy.

She soon had Ishu cumming hard, her whole body shuddering in ecstasy as Shruti lapped up all her juices. As Ishu’s orgasm subsided, Shruti kissed her way up her body, teasing her breasts with her mouth. As Shruti reached her lips they kissed like long-time lovers, their tongues intertwining.

And I was getting it all on tape.

After a few minutes of kissing, Shruti slid the rest of the way up Ishu’s body, until she was straddling her face. Ishita pulled her down to her mouth, and began eating her like there was no tomorrow. I still couldn’t believe what I was watching! From my angle I could easily see Ishu’s pussy, which was also shaved bare, and Shruti’s ass bouncing up and down on her friend’s face. It didn’t take much for Ishu to make Shruti cum too, her whole body shaking as she cried out. Shruti collapsed, holding on to the headboard. Looking at the clock, she said “Oh shit, Ishu! You gotta get out of here! Bhaiya will be home soon! Help me clean up!”

I grabbed my stuff and raced downstairs. I tried to be as quiet as possible, while hurrying as much as I could. Luckily, I was able to sneak out of the house and into my car without anyone hearing me. I drove around the corner and waited until I saw Ishita leave my house, walking towards hers. I drove back home and entered loudly so Shruti would hear me. I heard her upstairs.

“Hi, Shruti,” I called.

“Hi Bhaiya,” she said. “I’ll be down in a little while. I’m gonna take a shower and wash all the sunscreen off me. Hard day at the pool, you know.”

Yeah, I knew. I knew she was washing the musky scents of cum and pussy, not the coconut scent of sunscreen, off her body. My cock was getting hard again. I tried shaking the thought out of my head, but it was impossible. I locked my door and got out of my dress clothes. My 7.5″ cock was making a tent in my boxer shorts.

Giving in, I pulled them down and gave myself a few quick strokes. Precum oozed out of the tip. I got onto the bed and relived the scene of my sister on the bed. I imagined it was my cock she was sucking, instead of Bharat and Aakash’s. I shot my load just as I heard the shower turn off. Quickly, I got dressed and headed downstairs.

Suddenly I remembered the videotape! I didn’t have time to save it when I was running out the door. I popped the tape out of the video camera and put the camera back on the shelf, slipping the tape into my pocket. I had the world’s best blackmail in my hands, and had to think of how to punish Shruti. She’d teased me for years, and now I was going to have my revenge. As I was plotting, Shruti came downstairs and my parents came home from work. They didn’t work together, but their offices were in the Ishue part of town, so they often carpooled.

My mom walked in carrying takeout dinner. I forgot — they had theater tickets tonight, so we had to eat quickly so they could get out in time. It would just be me and Shruti at home. After dinner, my parents went to their room to get changed, and Shruti went into the family room to watch TV. I headed back to the living room and got the video camera and cables. Sneaking the camera back into my room, I hooked it up to the VCR and made a copy of the tape. Hiding the copy, I snuck the equipment back to the living room, just as the doorbell rang.

I answered the door, and was face to face with Ishita. “Hi loser,” she said, pushing past me. “I’m watching videos with Shruti tonight. Try to stay out of our way.”

Fuck her, I thought.

My parents left for the theater, and Shruti and Ishu settled into the living room to watch videos. I waited for my moment, as I watched them from the top of the stairs. The first movie ended, and Shruti said, “I got the movie you wanted. ‘The Dirty Picture’,” she said laughing.

“I love the titles of these things,” Ishita said. “I need to use the bathroom,” she added.

“OK, I’ll put the movie in and get us some drinks while it gets going.”

That was my opportunity. As they left the living room, I stole the real movie they were going to watch, and slipped the tape of the two of them into the machine. I hid at the top of the stairs again, until they settled back in on the couch. Then I ‘casually’ walked past them into the kitchen.

“Don’t mind me,” I said. “I’m just getting a snack.”

I heard Ishu say something about “…pause it when he comes back out…” and knew I had them stuck. I heard the machine click on, followed immediately by double screams. “OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDDDDD!!!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!”

They stormed into the kitchen.


“Made it myself,” I said, calmly. “This afternoon.”

“I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU,” she screamed.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll do that,” I told her. “See, I already made a couple of copies and gave them to people on the orders to give them to Mom and Dad, should anything happen to me.”

Shruti looked at me. “You did not!”

“Actually, I did,” I said, bluffing. “And if you don’t believe me, just try something. Or maybe I’ll just give this tape to Mom and Dad when they get home. I’m sure they’d love to see what you do when they’re not home. And in their bed!”

They knew I had them.

“What do you want,” hissed Shruti.

I hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought. “Go upstairs, and I’ll meet you in your room.”

Silently, they went upstairs. I thought for a minute, and took the video camera. I popped in a fresh tape. I went into Shruti’s room and locked the door.

“There’s no way we’re going to do anything you’re thinking of, so forget it,” said Shruti, trying to get control of the situation.

“I figured you’d say that,” I said. “So I hid a copy of the tape in Mom & Dad’s room. Do what I say, and I’ll remove it. Disobey me? Well, disobey me and they’ll have some interesting bedtime viewing tonight, wouldn’t you say?”

Shruti and Ishita sat there, dejected. I turned on the camera and aimed it at the bed. “Get undressed,” I said, my confidence building.

Shruti and Ishu got undressed and sat on the bed, their legs crossed and their hands covering their nipples.

“Hands at your sides,” I directed.

They uncovered their breasts.

I took of my shirt and kicked off my sneakers. I walked up to my Ishita. “Take off my pants.”

Ishu undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them down. I turned to Shruti. The bigger humiliation was for her. “Now you. Take off my boxers.”

Shruti tried, but my hard cock made it difficult.

“Reach in, and move it out of the way,” I told her.

Shruti reached inside my boxers and held my cock. She pulled my shorts away from me, and slid them down. She released my cock as I kicked off my shorts. It was inches away from her face.

“Kiss it,” I told her.

Shruti kissed my cock.

“Lick it,” I said. Shruti licked my cock up and down. Ishita watched, silently.

I turned to Ishita. “Suck it,” I demanded.

Ishita paused.

“I made a copy for your parents too, Ishu.” Ishita looked up at me, and put my cock in her mouth. It felt incredible.

“Suck it, Ishu. Just like you did this afternoon.”

Ishita started licking and sucking my cock while I played with her nipples. I turned to Shruti, who was staring at her best friend giving her brother a blowjob. “Rub your pussy,” I told her.

Shruti started fingering herself as Ishita gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. Once she got started, she really got into it. “Don’t swallow,” I told her. “I want you to share with Shruti, when you’re done.”

Ishita mumbled in agreement. I thrust my cock back and forth at her mouth as she sucked me in and out. I could hear Shruti’s orgasm building as she fingered her cunt. Shruti came loudly, and just the sight of my sister cumming sent me over the edge, and I filled Ishita’s mouth with my seed. I pulled out, and said, “Let me see.”

Ishita showed me her mouth full of cum. I nodded and she leaned over to Shruti, kissing her. As she broke the kiss, I could see my cum all over my sister’s mouth.

“Clean her fingers,” I told Ishita, who hungrily licked Shruti’s juices off her fingers.

“Lay back,” I told Shruti. She did as I told her.

I turned to Ishita. “Sit on her face.” Ishita crawled up Shruti’s body as they mirrored the scene from earlier today, with positions reversed. Ishita lowered her beautiful pussy to Shruti’s mouth. I watched as Shruti started eating her friend’s pussy, moaning loudly as Ishita moved back and forth, grinding her cunt against my sister’s face.

I reached down and started rubbing Shruti’s pussy. She was still wet, as I spread around her juices. Shruti started thrusting at my finger as I teased her clit. I laid down on the bed, and started licking Shruti’s cunt.

She tasted wonderful. My mind was racing as I imagined the scene in front of me — my sister eating her best friend’s pussy, while I ate hers. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth like a little cock, making her squirm so much Ishita almost fell off her face. Shruti grabbed Ishu’s ass and held her steady as I continued to tongue her cunt. After her last orgasm, it didn’t take long for Shruti to cum again, and I was quickly lapping up her sweet juices. By now, my cock was rock hard again.

I backed away and watched as Ishu came all over my sister’s face. She clenched her thighs as she screamed in ecstasy. Shruti licked up every drop of her juices. Ishu unclenched her legs, and swung off her head. She leaned back on the headboard.

Both girls were starting at my cock. I wanted them both. I told Ishita to get on her hands and knees, with her ass pointing off the bed. I knew this would give the camera the best angle. I got behind Ishita and guided my cock into her. I watched as it disappeared inside her cunt inch by inch.

She was as tight as you’d expect from an 18-year old, even after all the attention she’d had today. Her pussy was so lubricated I slid in with one hard thrust.

Ishita moaned loudly as I filled her pussy with my thick cock. Shruti sat there amazed as I fucked Ishu. I slammed my cock in and out of her, barely pulling out before driving deep inside of her. I held on to her firm breasts, squeezing her nipples as I thrust in and out of her cunt.

Ishita thrusted back and forth, matching my deep strokes. I reached down to her clit and starting rubbing her little nub in quick, hard circles. Ishita was clenching my cock inside of her, squeezing me with each thrust. Her breathing quickened as I sensed her orgasm building.

“Ohhhh Goddddd! I’m gonna cummmmmm!”

I pounded my cock in and out, as fast as I could. I rubbed her clit between my thumb and index finger, sending Ishita over the edge. She grabbed my cock deep inside of her, squeezing me with her inner muscles as she came over and over. It felt like a fist squeezing me as I drove my cock in and out of her beautiful pussy. Ishita was moaning loudly as I stretched her with my thick cock.

“Ohhhhhhh Ishu!!” I yelled, my own orgasm building.

“Ohhh … Inside… Cum Inside Me…”

Ishu was practically breathless as I continued my assault with my cock. I couldn’t tell if she said “Don’t cum inside me”, and at that moment, I didn’t care. I was going to fill her tight cunt whether she wanted me to or not.

I held onto her hips as I exploded deep inside of her. “Ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd!” I cried, as I shot load after load of my cum inside her tight pussy.

Ishita collapsed on the bed as I pulled my cock out of her. It was dripping with our juices. I turned to Shruti, who was busy fingering herself again. I took the hand she was using and put it on my cock. I started using her hand to stroke my cock, then released my grip as she got her own rhythm going. I had cum so much inside Ishita, my cock was very slick as my sister spread the sticky juices up and down.

“Taste it,” I commanded. Shruti took my cock in her mouth, savoring the taste of my cum mixed with her friend’s juices. Shruti worked her mouth all over my shaft, cleaning off every drop. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again. When my cock was clean I told Shruti to stop.

“On your knees,” I told her. I reached onto her dresser and grabbed some hand lotion. I squirted some into my palm, and then Ishu’s.

“You know what to do,” I said.

Ishita rubbed the lotion onto Shruti’s tight, puckered asshole as I coated my cock.

Shruti turned towards me. “No, Bhaiya. Please, no. I’ve never done that. Please, it will hurt too much.”

“Remember what happens if you disobey me,” I said.

Shruti turned back around, and stopped objecting.

“Inside too,” I told Ishita.

Ishita eased a finger inside my sister’s asshole, pushing some lotion inside her.

“That’s enough,” I told her.

