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Sisters Swap Husbands

My wife, Di, and I were having her sister and husband visit us for the week. Mary was Di’s older sister but the two of them were fairly close to each other. Mary’s husband Jerry was about as easy going as you could get. The two of them made a good pair as neither one seemed to get riled up about anything. Di and I were really easy going as well and naturally it was not a surprise that the four of us got along as well as we did.
Mary was only three years older then Di and at forty-one was in great shape. The similarity between the sisters was unbelievable. Both were about the same height of five foot four with Mary being the shorter of the two. They each weighted around one hundred and ten pounds and had the same tiny frames with nice thirty-four B breasts. Each has an incredible ass, tight and nicely rounded. They both worked out to keep in shape and it showed. The biggest difference was the eyes and hair. Where Di was a striking red head with hazel eyes, Mary was a raven black hair blue eyed beauty. Both women were head turners by any standards.

Jerry and I both were older than our wives by about nine years. Jerry being fifty and my being forty-eight made for an extremely easy bonding. Jerry was in some what better shape than me standing six foot one and two hundred and ten pounds. I was an even six foot and two hundred and twenty. Both of us were showing gray and comfortable with it. As far as Jerry and I went, I suppose if it wasn’t for a good personality we most likely wouldn’t turn the heads of young girls as we walked by.

When Mary and Jerry showed up on Friday we all hugged and kissed having not seen each other for several months. We all sat around catching up on things and cocktailing until two a.m. or later.

Jerry has always been an early riser so when Di got up at seven to go to work for a few hours she was not surprised to find Jerry up and drinking his coffee. Mary and I on the other hand enjoyed sleeping in.

I rose about nine and pulled my robe on over my unclothed body and headed for the kitchen. I knew that Di would be at work but was surprised not to find Jerry. As I was making another pot of coffee I found the note on the counter.

Hi Hon, Jerry and I went to the take care of the things I had to do this morning. We should be back by ten with his help. When my lazy sister gets up tell her to hurry up and get showered so we can get to the Camp early.

See you soon, Love, Di

I looked at the clock; nine on the nose. Well, if we were lucky Mary would be up by ten. I started to pick up the kitchen while the coffee brewed. I was washing some dishes when Mary sneaked up behind me and poked in the ribs scaring the shit out of me. I must have jumped a mile in the air as I spun around to face her. As I did the sash on my robe lost its grip and by the time I was facing my Sister-in-Law my robe was wide open. My heart was beating so fast I didn’t even notice my robe was open. Mary had stepped back and was laughing hard