I got behind Shruti, and pressed my cock to her tight brown hole. I spread her cheeks apart and pushed the head of my cock inside her asshole. Shruti breathed in deeply as I slid in another inch. I paused to let her get used to the feeling.

I pulled out a little, then slid back in, a couple of inches entering her this time. With each thrust I paused, before filling her with more of my cock. When I had half my cock inside of her, I pulled out a little more, added some more lotion to my shaft, and slid in the rest of the way.

Shruti cried out as I filled her ass with my cock. I held her still. “You OK?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she responded. “I am, now.”

Slowly I thrust my cock in and out of her ass. Shruti started moaning with each thrust. Her muscles relaxed enough for me to fuck her ass with ease. We got a good rhythm going together as she thrust back each time I pulled out, keeping me deep inside of her. I reached around to rub her clit, fingering her as I filled her ass with my cock.

It didn’t take much of that to get Shruti to cum again. I moved my hand back to her hips, pulling me in and out of her ass with short, hard thrusts. She was so tight, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I pulled her back one last time, impaling my cock deep in her ass. I pushed my hips back and forth as I kept my cock buried in her butthole.

I could feel my orgasm approaching like a freight train. I grabbed her hips and held myself deep in her ass as I exploded again. I filled her ass with my cum as Shruti orgasmed again. I pulled my sore cock out of my sister’s ass, went to the video camera and switched it off. Both girls laid back on the bed, naked as the day they were born. Both had well-fucked looks on their faces.

“You’re sleeping over tonight Ishu,” I said, perhaps too much like a question.

“I wasn’t planning on it,” she said.

I laughed. “That wasn’t supposed to be a question. Let me rephrase that. You ARE sleeping over tonight, Ishu.”


“I’m calling in sick to work tomorrow. Rest up. You’ll need it.”

“How much longer do you expect us to be at your command,” said Shruti.

“As long as I want,” I told her. I patted the video camera. “Unless you want Mom and Dad to see the new tape as well? I’m sure they’d love to see you fucking your own brother.”

They knew they were stuck. I took the camera and tape with me. “Until tomorrow, then,” I said, leaving the room. This was going better than I had imagined. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow…

Ishita was sleeping over tonight, and I planned to call in sick to my job tomorrow. But for now, I needed sleep. I’d cum at least four times today (including once by my own hand) and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up at 9:30 and stumbled out of bed. I was only wearing my boxer shorts as I hunted around to make sure Ishita and Shruti were still here. I went downstairs and looked around, but all was quiet. I headed back upstairs and quietly opened Shruti’s door. Both girls were still there, sleeping. They were both wearing t-shirts and their underwear.

Shruti was 5’11’, 54 Kg, with black hair and brown eyes. When she wasn’t tanning herself she was working out, accounting for her washboard stomach and toned arms and legs. Her breasts were the typically full, firm mounds you’d expect of an athletic 18-year old, and from the couple of times her bras ended up in my laundry basket, I knew she was a 35C. Ishita was even more beautiful than my sister — a little shorter at 5-foot, 8 inches, with black and brown hair, full, pouty lips, and breasts that seemed to defy gravity. Both girls had shaved their beautiful pussies completely bare.

Satisfied that they were still home, I went to the bathroom and washed up. My cock was hard again as I remembered the events of the last 16 hours. If it wasn’t for the two videotapes in my room, I’d have thought I’d imagined the whole thing.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I literally ran into Shruti. “Oh, sorry,” she said. “Is it alright if I take a shower first?”

“Why don’t you get Ishu, and we’ll all take one together,” I said. “Showering’s always more fun with a friend or two.”

Shruti knew it wasn’t a suggestion.

We went into her room together, to wake up Ishita.

“Get undressed,” I told her.

Wordlessly, Shruti got undressed. By now, she didn’t bother with any signs of modesty as she got naked in front of her brother. Shruti sat on the bed next to Ishu and gently shook her.

“Not like that,” I said sternly.

Shruti looked at me.

I pushed Ishita’s underwear to the side and started rubbing her bare slit. “Use your mouth,” I directed her, as I teased Ishu’s clit.

Shruti laid on the bed and started licking Ishita’s bare pussy. It wasn’t long before I saw Ishita open her eyes and lift up her head. It must have been quite a sight to wake up to — her best friend eating her pussy, while her best friend’s brother fingered her clit. She laid back on the pillow and put her hands behind Shruti’s head, grinding her pussy against her face. Both girls moaned loudly as Shruti ate her friend out, and I leaned down to suck on Ishu’s firm breasts. I pushed up her shirt as I hungrily attacked her nipples with my mouth, and the sensation of two people pleasuring her bringing Ishita quickly to the brink of orgasm.

My cock was pressing against my shorts, straining for release. I worked my mouth back and forth between her tits as Shruti licked and sucked her beautiful pussy. I felt Ishita squirming next to me and her quick breaths told me she was going to cum very soon. Shruti knew it too, and she started sucking on Ishu’s clit. That’s all it took to send Ishita over the edge, as she exploded all over my sister’s face. Shruti licked up all her juices then moved up her body and kissed her passionately.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Mmmmmmm, good morning,” Ishu replied.

“Sleep well,” I asked.

“Woke up even better,” Ishu said.

“That’s just my way of telling you it’s time to take a shower. Get undressed.”

Ishita quickly shed her clothes as I yanked off my boxer shorts. We headed into the bathroom as I turned on the water. Ishita didn’t even bother asking for privacy as she relieved herself. Shruti got into the shower first, then me, and lastly, Ishita. We took turns soaping each other up, as I took extra care cleaning their breasts and pussies. Ishita caressed my cock slowly, gliding her soapy hands up and down my hard shaft.

My cock was bulging.

“Bend over,” I told Shruti, barely able to speak.

Shruti bent forward, her head even level with Ishita’s breasts, as I stood behind her. I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her slick slit.

I thrusted forward, easing my cock inside my sister. Last night I’d only fucked her ass. This was the first time I’d been inside her pussy, and it felt incredible. She was so slick from the soap I slid inside her easily. I grabbed her tits with my hands as I thrust in and out of her tight cunt. Ishita took Shruti’s head and pressed it to her chest. Shruti held on to the wall as she licked and sucked Ishu’s breasts as I fucked her slowly from behind.

I pulled half way out, then drove my cock hard and deep inside of her. Shruti moaned into Ishu’s chest with each thrust, as Ishita stood there, eyes closed, as she enjoyed my sister’s attentions to her breasts.

I had an idea, and stopped thrusting inside Shruti. I told Ishita to get on the floor, underneath me and Shruti. Ishita kneeled underneath us, and looked up. She was directly under Shruti’s cunt, and had a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out. I pulled Ishita’s mouth to Shruti’s pussy, and she got the idea.

Ishita started licking Shruti’s pussy as I fucked her. Each time I pulled out, my shaft would glide against Ishu’s tongue. After a few thrusts, Ishita grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside my sister. With my cock buried inside Shruti, Ishita concentrated on Shruti’s clit and my balls, alternating her mouth between them. It was the most incredible thing I’d ever felt. Shruti used her internal muscles to work my cock inside of her as Ishita licked and sucked us both together. Ishu’s expert oral skills soon had Shruti cumming harder than I’d ever seen someone cum before. As her orgasm subsided, Ishita concentrated on my balls. She licked and sucked them into her mouth, and I quickly followed Shruti’s orgasm with my own.

The first two shots went deep inside Shruti. I slowly pulled out and shot the rest of my load all over the outside of Shruti’s pussy and into Ishita’s mouth. As my orgasm ended, Ishita cleaned my cum out of and off of Shruti’s cunt, until she’d gotten every last drop. Shruti helped Ishu to stand up, and they shared a long, passion-filled kiss.

We were quickly running out of hot water, so we rinsed off and got out of the shower, dried off and went downstairs, all of us naked. It was after 10:00 and we were staving.

The girls whipped up breakfast while I made coffee.

As we finished eating, Ishita spoke. “So, . Are you going to keep us naked all day, or do you have other plans for us?”

“Well I have some errands to do today, but I expect you here when I get back. You’re also going to be the slutty servants at a party tonight. Rohan’s house, 8:00.”

“What do we have to do as ‘slutty servants’,” Shruti asked.

“What it sounds like. Get the guys drinks, fill the snacks, stuff like that. And anything else the guys want from you, of course. Ishita,” I said, turning towards her. “Are your parents home this weekend?”

“No, they’re at the Uncle’s. Won’t be back until late Sunday night.”

“Good. Shruti, you tell Mom & Dad you’re staying at Ishu’s for the weekend. I’ll tell them I’m crashing at Rohan’s. You’re both going to be at my service all weekend.”

I looked at my watch. It was nearly 11:00. “I’m going to do get dressed and do my errands. I’ll see you later.”

I went to the bank, the convenience store for refreshments for later, and then to the costume shop. I got two ‘French maid’ outfits for the girls to wear tonight..

By the time I got home, it was after 3:00. The girls were in the living room. Ishita had fallen asleep on the couch. Shruti was sitting in the easy chair, watching the video from last night. She was up to the part where I was fucking Ishita from behind, and I could see that she was fingering her pussy as she watched.

“Enjoying the replay,” I asked.

Shruti jumped in surprise, hitting the “pause” button on the remote. “I didn’t hear you come in,” she said.

“Well I can see why. You were a little engrossed in the TV.”

Shruti sat back down on the couch. On the screen you could see my cock splitting Ishita’s cunt, her full breasts hanging down below her like ripe melons. Off to the side you could see Shruti’s hands massaging her pussy, just like she was now.

“So what were you thinking, watching me fuck your friend like that?”

“I was thinking how much I wanted you to be fucking me. I mean, I know you’re my brother, but at that point I didn’t care. I was so hot, I just wanted your cock inside of me.”

I asked Shruti to get her vibrator if she had one.
She brought it and i said, “Show me what you wanted.”

Shruti brought the vibrator and turned it on. She rubbed it back and forth against her wet slit, getting it all slick before slipping it inside of her. She moaned softly.

“Tell me what you wanted me to do to you.”

“I wanted you to fuck me. I wanted to feel your hard cock slipping in and out of my wet pussy. To feel your hands on my tits, rubbing them and squeezing them.”

She was fucking herself faster and deeper with the vibrator.

“How did you want it? On your back, from behind or you on top.”

“I want to be on top, so you could see your cock sliding in and out.”

“Mmmm. I love being on bottom so I can play with your firm breasts. Keep going.”

Shruti was fucking herself very quickly by now.

“I wanted to slide up and down your cock. To watch the look on your face as I squeezed your cock deep inside of me as my orgasm got closer and closer. You’d reach up to my breasts and knead them between your fingers, playing with my nipples. I’d lean down and offer them to you as you sucked them hard into your mouth as I bounced up and down, drawing you deep inside my cunt. Ohhh Goddd Bhaiya, I’m so close.”

“Cum for me, Shruti. I want to watch you cum for me.”

That was all it took. Shruti slid the dildo deep inside her and came hard. Her whole body shuddered as her orgasm ripped through her. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever watched. Off to the side, we heard some moaning. Ishita had woken up and was fingering her cunt, watching Shruti fuck herself with the dildo. Shruti was making so much noise herself, we hadn’t heard Ishita wake up.

I kneeled next to her, as she laid back on the couch, her eyes closed, as she drove her fingers in and out of her cunt. I whispered in her ear. “Oh yes, Ishu. Cum for me. Imagine those are my fingers inside of you, teasing you, rubbing your clit.”

Ishita’s breathing got faster.

“Ohhhh you’re so wet, Ishita. I can feel how wet you are, how easily my fingers slide in and out of your beautiful pussy.” I wasn’t even touching her, but my words were enough for her to imagine it was me fingering her, and not herself masturbating.

I took the vibrator Shruti had just fucked herself with. It was slick with her juices.

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait to fuck you. I want to take my fingers out and slip my thick cock inside of you.”

I put the vibrator in her hands, and Ishita quickly drove it inside herself.

“Ohhhh yes, Ishita. That feels so good. You’re so tight, I can feel my thick cock rubbing against the walls of your pussy. Mmmmm….I barely pull out before thrusting quickly back inside of you. I fuck you faster and faster…”

Ishita acted out my words with the vibrator. Shruti had moved next to me, watching her friend fuck herself with ‘my cock’.

Ishita was fucking herself faster and faster. Her breathing was coming quicker, and I could tell her orgasm was quickly building.

“Oh yes, cum for me, Ishu. I’m so close.”

My cock was pulsing with excitement. I took Shruti’s hand and placed it on my cock. She started rubbing me back and forth.

“Oh yessss….I’m so close, Ishu. Cum for me. I want you feel you cumming with my cock buried deep inside of you.”

Ishita exploded in ecstasy. “Ohhhhhh GODDDDDDDDDD . Ohhhh GODDDDDDDD.”

“I’m cumming too, Ishu….I’m cumming too….”

I stood up as Shruti pumped my cock. I breathed in sharply and came, shooting my load all over Ishu’s stomach. The feeling of my cum hitting her body sent Ishita into another wild orgasm.

When we both settled down, Ishita opened her eyes and saw my cum all over her stomach. “That was incredible, . I’ve never cum so hard before.”

Shruti bent forward and started licking my cum off of Ishita’s body.

“Save some for me, too,” Ishu said.

Shruti scooped some of my cum on her finger, and held it out to Ishita. Ishu licked her finger clean.

It was after 4:00.

“Why don’t you two go clean up and get ready for tonight. I bought you your outfits. You’ll need to change after we leave, since Mom & Dad can’t see what you’re wearing. Oh and one more thing — no underwear tonight. Now go take a shower and get cleaned up.”

I straightened up downstairs while they took a shower. I couldn’t leave any evidence out for my parents to find when they got home.
The girls came downstairs and joined me to watch TV. My parents came home around 6, and after dinner, we told our parents of our weekend plans. My sister would be staying at Ishu’s, while I’d be at Rohan’s. The excuse served two important purposes. First, it got us out of the house, and second, my parents didn’t question the bags we carried out of the house. Of course instead of real clothes, they had the ‘French maid’ outfits for the girls. They wouldn’t need much clothes besides that this weekend.

At a quarter after seven, we left. I told my parents I’d drop the girls off at Ishu’s house on the way to Rohan’s

Out the door without any suspicions, we headed to Ishita’s house. I handed the girls their outfits and reminded them of the ‘no underwear’ rule. They took off their clothes and put on their outfits. Needless to say, they looked incredible. Their breasts were barely contained in their tops, and their asses were barely covered by their short skirts.

I reminded them that nothing was out of bounds tonight, and if one of the guys wanted them, they had to submit.

A few minutes after eight, we left for Rohan’s. The guys were usually on-time, and I wanted to make a grand entrance.

We got to Rohan’s a quarter after eight. I led the girls inside. Everyone stopped talking when they saw me and the girls.

“WTF, ,” yelled Rohan. “What’s going on?”

“Forgetting the reasons why, Shruti and Ishita are going to be at our service tonight. Anything you need — and I mean anything — they will provide it for you.”

The guys looked stunned. Besides me, there were five other guys there: Rohan, Gautam, Rishab, Shubham and Utsav. Nobody spoke.

“Stay here.”

I went to the table and picked up a bottle of soft-drink. I took the bottle and walked over to Ishita and Shruti. I stood in between them, the three of us facing away from the table. I spilled the drink all over the floor.
“Get a cloth and bending at the waist, clean that up.”

The girls did as they were told, giving the guys a clear view of their bare asses.

They understood now.

The girls cleaned up the floor and looked at me. I took them back to the table and sat down. I told Ishita to get me a beer from the fridge, and said to the rest of the guys, “C’mon, let’s play Xbox.”

Ishita brought me my beer and I pulled her down to my lap. I slid my hands under her blouse and massaged her firm breasts. I kissed her hard, driving my tongue in and out of her mouth as I brought her nipples to full attention. Breaking our kiss, I gave her a swat on her ass, and asked if anyone else wanted something. The guys shouted out drink orders to Shruti and Ishu as fast as they could. The girls dutifully brought the drinks and let the guys paw their bodies as a “tip”.

The game moved on,we were playing racing games.(We played and the girls performed their bar job well, keeping our drinks full and our cocks hard.

At one point, when Ishita and Shruti were both in the kitchen getting drinks, I decided to push things along a bit. I followed them in the kitchen, and ordered them to remove their tops. They looked at me and started to protest but I cut them off.

“You don’t want Mom & Dad seeing that tape, do you.” I reminded them.

They took off their tops.

I sat back down at the table and waited for the girls to make their grand re-entrance. I was sitting next to Utsav, across from the entryway between the kitchen and the dining room. The other guys were sitting looking at T.V playing Xbox, so when I saw the girls coming, I elbowed Utsav in the ribs. He said “What the f—” but when I pointed at the girls, he stopped and dropped his Xbox controller.

“WTF,” he yelled.

Everyone stopped and turned around to see what was happening. There were a lot of mumbled exclamations as the girls entered the living room carrying the drinks, their firm breasts bouncing proudly in front of them. As Shruti put her drink down, she walked past me and I pulled her into my lap, facing away from me. I pushed her hair to the side and started kissing her neck as I slid my hands up to her breasts. In full view of my friends, I rubbed and teased my sister’s bare breasts as she rubbed her ass back and forth on my cock. I patted her thighs and she got up. Soon every guy had pulled each of the girls onto his lap once, feeling and groping their bare breasts. After around 20 minutes or so (and I had to remind the guys to ‘share’ or they’d keep the girls on their lap all night) we got things back around to playing Xbox, though the other guys were so flustered, it was hard for them to concentrate on the game.

By 10:30 We were still playing Xbox.. Again, it was time to ‘kick it up a notch’, and I had the girls remove their skirts. This time there was no protesting and when I went back to the table, the game had stopped and all eyes were turned towards the kitchen. When the girls came back in completely naked, a huge cheer went up from the table that probably woke the neighbors.

I pushed my chair back, and pulled Ishita onto my lap, with her back pressed against my chest. I spread her legs apart, exposing her bare cunt to the room and started fingering her pussy. I worked two fingers in and out of her tight slit, my free hand pulling on her hard nipples. After a few minutes of exclusive attention to her clit, I had Ishita cumming hard on my lap. I told her to go get a drink for herself, as Rohan grabbed my sister and started playing with her pussy. Hoots and hollers went up from the table as Rohan got Shruti to cum even faster than Ishita, and as she stood up, Utsav grabbed her and started working his fingers in and out of her wet cunt too.

Ishita came back into the room and was immediately grabbed by Rishab. As he worked his fingers in and out of her tight slit, I let Shruti take a break and get herself a drink. When she came back, the last three guys took turns with her and Ishita, until they each had 3 powerful orgasms. By now, everyone was straining in their pants, myself included.

“OK, OK, guys. Let them have a break for a while. Let’s play Xbox.”

A groan of disappointment echoed through the room as the girls went into the other room to recover. By now it was after 11:00, and the game was slowing down. By 11:30,We were having last our last races As Rohan stood up to stretch, I told him to go check on the girls and Gautam went to toilet.After the race,we had enough of video games, and decided to see what was taking Rohan so long in coming back with the girls.When Rohan didn’t come back to the table by the end of the next round, we ALL decided to go see what was taking so long. What we found was surprising for the other guys — but not to me. Gautam was laying on his back, with Ishita sitting on his face. Shruti was busy sucking on his cock, while Rohan was fucking her from behind.

Shubham yelled “WTF!” and everybody stopped what they were doing on the bed. Ishita turned around, Shruti pulled her head off of Gautam’s dick, and Rohan, his cock still buried deep in my sister’s pussy, stopped thrusting to see what was going on. Gautam couldn’t see or hear us with Ishita’s legs around his head, and he kept working his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy. Ishu quickly turned back around and concentrated on the tongue lashing Gautam was giving her. She was moaning loudly, bucking her hips back and forth against his face as he brought her closer to cumming. Rohan resumed pounding into Shruti’s pussy, his own orgasm so close he didn’t care if 4 other people were watching. Shruti also resumed her sucking, bringing Gautam closer to his own orgasm.

I quickly took of my clothes, a sign to the rest of the guys to do the Ishue. If Shruti and Ishita were looking to get fucked, I was going to make sure they got fucked until they couldn’t walk straight.

The whole room was filled with the sounds of licking, sucking and fucking and it wasn’t long before all four participants were cumming. Ishita braced herself against the wall as she came hard all over Gautam’s face, while he shot his own load down Shruti’s throat. Rohan was fingering Shruti’s clit as he fucked her hard and fast, bringing her to a screaming climax right after she finished swallowing Gautam’s cum. Rohan was getting close, and grabbed Shruti’s hips, pulling his cock deep inside of her. With a loud moan, Rohan came too, shooting deep inside Shruti’s cunt. As he pulled out, I gave Rishab a push forward. Rishab grabbed Shruti’s ass for support as his cock brushed against her slick pussy.

“Ohhhh Godddddddddd,” Shruti cried, as Rishab’s cock teased her. She reached around and fondled his shaft, before directing him inside of her. Rishab slid inside her well-fucked pussy easily,and started fucking her hard and fast. All the guys were highly worked-up from the whole evening, and there was no romance here — just pure, raw lust.

I told Ishita to get on her hands and knees like Shruti. I got behind her and started fingering her clit. Ishu started moaning again, and I took my cock and guided it to her waiting hole. She was so wet from being eaten by Gautam, I filled her completely with one hard thrust, my balls slapping against her. Shubham and Utsav were watching the action, while they slowly stroked their cocks. I told them to lie down on the bed. Shubham laid in front of Ishita, Utsav got under Shruti. Each girl dutifully started sucking their cocks while getting fucked from behind. Rohan and Gautam were off to the side, their flaccid cocks slowly starting to come back to life.

I held onto Ishita’s hips as I drove my cock deep inside of her. I would barely pull out with each thrust, before slamming back inside her tight cunt. I could hear her moaning while she sucked on Shubham’s cock. Ishita was squeezing me inside of her pussy as I drove in and out, her hips thrusting back at me with each stroke. Next to me, Rishab was grunting loudly as he assaulted my sister’s cunt with his hard shaft. As he cried out in ecstasy, I watched as he grabbed Shruti’s hips and held himself inside of her as he emptied his balls deep inside her pussy. Rishab pulled out of her, leaving her pussy gaping open, yearning to be filled. Shruti kept sucking on Utsav’s cock, her ass and pussy waving at me invitingly. I reached over to her and pulled her closer to me. Never removing her mouth from around Utsav’s cock, she slid her body closer to me. I started fingering her smooth pussy as I kept fucking Ishita as hard and deep as I could. Both girls were getting close to cumming, and I could barely hold off on my own orgasm.

Shruti came first, opening her mouth just as Utsav came too. His cock sprayed cum all over her lips and cheeks as she collapsed on the bed. I grabbed Ishita’s hips and drove my cock as deep and as hard inside of her as I could. My cock started twitching as I exploded deep inside her tight pussy, filling her with my seed. Shubham was next as he came in Ishita’s mouth. I watched him thrusting his hips up at her, forcing his cock deeper inside her mouth as he shot his load down her throat. I fingered her cunt as she got filled at both ends, bringing Ishita to her own, well deserved orgasm.

We all fell back on the bed, thoroughly satisfied. Shruti and Ishita laid on their backs, and as I pulled away from Ishita, I saw Rohan and Gautam were sporting fresh hard-ons. Gautam was approaching Shruti, while Rohan was eyeing Ishita. Both girls were exhausted, but the guys wanted more.

“My pussy is so sore,” protested Shruti.

“Mine too,” added Ishita.

I looked at them as the guys started to back away dejectedly.

“You can’t leave them like that,” I told them. “But it also wouldn’t be fair to them to give them another blowjob. I think they deserve some good hard fucking, don’t you?”

Everyone looked at me.

I turned to our host. “Rohan, do you have any lotion, or Vaseline, around?”

“I have some Vaseline,” he said, heading towards the bathroom.

Rohan came back with the tub of Vaseline.

“You know what to do,” I said to the girls. They got back on their hands and knees. I took the jelly and scooped some on my fingers, before rubbing it into the ass of each girl. Then I gave the tub to Rohan, who added some to his cock, and he passed it on to Gautam who did the Ishue. Gautam got behind Shruti and rubbed his cock against her puckering hole, while Rohan pressed his staff against Ishita’s rear opening. I hear the girls take deep breaths as they prepared for their asses to be fucked, and all they guys watched as they worked their cocks in and out. It didn’t take long for them to get the full lengths deep inside the girls’ tight assholes, and the room once again filled with the sounds of hard fucking.

The rest of the guys were commenting on the wild scene in front of them, making crude comments like “Fuck her ass!” and “Oh yeah, pound the shit out of her!” as Rohan and Gautam filled Shruti and Ishita’s back doors with their cocks. I couldn’t help touching my cock as I watched them, and I looked around and saw everyone else doing Ishu.

Both guys were ravaging their girl, roughly squeezing their breasts and pulling on their nipples and they stretched their asses with their cocks. Gautam and Rohan had a good rhythm going, and it seemed that when Rohan pulled out of Ishita, Gautam was thrusting into Shruti, and when Gautam was pulling out, Rohan was driving his spear deep in Ishu’s ass. I could tell by everyone’s moaning and breathing that they were all about to cum soon. Ishita was first, her whole body shaking violently as she came again and again. I loved watching her tits shaking underneath her as she came. Gautam was next, crying out in a noise that sounded half like pain, half like pleasure as he shot his load deep up my sister’s rectum. His orgasm must have sent Shruti over the edge, as she came right after him, slamming her ass back at him as she rode his cock through her orgasm. Rohan was still going strong, his cock slamming in and out of Ishita’s ass long after her orgasm subsided.

As Gautam slowly withdrew his cock from my sister, Shubham was right behind him, and drove his cock deep up Shruti’s gaping ass. She screamed out as his cock filled her with one long, hard thrust. He started fucking her furiously, pounding her ass over and over. Rohan couldn’t take any more, and grabbed Ishita’s hips, impaling his cock deep inside her ass as he exploded deep inside of her. Shruti came again as Rohan filled her ass with his cum, shooting such a big load inside of her that some of it leaked out, dripping down to her pussy. As Rohan pulled out, Utsav came up behind Ishita, and started rubbing her ass cheeks gently. He bent down and kissed her on her back. Ishita looked back at him and smiled appreciatively, then nodded slightly.

Utsav took his cock and eased it into her ass, gliding in without any additional lube, except for the huge load of cum Rohan had just deposited up there. My cock was ready to boil over. I figured there was no turning back now. After tonight’s display the guys had to know I was fucking my sister, so I walked around to Shruti and kneeled in front of her. She wrapped her arms around my waist, holding onto my ass as she sucked my cock into her mouth. It was quite a sight, watching Shubham fucking her ass as she sucked Ishita’s juices off my cock. I looked over to Ishita and saw that Rishab had taken a cue from me, and was getting his cock cleaned by Ishu.

I held on to Shruti’s head as she swirled her tongue around my cock. I heard someone say “WTF, ! That’s your sister!” and a bunch of laughing, but I didn’t care. Shruti was an expert cocksucker, and by now I realized, a real cumslut too. Shruti was bringing me very close to cumming as she bobbed her head back and forth on my shaft. Shubham came quickly, slamming his dick so far up Shruti’s ass as he came that she nearly choked on my cock. As Shubham withdrew from Shruti’s ass, she was able to concentrate more on my blowjob. She was moaning as she licked and sucked me to the brink of cumming.

“Wait,” I said, and Shruti stopped. She looked up at me.

I sat down on the bed and pointed to my lap. Shruti straddled my hips and guided my cock to her slit. As she eased the head of my cock past her waiting lips, I pulled her hips down, driving my shaft deep inside of her. I held her down like that, savoring the feeling of her tight cunt surrounding my cock, before I started thrusting up at her. Shruti started thrusting back at me, and I could see the amazed looks on my friend’s faces as they watched my sister riding my cock. I reached up to her beautiful tits and kneaded them between my hands, pulling and teasing her nipples.

“Ohhhh yesss Bhaiya…..Oh yesssss fuck me….fuck me….” she cried out, as our orgams approached.

Grunting, I thrusted up at her again and again as she drove herself down on my cock. I saw Rishab pulling away from Ishita’s mouth, a stream of cum dripping from her lips. Shubham had already filled her ass to overflowing with his cum. Ishita collapsed back on the bed, exhausted, as I slammed my cock deep inside Shruti’s pussy. Ishita rolled onto her side and watched my cock disappear in and out of her best friend’s slit. Without warning she got on her knees next to us, and with one hand started rubbing Shruti’s clit, and with the other, massaged my balls. We both stopped thrusting as Ishita used her expert hands against us, and it wasn’t long until she had us both cumming together. Shruti cried out as her orgasm hit, her pussy clenching my thick cock inside of her as she came over and over. It was all too much for me, and I thrust up at her as hard as I could, shooting my jism deep inside her belly.

Shruti collapsed on top of me, my cock still inside of her. She looked over at Ishita and kissed her, our three bodies pressed together. They broke their kiss and Ishita tuned to me and kissed me hard on the mouth, our tongues intertwining. I could taste the cum on her mouth and broke our kiss. The other guys we starting to get dressed. It was well past midnight as the mini-orgy ended, and everyone was pretty sore.

We were the last to leave, and as we headed out the door, Rohan pulled me aside. “That was fucking incredible, man. Someday you have to tell me how you got them to do that.”
I smiled and said “Someday.”

We headed back to Ishita’s house. The girls were clearly exhausted. By the time we got back to Ishu’s they could barely walk up the stairs. We all crashed on her parent’s king sized bed. Before we drifted off to sleep, I told the girls they were excellent in their duties tonight. I also told them to make sure they got their rest, becuase they were going to need all their energy for the rest of the weekend…

I had been surfing for a while on the Internet looking for a gift for my sister Shruti. I was running out of time to set the whole thing up since her birthday was closing in. I knew exactly what I was looking for but it wasn’t something easy to find. In addition to that, I wasn’t able to concentrate given the fact that my sister’s friend, Ishita, was below the desk giving me one of her delightful blowjobs. She knew how to drive a man crazy using her mouth and she always liked to take her time, patiently and skillfully. She could take a whole dick in her mouth and keep it there for long moments as she massages to base of the shaft with her tongue. I could feel her warmth all along my cock and just as I though I found what I was looking for on the net, I couldn’t hold any longer and blasted my sperm down her throat.

Ishita’s obsession for me and my sister became evident in the previous weeks, so we three moved in together in a new house. She squealed mutedly as my dick filled her mouth and my balls contracted over and over. I must have squirted five or six big loads of fluid before I was finally done. She pulled back slowly and after a long intake of air, she looked up at me with a playful expression and asked,

“Did you find it yet?”

“I think so… look at this,” I answered.

She moved from below the desk, sitting on my leg, and looked at the screen.

Then I started reading: “We are recruiting today! Are you a hot woman? Are you up for a gangbang? Call us now and get paid thousands of dollars in one day…”

“Wait,” Ishita interrupted me, “does this mean that we don’t have to pay for it?”

“No silly” I said “this mean that they are going to pay us”.

“Wow! This is the best birthday present I’d ever given to someone,” Ishita said laughing.

“You are so cheap!” I responded.

“Well… since we have already found Shruti’s gift, can we move over to the bed now?” Ishita said with a grin on her face.

I kissed her roughly and squeezed one of her breasts. She moaned, sticking her tongue in my mouth.

I stood up lifting her with me, walked over to the bed and threw her flat on her back. Ishita was wearing a short skirt that rolled up to her belly. I reached out, reaped her panties off and dove between her legs.

“Ohh god!! Yess !! Eat me!!” she screamed.

Her pussy was already dripping wet and I easily slipped two fingers in her love tunnel while I nibbled on her sensitive clit with my lips and teeth. Ishita was squirming over the bed, waving her hips up and down while she pressed my head hard against her crotch with both hands. It took only a few minutes before my Ishita’s whole body started to spasm uncontrollably as she reached a strong climax. My head was trapped between her shaking legs while her orgasm faded slowly until she was just lying still on the bed with a look of satisfaction on her face.

By then, I was hard as a rock again and I had no intentions of stopping the sex session. I turned her over, face down, and climbed on top of her. I aimed my dick to her anus and pushed slowly. Ishita gasped as she felt the head of my dick past her tight sphincter. I pushed a little further and she lifted her head from the bed with a loud sigh. I pulled back and then pushed in again, inching deeper every time until my balls were resting on her rounded asscheeks. I started to pump her, finding less resistance with every stroke as her anus adjusted to the girth of my cock. Her panting increased and soon after, she was thrusting back at my shaft. I moved my arms underneath her chest and rested my upper body on top of hers. This way I was able to stroke her ass faster, smashing down with my full weight.

“Ohh… ye…sss!! Fuck… meee!!” Ishita yelled.

I impaled her anus wildly; crushing her body against the bed and making her clit rub on the rugged bed covers, which made her scream even harder with ecstasy. Suddenly, almost without a warning, I empty my balls inside of her bowels. Hot cum spurted in her ravished cavity, filling it rapidly. This must have taken Ishita over the edge too because, just as I finished, she clenched my dick with her rectal muscles and exploded in her second orgasm of the night. She was gulping for air, shaking with me on top of her. I love to make my sister’s best friend cum; some girls have almost imperceptible orgasms but not Ishita, she trembles so hard that is especially evident when she reaches her peak. Then, it was all over, at least for the night.

* * *

Since the last party, when my friends banged my sister and her friend, Shruti had been insisting to organize another party. I was reluctant to do so because it was too soon and we had to be careful about anyone finding out about us. I wouldn’t be good that my relatives or neighbors discover that I was setting up gangbangs with my own sister. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do the ‘party’ away from home, where no one knew us and where we could be free to do whatever we wanted. Thinking a little further; if I was going to set up a gangbang with strangers, why not use the help of experts. The adult film industry.

* * *

I got off the bed and walked to the desk to write down the phone number of the advertisement displayed on the computer screen. Looking over my shoulder, I watched my Ishita lying naked, resting on the bed. She looked so beautiful. I was so damned lucky.

I went back to join her and catch some sleep.

Chapter two

Since the day I recorded the first blackmail video of Shruti until today, my little sister had discovered a whole new world of pleasure. When I am not home, my sister and Ishita spend a lot of time together sharing everything, from a simple bubble bath to an extensive use of sexual toys that they had bought in the past few weeks. Sometimes, when I arrive home, Ishita is so spent from their lesbian sessions that she doesn’t want to know anything about sex for the rest of the night. But Shruti… she is another story. Shruti is always ready for more and she has so much energy that never ceases to amuse me.

My sister and I have had the occasional sex with other people but nothing out of the ordinary. I had been screwing a voluptuous secretary at work and my sister change boyfriends every week in college, but our best sex is with each other. I think that is the reason we get along so well; much better than other families. Every time a fight is in order, we jumped on top of each other and fucked our brains out, and by the time we are finish, we can’t even remember what we were fighting about.

Lately Shruti had been inviting one of her best friends to the house. Her name is Amisha and I had the suspicion that she knew something about my sister and I because every time I looked at her, she always looked down and when I tried to talk to her, she got really nervous and was not even able to keep eye contact with me. I had to talk to Shruti about this.

“What’s up with Amisha?” I asked Shruti.

“Why?” she said.

“Well. I perceive that she gets really nervous when she is in the house. Have you told her something about us?” I asked her.

“Of course not, silly. Do you think I want to scare her away?” she answered.

“Then why her attitude?” I insisted.

“Do you wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. She doesn’t get nervous around the house… she gets nervous around you. She has a huge crush on you, you big fool!” she responded mockingly.

“She does?” I said surprised.

“Yes” she replayed, “and that makes me really jealous of you because I have a big crush on her!”

“Wow! I really had no idea. And I also didn’t know you like her that way” I said.

“Well. Initially I didn’t. But she is very curious about sex and she is so innocent and inexperienced that I feel the need to teach her everything. She reminds me of myself two months ago,” she said with a childlike smile.

“Ok. Keep up the good work then. Let me know if you need some help” I said, pleased by my slut sister.

* * *

That night, I called the number I had written down from our Internet search.

“Hello?” the voice of a man answered.

“Hi. I am calling about the advertisement related to the gangbang,” I said.

“We are just recruiting girls,” the man said harshly.

“I know. That’s why I’m calling” I responded.

“So. What’s the deal here?” the man asked.

“I have two pretty girls that are willing to do a gangbang together,” I said.

“Are the girls over eigh?” he asked.

“Of course,” I answered.

“Ok. Bring them next Saturday. I’ll give you the address…”

I wrote down the address and went up to Ishita’s room to let her know that everything was set up. We had to figure out a plan to trick Shruti and take her to the designated place without letting her know what was it all about. This gift was going to be the best of her life.

Ishita was in charge of making up a story about one rich friend making a private party in a downtown warehouse the following Saturday. She was going to tell Shruti about a popular DJ being there and that the place was going to be filled with cute handsome boys.

When Shruti knew about the ‘private party’ she got really excited and agreed to go immediately. But then, she got a little suspicious,

“Wait, but my birthday is next Sunday… isn’t this a surprise party for me?” Shruti asked with a big smile on her face.

“Yeah right. We rented a whole warehouse for your party… keep dreaming girl,” Ishita answered.

Shruti bought the lie and left the room convinced that the party was not for her. Then she came back a few seconds later and asked,

“Hey Ishu! Can I bring Amisha to the party?”

Ishita knew that this represented a huge problem but she couldn’t say no since it could ruin the whole charade,

“Of course honey. Bring her along,” she was forced to response

Ishita ran to my room to tell me the good news and the bad news.

The next day I arrived home early and when I was walking up the stairs, I heard noises coming from inside my room. I reached the door and looked inside. There was Shruti sitting in front of my computer, sharing the only chair with Amisha. They were looking at a picture of a young woman being fucked by two guys, one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. Shruti was trying to explain Amisha how it feels to have a hot pulsating dick inside her cunny.

“The first time it hurts a little bit but all you care about is to have that big cock going deeper inside you. You feel that your pussy burst in flames every time a dick fills it completely”

Amisha was listening attentively as she bit her lower lip and stared at the picture in front of her. I couldn’t see Shruti’s left hand but I was pretty sure she was trying to reach Amisha’s crotch. I walked in and said “Hi!” Amisha screamed and jumped out of the chair like a rocket. Her face turned white then red then white again. I though she was going to pass out. Shruti just said “Hi bro!”

“Are you looking at my naughty pictures?” I asked smiling.

“Oh, god….” Amisha replied, dying from embarrassment unable to find the right words.

“Relax pretty girl… there is nothing wrong about looking at them… neither is wrong doing that,” I said pointing at the picture. “Don’t be ashamed.”

The ‘pretty girl’ part of what I said seemed to cause a big impression on Amisha, because her face expression turned from panic to something else that I can’t describe, there was light in her eyes.

“Come on. Lets get some water” Shruti said grabbing Amisha’s hand. As they walked out of the room, Shruti looked back and winked at me.

When I was alone in the room, I stripped completely and put on sweatpants and a T-shirt, no underwear. I walked down to the kitchen without been seen and listened to the girls talking in a low voice.

“If he tells my parents I’m dead,” Amisha said worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I have the coolest brother in the world… but maybe it would be safer if you convince him not to say anything,” Shruti said.

“Convince him? How?” Amisha asked.

“You know how,” my sister said in a sexy voice.

“But I…” Amisha began to respond as I walked into the kitchen.

The girls went quiet, looking at each other with wide-open eyes. I pretended I didn’t know what was going on. Then Shruti said, “I’ll be right back.”

As she passed beside her friend, she said something to Amisha’s ear. She looked at me and blushed. I looked into her eyes and moved closer until we were standing very close to each other. Without saying a word, I put one arm around her waist and kissed her. Her eyes opened wide and tried to push me away, without much effort by the way. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and seconds later her hands were not pushing anymore but resting on my chest. I caressed the back of her neck with my other hand and she wrapped her arms around my back.

I lifted her from the floor, still kissing, and carried her to the living room. As I let her down on the sofa, I pulled her top off and swiftly removed her bra. She was startled for a moment but I quickly kissed her again and made her lay back over the cushions. Then I moved down and nibbled her breasts. This immediately brought her back on track. The young bitch was breathing fast and her pink nipples were sticking out showing her growing excitement. I moved further down her body, kissing her tender belly while I unbuttoned her jeans. Then I kept going down as I pulled her jeans and panties all the way off her legs. Amisha squealed and almost jumped to the ceiling when she felt my warm tongue sliding along her slit for the first time. I licked and nibbled her clit while she panted and moaned loudly. She didn’t know what to do with her hands. First she clenched the cushions; then she grabbed my head and then back to the cushions. When I felt she was about to climax, I stopped sucking her pussy and moved my body on top of her. She complained almost out of breath for interrupting my work,

“No please…don’t stop!”

I aimed my dick to the entrance of her slobbered vagina and without further foreplay, I shoved my cock all the way to the bottom. Amisha screamed, opening her eyes wide, half with pain and half with pleasure. I began pumping her slowly. She felt so tight I thought I was fucking her ass. Pretty soon the pain was already forgotten and she was moaning again and pleading for more. She was scratching my back with her nails but I was too horny to care about it. Just in a matter of minutes, she was once more on the verge of an orgasm. This time she had her arms around my back, pulling me firmly close to her. She wanted to make sure I didn’t stop this time, to take her over the edge.

Just then, Shruti walked in the living room completely naked and knelt on the carpet next to Amisha. The innocent girl was shocked to see her friend like that but her excitement was too irresistible and she just kept trusting her pussy in rhythm against my cock. Her impending climax was closing in fast. I lifted my torso a little bit to let Shruti caress Amisha’s tits. The looked up right into Shruti’s eyes as my sister pinched her nipples. Shruti leaned forward and kissed her friend on the lips and Amisha kissed her back, too overwhelmed to think what she was doing. The innocent girl was becoming a wild thing right before my eyes. Amisha broke the kiss as her eyes rolled back. Her body started bucking with the throes of the strongest orgasm of her life. She was gasping in short breaths and her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Meanwhile, Shruti rubbed Amisha’s clitoris, extending the pleasure even further. Her pussy clamped down on my impaling cock over and over. Each time with less force than the previous one.

When her climax finally subsided, she took some time to come back to her senses and then looked at Shruti with an expression of astonishment.

“I never thought sex could be this good,” was all she managed to say.

But I was not done with Amisha yet. I lifted the slim girl from the sofa as I sat on it, bringing her on top of me. There was little blood on the cushion from her broken hymen but this no time to worry about it. I turned Amisha around so she was facing away from me. Shruti held my dick up, helping me to aim at the right spot and then I lowered the Amisha down on my shaft, penetrating her warm cavity to the bottom one more time. I started to move my hips up and down and Amisha started to bounce on my lap. She held her firm breasts, squeezing her erect nipples. Shruti knelt between our legs and buried her face on Amisha’s pussy. My sister used all the experience she had with Ishita to handle her best friend’s clit. When Amisha felt this, she squealed with delight and grabbed my sister’s head with both hands. From time to time, Shruti moved down to my balls and took them in her mouth. Oh God. My baby sister really knows what sex is all about.

After a few minutes of fast hammering, grasping and licking, I started to feel the familiar tingling in my balls and just then I said, “Get ready baby!”

I moved Amisha aside and stood up in front of my sister’s face. Shruti opened her mouth wide and looked up to me. Her angelical face was always a big turn on for me. Amisha was lying on the sofa with my sister’s face just inches away from hers. I wanted Amisha to look at my load flying inside Shruti’s mouth, so I just placed my dick one inch away from the welcoming opening and shot the first gush inside. Then a second; and a third. Amisha was hypnotized looking at the creamy fluid accumulating inside Shruti’s oral cavity. The naïve girl’s mouth was opened as much as her eyes. Shruti was looking back at her as she waited for me and my balls to finish the job. When I was done, my sister turned her head to face Amisha, showing her the white fluid that churned inside. Then, she moved closer and leaned forward revealing her intentions to kiss her. Amisha pulled back a little, not sure of what to do.

“Just kiss her back,” I said.

Shruti grabbed Amisha’s head with both hands and kissed her overpoweringly. Cum started to spill to the girls’ kissing lips to Amisha’s chest and to the floor. Shruti didn’t let go until her pretty friend opened her mouth and a duel of tongues was visible while both girls played with my sperm and swallowed what was left of it.

Soon after, the two girls were sitting on the sofa, cum still splattered all over their faces. I was sitting in front of them, just admiring her gorgeous young bodies.

“I can’t believe what I just did. If my parents find out they would kill me, no doubt about it,” Amisha said worriedly.

“If you don’t tell, we won’t tell,” Shruti said.

“I will definitely not tell anybody; I swear,” Amisha said back.

At that moment, Ishita walked into the house and the first thing she saw was the three of us naked on the living room. Amisha quickly covered her breast with one of the sofa’s cushions, staring back at Ishita.

“Relax… she is cool with this,” I said.

“Ok, we have to go,” Shruti said and grabbed Amisha by her hand. Then, they walked up the stairs butt naked. How I wished I had my camera right then.

“So, the problem with Amisha and the surprise party is solved?” Ishita asked me when we were alone.

“Not yet, but almost” I answered, “by tomorrow night it will be”.

Chapter three

After the great sex Amisha experienced, I was sure that she was going to come back the next day. And I was right.

“Hi !” she said with an angelical voice as I opened the front door. She was blushing but this time she was not ashamed to make eye contact with me.

“Is Shruti home?” she asked.

“Hi cutie. I don’t know. Come in please” I said. I knew Shruti was not home but this wasn’t going to be a problem.

As she passed beside me, I spanked her asscheeks. She shrieked and looked back with a playful smile. I took as a good sign that she was wearing a short skirt. She sat on the living room, on the same couch i fucked her brains out the day before. I noticed that her nipples were fully erect, sticking out underneath her top. I sat in a footstool in front of her. I said nothing for a moment and I could tell she was as nervous as she was excited.

Then I asked “Do you know what a gangbang is?”

She looked surprised for a moment but then she answered

“Well…yes. Shruti told me something about it, yesterday. She described how she was involved in one, but I’m not sure if she was making fun of me or maybe she was just exaggerating…but, why do you ask me?”

I explained to Amisha what was the plan for Shruti’s ‘party’ and that it was going to be a surprise. She listened intently with her eyes wide open and then she said,

“Oh my God… and she will agree to do that?”

“Trust me,” I said, “she will be delighted. The thing is that she will ask you to come with us and I wish you’d say yes or the surprise could be ruined. You can either just watch or be a part of it, but you have to come because I know Shruti is going to invite you”.

“I don’t know” Amisha said, “Is there going to be a lot of people there?”

“Come with me. I’ll show you an example,” I said, grabbing her and bringing her upstairs to my room.

I sat Amisha on the chair in front of my computer and opened one of my porn videos. I selected a movie featuring a ager that looked a lot like her. Same small complexion, same hair color and haircut and the same big beautiful eyes. There were three guys fucking the girl in all her holes and another guy sucking her nipples. Amisha was watching with her mouth slightly opened. I leaned behind her and put my hand over her crotch. She jolted and tried to pull me away as a reflex but a second later she was pushing my hand against her pussy and making me rub along her moistening slit. I reached beneath her skirt and pulled her panties to one side, slipping one finger inside of her. She arched her back and moaned hard, throwing her head back at me. I finger-fuck her for a moment while a pulled my erect cock out of my pants. Then, a pushed her out of the chair a made her kneel in front on me.

“Suck me, beautiful,” I told her.

She stared at my dick for a moment and then leaned forward, engulfing me slowly. Compared to my sister, she was very inexperienced regarding oral sex but she was a fast learner. I pulled her top and bra off, letting her beautiful tits swing freely as she eagerly sucked my cock while slurping sounds filled the room.

“You have to put it all the way inside your mouth,” I said.

Amisha pulled my rod out and looked up with disbelief. “I can’t. Its too big,” she said.

“Sure you can. Just try it!”

Amisha dove forward again and started to swallow my cock deep into her mouth until a felt it touching the back of her throat. She gagged for a second but recomposed and kept plunging until my entire dick was buried in her face. She immediately pulled back with a look of victory and a smile of satisfaction.

“Now do it again but keep it more time inside you,” I said.

She plunged forward and swallowed it completely one more time, this time keeping it almost thirty seconds inside of her. This beauty was not so different from my sister after all.

I grabbed her arms and threw her over the bed, pulling her panties off. I noticed that she was so excited that she was dripping like a waterfall. I moved forward and jammed my cock inside of her cunt as hard as I could. She screamed with pleasure and wrapped her legs around my waist, determined not to let me go until she was completely spent.

I fucked her hard for a while and when I sensed that she was near her climax, I pulled out.

“No, please… fuck me!” she begged.

I turned her around onto her stomach and aim my cock to her anus. When she felt the tip of my lubricated cock pressing against her ass, she tightened her sphincter. I insisted harder until she yielded and the head of my dick slipped past her sphincter. Amisha was clenching the bed covers but not a sound came from her mouth. I kept pushing slowly but steady until my whole rod was inside her ass. I leaned on top of her and started pumping her leisurely. She gasped lightly every time I let my weight smash her asshole and I felt her lifting her ass back at me, harder every time. In a matter of minutes, I was fucking her ass like crazy and she was screaming again in bliss. I felt my balls tickling and suddenly I exploded inside of her. She was bucking wildly below me with cut breathing and I knew she was having her first anal orgasm. I emptied my balls inside of her and then I lifted from the bed asking,

“Did you like it honey?”

“I love you…” she just responded, lying there exhausted.

“Well love, gangbang is like this but better,” I said to her as I left her alone in my room.

Part 3.Sister and her friends are gangbang sluts..(chapter 4)

Chapter four

It was finally Saturday. As the sky was getting dark, we were driving into the parking lot of the warehouse. There were a lot of cars parked there and Ishita commented animatedly “This is going to be great!” and Shruti added completely unaware of the real situation “It sure will!” Amisha just smiled at me.

When we entered the room, we found ourselves in a huge open space, with a large cushioned plastic mat spread on the floor in the middle of the room; one medium sized bed over the mat beside another slim hospital-type bed. But the big surprise was not the room scarce furniture. There were about fifty partially naked guys walking around the room, talking and drinking beer. I though maybe they were too many but I was going to let my sister decide about that. There was some filming equipment just beside the main entrance and some fully clothed guys were walking toward us. Shruti looked very confused and asked, “What is going on?”

“Surprise!!” we all yelled at the same time.

“This is your birthday present and all this is for you,” I explained to her, “you are going to make a movie with all these guys.”

Shruti remained shocked for a moment looking around but after she comprehended the situation, she opened her mouth wide and asked, “Am I going to fuck all these guys in front of a camera?”

“If you want to,” I responded.

Shruti looked at Ishita, who was also astonished by the amount a guys involve in the gangbang. Ishita looked back at Shruti and displaying a big smile, they both agreed to go for it. Amisha was speechless holding my arm very tightly.

One of the fully clothed guys approached us and said to me, “WTF! These girls are gorgeous” then, looking at the three girls he said, “I though you said on the phone there were two girls”.

“I know” I responded “but we had a last minute addition.”

“We can only pay for two girls,” he said with a defiant tone.

“That’s ok. Let’s do it,” I responded.

“Cool! This movie is going to be a hit for sure,” he said, really pleased by the beauty of ‘my girls’.

The guy’s name was Karan and he explained to us what was going to be the filming process, which in fact was quite simple. It was going to be a fuck marathon movie, which means that there were going to be at least two camera-guys filming at all times, since the moment the sex starts until every guy was completely spent, with no cuts in the action. If one of the girls wants to take a break, the others will have to remain fucking. As Karan was explaining the arrangement, I could see my sister breathing deeper. Only Amisha looked scared and was not really convinced about joining in.

Some guys set up some reflectors near the cushioned mat and one of them yelled, “When ever you are ready…” All the guys got completely naked and approached the center of the room. By the size of their dicks and their muscles, I could tell that all of them were professionals in the adult industry.

“Ok honey, the place is yours,” I said to Shruti.

She grabbed Ishita’s hand and they walked toward the guys. The moment they reached the mat, some guys began to rub their breasts and asscheeks. Shruti bit her lower lip as one guy pulled down her skirt and panties at the same time and stuck his tongue on her cunt. Ishita was pushed down to her knees and a giant cock filled her mouth immediately. It was so wide that her small lips could barely fit around it but she took this as a challenge and managed to swallow most of it. She couldn’t reach his balls with her tongue because it was physically impossible. Then, Ishita moved on to another waiting cock and did the same; only this time she put the whole thing down her throat, licking the guy’s balls for his delight.

Shruti’s top was pulled off, leaving her completely naked. One of the guys lifted her and made her sit over the narrow bed. Then, he jammed his cock in her pussy as she screamed with joy. He was pushing so hard that he almost broke the fragile bed. Another guy grabbed Shruti from behind and made her lay on her back, pushing his cock down her throat muffling her moans. He started banging her face, entering her mouth as deep as she would allow, but she allowed so much that soon enough he was buried all the way in, smashing his balls at her nose. Her body looked so tiny surrounded by all that big guys waiting their turn. But I was not worried anymore. I knew she was cut out for this and more. Ishita was still kneeling on the mat, being fuck from behind while she kept deepthroating whatever was put in front of her.

I walked closer to the action with Amisha still holding my arm. She was visible excited now, watching her closest friend being fuck so roughly and her nipples were sticking out through her silk blouse. I moved her in front of me and kissed her, slipping my tongue inside her mouth. She kissed me back passionately as I unbuttoned her blouse and caressed her tits. She heaved a sigh in my mouth and began to undo my belt and my pants. When she pulled my cock out, I pushed her down to her knees and she started to suck me with eagerness. One of the guys joined us and unbuttoned her skirt, threw it away and began to fondle her cunt through her panties. Amisha spread her legs in consent and started to deepthroat me the way she had learned early on the week.

The guy that was receiving Shruti’s delightful blowjob couldn’t hold for long having such an angel sucking him. He discharged his load down Shruti’s throat making her gag for a second so she pulled him out, spilling some of the sperm down her chin and to the bed. She swept it with one finger and put it back in her mouth. Everyone got the message; the pretty girl likes cum. My sister pushed away the guy on top of her and stood up. Then, she looked around and pointed to a big dude standing close by and said to him,

“I want you in my ass, honey.”

Then, she made the guy lay on the mat and she straddled him facing at his feet, getting ready for her favorite position. She lowered herself until her anus was just above the lubricated giant cock. She let the tip of the dick enter her with an intake of breath and stopped for a second. Then, inch by inch the rod began to disappear inside her rectum. Her mouth was opening wide and her eyes glowed with a combination of joy and pain. When the whole thing was inside of her stretched body, Shruti pointed to another well-endowed dark brown guy and indicated him to jump on top of her. She rested her back on top of the first guy and let the second guy penetrate her pussy, not without a loud squeal of pleasure. Her delicate petite body was a sandwich between to massive dark brown dudes. The guy on top was smashing down on her so hard that he took the air out of her lungs every time. Her first orgasm was building fast in her loins.

Ishita saw her best freind’s bliss and decided that she wanted the same treatment so she too selected to big guys from the crowd and stick one huge dick in her ass and another in her pussy, lying just beside her best friend. The vision of both angelical agers gasping from her rough impaling was incredibly hot. Even the camera-guys had big hard-ons underneath their pants.

Amisha had stopped sucking my dick and was mesmerized watching Shruti and Ishita being banged. The guy behind Amisha had his finger inside her pussy and she was breathing deeply. I thought it was time to introduce her to the world of group sex, so I lift her up and carried her to the large bed. I jumped on the bed and told her to sit on my cock, which she did immediately trying to extinguish the fire in her pussy. She was so lubricated that I easily slipped all the way to the bottom with the first stroke.

I started to move up and down and she moved back following the rhythm. She was moaning loudly with her eyes closed. She didn’t see me when a called one of the guys standing around us and told him to jump behind and fuck her in the ass. When she felt the warm rod pushing against her anus, she froze. Then she tried to move away but I held her in place. The guy kept going until the head of his rod broke through her anus making her gasp. As the dick went further in, her eyes went wider. The feeling of two cocks impaling her at the same time was providing her with new heights of pleasure in her short sex life.

The guy moved back and forth inside her ass and eventually she started to moan again. Soon she was moving again on my dick. She bent forward to rest her breasts on my chest and whispered to me “I …love …this” and shortly after that, I felt her vaginal walls contract around my dick as she bucked uncontrollably. Her climax took control of her mind for almost a minute. She went cross-eyed and I thread of droll escaped her mouth. When she was done, she just collapsed over me. I heard her exhaling lightly as she rocked on top of me while the guy behind her kept stroking her ass hard. We both blasted our loads inside the young Amisha almost at the same time but her mind was still so far away that I don’t think she even noticed.

I let Amisha rest over the mat and I turned to check on my Ishu. Ishita’s legs were shaking rapidly and I immediately realized that she was in the middle of an orgasm. Her eyes were white, her back was arched and she was breathing in short gasps. When her climax has fading down, one guy got closer to her face and sprayed her with cum. This brought Ishita quickly back from heaven and she opened her mouth to catch as much fluid as she could.

Alongside my sister, Shruti was not even close to her climax. She had her legs and arms wrapped around the guy on top of her and she was pleading for more. The dark brown guy below her was squeezing her tits as his rod pulsated in her rectum. The guy above her was making an effort not to fall down and tear her slim body apart every time he smashed her pussy. I knelt beside her and pulled her head to me. She bent a little and engulfed my hardening dick as she looked up at me with lust in her eyes.

I heard Ishita ordering the guy banging her pussy to cum in her mouth. He pulled out and she sat up with one cock still embedded deep in her ass. The guy exploded directly in her open mouth. He most had been saving it because he sprayed six or seven copious streams of white goo, filling Ishita’s oral cavity. When he finally finished, she closed her mouth and turned toward Shruti. I understood her intentions and pulled my cock out of my little sister and told her to open her mouth. Ishita bent to her side, placing her mouth just above Shruti’s and let the cum spill inside Shruti’s mouth.

“Oh God!” One cameraman said, “I’m gonna cum in my pants with this girls.”

When all the fluid had passed from one girl to the other, Ishita kissed Shruti lovingly and moved back on top of the big dude, who was impaling her ass harder now, and by his expression I could tell he was about to cum. He stroke Ishita’s ass one last time, lifting himself and her from the mat and emptied his balls inside of her rectum. She was motionless and ecstatic, feeling the hot goo flooding her.

Then, a loud squeal brought my attention back to Shruti. Her body was contorting with spasms, her legs where stiff outwards and her glazed eyes were fixed on eternity. Her orgasm overwhelmed her mind while the tip of her tongue was sticking out and sperm was still dripping from her mouth. Then, the bliss passed and she closed her eyes, catching her breath. She opened her eyes again and looked up at me saying

“Thank you for this bro… I’ll love you forever.”

She just had finished the sentence when the dark brown guy, buried in her ass below her said,

“Move… I want to cum in your mouth”.

This set everybody in motion. The guy fucking Shruti’s pussy stood up as she moved up too and knelt on the mat. Then the first guy stood in front of her and she put the head of his dick inside her mouth just as he began to spurt his load. She kept her lips sealed around the shaft until she drained him completely and then, pulled back slowly careful not to spill any of the precious fluid. Next, she put her lips on the tip of the other guy’s cock and opened them just enough to let him shot inside her mouth too. She looked at the camera the whole time she did this. I could imagine my sister and myself playing the movie at home, over and over.

When the second guy was drained too, it was pretty obvious that Shruti’s mouth was almost overflowed with sperm. Immediately after, Shruti crawled toward Amisha, who was now straddling one muscular white guy. Amisha’s head bobbed between her shoulders as she enjoyed the guy’s cock. Shruti reached her friend and pulled her backwards until she was flat on her back between the guy’s spread legs. Amisha looked up at her friend as Shruti inserted one finger in her mouth, forcing the to open it, and as she did this, a fountain of cum was poured inside Amisha’s mouth. Amisha was caught by surprise but before she could spill it out, Shruti sealed her mouth with a kiss and both sluts shared the cum back and forth until all of it was either swallow or spread on the girls’ faces.

I could explain with detail what happened in the following hours but you can easily imagine it. An endless supply of cocks penetrated my sister,Ishu and Amisha several times in every hole available. Shruti persuaded Amisha to try her much loved position, being sandwiched between two of the largest guys and the reached such a tremendous orgasm that she almost fell unconscious. It was truly amazing that Amisha was a virgin less than a week ago and now, at some point of the night, she had serviced five dicks at the same time.

At the grand finale, Shruti was placed on the narrow hospital bed and one guy penetrated her pussy. As she rocked back and forth, Ishita and Amisha knelt beside the bed and gave blowjobs to every guy that came close to them. When one guy was about to cum, he pulled out from the Ishita or Amisha’s lips and sprayed his white goo on Shruti’s mouth, face and body. By the time the whole crowd was finished, Shruti’s body was glistening with a layer of cum from head to toe. She most had swallowed a gallon of sperm. Ishita and Amisha licked Shruti’s face and tits but did little to clean her up. They just spread the sticky goo around and made it a little bit more exciting to the audience.

I lost track of time and when the show was over and I checked my watch, I was surprised to see that five hours had passed from the time we entered the room. No wonder why the three beautiful s were now lying in a pool of cum over the mat, completely exhausted and, I’m sure, very, very satisfied.

A few weeks passed and my sister,her best friend and I had become very active lovers. Some days we had a quick fuck before breakfast and others we had long sex sessions during the night. The weekends were the best. We stayed home all day walking around naked and enjoying each other as much as possible. Ishita was a fan of swallowing my cum.

During this time, Shruti had become more and more curious about the gangbang . She clearly was craving sex with more than one man due to past incidents. I wasn’t sure how to help her satisfy that desire, until one day Shruti approached me..

“I want to get fucked in another gangbang. I need to!”

“Are you serious about it?” I asked.

“Very serious” she responded. Then she looked at me with her puppy-eyes and added, “pleeeease…”

“Ok, ok… I’ll see what I can do,” I told her.

She just bit her lower lip, took the picture from my hand and walked away strutting her ass.

I had some friends that could help me fulfill Shruti’s fantasy but I didn’t want them to know that I was fucking my sister, so I had to think about it carefully.

By the next day I had the perfect plan. My work friends didn’t know I had sister so I was going to tell them that next Saturday was my birthday and I was going to throw a party with two strippers. They would be hired to service anyone that showed up. I explained my idea to my sister and Ishita was not really convinced about doing it, but Shruti was so excited by the whole thing that Ishita just had to say yes. The next day, I told my friends about the “party” and they were more than willing to go for it.

Saturday morning I bought some cases of beer and a few snacks. My sister and Ishu went out shopping for clothes and by early afternoon we were all set up.

The doorbell rang for the first time of the night and my sister and Ishu ran for the back door to change clothes in the garage and hide for a while. I opened the door and there were my friends Tarun and Aman, with two other guys that I had never seen before. Aman was pretty much like me in size. Tarun and his friends were dark brown and well built. He was over six feet tall and his friends were almost as big. Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang again end it was Sanjay, Rohit and another unknown guy.

Ten minutes later there was someone else at the door. It was Shruti and Ishita pretending they had just arrived.

“Hey! The strippers are here!” I shouted.

My sister and Ishu walked in like true pros. They stepped forward very confident and smiling at everyone. The seven guys in the living room could not believe their eyes. There were two extremely gorgeous angels dressed to kill and ready to please the crowd. Sanjay walked close to me and said,

“Were the hell did you find these girls? They look like supermodels!”

Then Tarun joined us and said, “You most have spent a fortune dude!”

“Just enjoy the party guys! I hired them for the whole night,” I said to them.

The doorbell rang again and there were the rest of the guys from work. Ayush, Rohan, Ishaan, Utkarsh and three other unknowns. It seems that everybody brought unexpected friends. I began to worry a little for my slim sister but there was no turning back now. When Ishita and Shruti looked at the new gang walking in, they looked at each other with wide-open eyes and Shruti laughed nervously.

We all drank a few beers, including my sister. And we all chatted for a while like at a usual party, pretending not to stare at the gorgeous teen bodies walking around the living room. My sister were making up stories about how they got involved in the life of “sin”, and the guys believed every word they said. Then I walked to the center of the room and announced loudly,

“Ok everybody! The show must begin! Let the dancers do their thing!”

“Yeahh!! Let the show begin!!!” Everyone cheered and screamed, anxious to see the girls naked.

My sister and Ishu had their show well planned. They put a CD in the stereo and moved to the center of the room. Then, they started to dance with each other to semi-slow but rhythmic music. They were rubbing their bodies and licking their lips very sensually. Then Ishita got closer to Shruti and pulled up her top, leaving my sister wearing a very small lace bra. Then Shruti did the same to Ishita. They danced a little more, proceeding to the removal of their skirts.

Every time a piece of clothing flew off, there was cheering and screaming from the guys. My sister kept the show going until they were completely naked, dancing and rubbing each other’s bodies. I had seen my sister naked many times before but this was hotter than hell. All of the guys were practically drooling over the sexy show.

I decided that was enough dancing and I pulled a footstool to the center of the living room and sat on it.

“Ok girls. Let’s sex this up”.

Shruti took the initiative and drooped to her knees, hurrying to undo my pants and taking out my already hard dick. I was a little embarrassed with all my work guys looking at me but once Shruti sank her mouth on my cock, all the shame vanished. She sucked my dick for a minute until Ishita knelt beside Shruti and “stole” my shaft from my sister. They kept sucking me for a while and some of the guys pulled out their cocks and got closer.

Then I said, “Ok guys, I don’t think it’s fair for the girls that we are all dressed up and they are naked so, everybody, get naked now!”

In a matter of seconds all fourteen guys were totally nude. My sister stopped their work on me and looked around the room, marveled of all those cocks surrounding them.

“Oh, God…” It was all Ishita could say.

Shruti couldn’t take her eyes off the parade of swinging cocks displayed in front of her with different sizes and colors, some of them already fully erect and some well on the way

The guys pulled another footstool to the center of the living room to make an improvised small bed. I laid over it and told Shruti to sit on top of me. She obediently climbed up and slowly sat down letting my dick penetrate her warm pussy. She was already dripping wet and I slid easily to the bottom of her cavity. Tarun moved closer to her face and she grabbed his large cock, putting it in her mouth. Her delicate lips could barely fit around that huge piece of meat but she moved her hands around his butt and pulled him closer, deeper inside her, until he was banging the back of her throat.

Ishita knelt over the couch straddling one of Tarun’s friends while Aman was standing in front of her with his dick buried in her mouth. Ayush and Rohan were standing to each side of Ishita fondling her ass and breasts. I had to take some pictures of that. I pushed Shruti up and told her to lie back on the footstools. I told Tarun that it was his turn to mount her. He didn’t think twice and moved on top of her, inserting his long shaft in my sister’s cunt. Shruti screamed, feeling her tight pussy stretched to the max. When he began to pump her, she wrapped her legs and arms around him and began to pant and moan madly.

A walk toward the stairs and Ishaan asked, “Where are you going dude?”

“I’m gonna get my camera” I responded,

“Cool!! I will want copies of that!”

When I came back, Tarun was still banging Shruti. She had her head hanging from the edge of the stool with one guy’s dick in her mouth. When I started shooting pictures, she just looked at me with pure joy and I could barely detect I smile in her overstretched lips.

Ishita was now on the carpeted floor mounting Rohan, facing to his feet and Ayush was leaning over licking her breasts and sucking her swollen nipples like there was no tomorrow. I took pictures from all angles and some close-ups. Then another guy approached and buried his cock in Ishita’s mouth so deep that it made her gag but she recomposed quickly and encouraged him to face-fuck her. Ishita was caressing his balls with one hand, as her head moved back and forth, making squishy sounds. Drool fell from her lower lip to the carpet.

They were a lot of guys just standing aside waiting for their turn and I had an idea. I made Ishita lean forward, still seated on Rohan’s cock. Then I said, “Ok. The rest of you guys doing nothing make a line in front of this little angel.”

The guys cheered, pleased. I indicated to the guy fucking Ishita’s mouth to move over and the next guy stood in front of her with his cock hard as a rock just a few inches from her face. Then, as Ishita opened her mouth, he shoved his shaft deep inside her. This brought another cheer, which seemed to encourage her because she began sucking his dick with eagerness. After fifteen seconds or so, I shouted “Next!” and another guy took his place. This went on until my beautiful young sister tasted all of them. In the meantime, I was taking pictures non-stop. One of the guys was too horny to hold back, and spurted his load in Ishita’s mouth. She opened her eyes wide while threads of white goo escaped her lips and dribbled down to land on her tits.

Now I turned my attention to young Shruti. One guy had already spurted his load on her mouth and face and some cum was still gliding down her face to her hair. Aman took his place in her mouth and she began sucking him with true passion. Tarun yelled, “Fuck!” and he emptied his balls inside my sister’s pussy. This was enough for Shruti to reach her own orgasm too. She arched her back and screamed with Aman’s cock still in her mouth, shuddering with spasms from head to toe. Now, it was time to make Shruti’s real fantasy come true.

Tarun moved away and I helped Shruti to stand up. Then I told one of the dudes to lie on the stool. This guy’s cock was going for the record. It was at least nine inches long and thick as my wrist.

“Stand over the stool and sit slowly on his cock” I ordered Shruti.

She stared at his cock for a moment and agreed. She stepped over the stool straddling the guy, facing his feet, and slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips parted over his large dick.

“No. Put him in your ass!” I said.

She looked at me astonished. I could see her chest heaving and I almost could hear her heart beating from the excitement and fear. Then, without saying a word, Shruti moved her body and positioned the man’s cock directly below her anus. The fat head of his cock began to press on the tiny opening of her rectum. When the head of the monster cock finally slipped in, Shruti gasped loudly; She kept her eyes glued to mine as she managed to go half way down his shaft. It seemed like the giant rod was going to split her in half. Then, she began to move her hips around and up and down. She let out a cry of pleasure mixed with pain as more and more of it sank into her, forcing its whole length into her tight passage. Finally, I could only see his balls.

“How the hell does that pole fit inside you!” I said truly surprised.

I only got a loud moan in response and Shruti fell back over my friend’s chest. She looked really tiny with her petite cream body revolving over that large dude.

She started fondling her clit as the cock pumped her ass and after a minute she was completely out of control. I shot some close-ups of her asshole stretched wide and then I told another dude to jump on top of her and penetrate her pussy. He was not as big as his friend but certainly was one of the biggest in the room. He stood between Shruti’s legs and aimed at her velvety cunt lips. As he entered her, Shruti lifted her head and opened her eyes wide. The cock slid forward until it reached her cervix. I couldn’t imagine how my sister’s body managed to accommodate both fat rods inside of her. The guy leaned over and now Shruti was a sandwich between two massive bodies. Then, I told Sanjay to fuck her face and as she heard this, she opened her welcoming mouth.

When he had his shaft inside her, I told Rohit and his friend to move closer so she could hold their dicks in her hands. When they did, I took pictures of the scene from every possible angle. The guys started to increase the rhythm and now were fucking her rough and fast. My young sister servicing five cocks at the same time!

I thought I had taken this too far when practically only her arms and legs were visible and her head moved from side to side in frenzy, slipping Sanjay’s cock out of her mouth. Shruti released her hold on the cocks and wrapped her arms around the guy’s back, scratching it with her fingernails. She was practically screaming in ecstasy.

Then Shruti shouted, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!! I’m cuming!! Ohhhh…. myyy… Goooooodd!!”

Her orgasm came like a train wreck. She climaxed harder than ever, twisting out of control between the two big studs, her legs reached straight out as her toes curled up and her eyes rolled back into her head. She kept bucking around but this didn’t seem to bother the guys who just continued to fuck her pussy and asshole relentlessly. Definitely this day was going to remain in her memory forever. Finally Shruti’s arms and legs went limp and fell to each side of the stools. Her eyes were lost in eternity. The guy below her had his big cock inside her ass all the way to his balls and the guy on top was smashing his full weight against my little sister’s pussy, also burying his shaft to the hilt every time. By now, Shruti was just a rag doll lying there to receive whatever they had to give.

Turning back to Ishita, I realized she didn’t want to be left behind. She had organized her own fantasy as well. She was sitting on top of Utkarsh, with his dick deep inside her pussy and the rest of the guys were taking turns fucking her ass and filling her mouth. She was out of her mind, bucking up and down on Utkarsh’s shaft and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands. I went back to my photographer job, taking close shots of her face; eyes half open and some drool and cum sliding down her chin. Her anus widely opened as one cock replaced the other. Ishita couldn’t take this ravishing for long and soon enough, her eyes turned white, her belly stiffened for a second and she started shaking as her strongest orgasm traveled through her body and reached her brain. She jerked with spasms for at least fifteen seconds and then, she collapsed on top of Utkarsh, exhausted and overwhelmed by the extreme bliss.

I heard some grunting behind me and turned around in time to see the dudes finally shooting their cum inside Shruti’s body, who was still barely conscious. The boys finished and placed the feeble teen flat on her back over the footstools with her head hanging over the edge. Rohit put his cock back in her mouth and this kind of woke her up. She pulled him closer and deeper. He pushed inside until he reached her throat and then pushed beyond. The long cock kept going into her mouth until only his balls were visible. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Take it easy. You’ll choke her!” I said worried.

When he pulled his cock out, Shruti took a deep breath and said,

“I want more!”

He immediately impaled her mouth again. Her eyes showed pure lust. I was truly amazed of how my beautiful little sister had turned into such a sexual woman. I guessed this was my fault in some way.

Rohit kept his entire cock in her mouth and started fucking her face hard, slamming his balls against her nose with every stroke. Then, after a few minutes of rough deepthroat, he pushed his cock to the hilt one last time and shot a blast of cum right inside Shruti’s throat. Her eyes turned white again and, by the contortions of her body, I could tell that Shruti was having another orgasm.

Rohit finally withdrew his cock from my sister’s mouth and she just laid there, sperm escaping between her lips. Then, I saw Ishita step forward and lick the cum off Shruti’s face, swallowing it. She kissed my sister and slipped her tongue inside, and while doing this, she moved on top of Shruti, pussy over pussy, tits over tits. Ishita broke the kiss and pushed Shruti’s head back to the edge of the stool.

Then Rohit’s friend stepped forward and jammed his cock into Shruti’s mouth, pushing deep until my sister had his dick buried completely down her throat. He pumped hard a few times until Shruti pushed him away to let herself breathe.

Ishita, who was just inches above her sister’s face, took the opportunity and pulled the cock into her mouth. She sucked hard on it while Shruti was getting ready for resuming the deepthroat blowjob, but the guy couldn’t hold any longer and he just had time to pull out of Ishita’s mouth and sprayed his load on Shruti’s face, smearing her nose, lips, cheeks and hair, the last spurts flooding her open mouth.

Then another guy moved forward and did the Same thing, Fucking Ishita’s mouth and blasting his cum on Shruti’s face and mouth. This process repeated two more times, until my young sister’s face was really coated with cum. Her silky skin was a mess, glistening with the white cream dribbling down to the floor. When the third guy finished draining his balls, Ishita started to lick Shruti’s face clean and swallowed every drop of cum she could.

A few minutes later, Shruti looked at me and winking an eye, she said,

“I haven’t tasted your cum bhaiya”.

I got up in a second and put my cock in Ishita’s mouth. I pumped her face for a moment and then a said to Shruti “Open your mouth babe… here it comes behna!”

I blasted a huge load of cum directly in my sister’s mouth. I kept cuming as if I hadn’t cum in a year and the white goo began to accumulate in her mouth. When I was done, Shruti stuck out her tongue to lick the last drop of cum hanging from my dick.

“Don’t swallow it. Keep it in your mouth!” I ordered my sister. I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of my own semen churning around in my sister’s oral cavity.

Then Ishita said out loud “I want everybody to do the same”

Ishaan quickly approached her and sank his dick in Ishita’s mouth. Meanwhile, one of the dudes moved behind her and penetrated her ass, inch by inch until he was completely buried inside of her. She had not been fucked by a cock this big and she opened her eyes wide and groaned with Ishaan’s cock pumping in her mouth. Shruti could feel her best friend rocking on top of her and watch the hard deepthroating just inches above of her face. She was getting impatient to receive her load of warm goo. After a little while of hard sucking, Ishaan pulled out of Ishita and squirted his cum inside Shruti’s mouth.

Ishita was finally able to scream in pleasure at the pounding she was getting in her ass, but not for long because almost immediately another guy filled her mouth again. Soon he also shot his load in Ishu’s mouth and then another guy came and another.

After ten guys had moved forward, Shruti’s small oral gap was just about to overflow with the sperm poured inside. Some of the guys squirted their load inside Ishita’s mouth and she just leaned over and spilled the cum into Shruti’s. I could not believe my eyes and I was so excited, I could barely take pictures.

Finally, when all the guys had been drained out two or even three times, Shruti’s mouth was overflowing with sperm and it was sliding down her face to the floor. The guy finally shot his load inside Ishita’s ass and she was now taking full attention to her best friend. When she saw the semen began to spill to the floor from the little pool that flooded her sister’s face, she didn’t like this so she dove in and put her lips inside Shruti’s open mouth, suctioning out and swallowing most of the cum that was churning in there. Some of the white fluid fell out of Ishita’s mouth back into Shruti’s and she hurried to swallow it before her best friend “stole” it again. Everything was captured on film and digitalized for the future slideshows.

Soon after that, the party was over and everybody got dressed and left, very satisfied, I can assure you.

Later that night, after a long bath together, the three of us were lying in my bed cuddling tightly. Out of the blue, Shruti said,

“We should do this again tomorrow.”

Ishita opened her eyes wide. I just laughed.


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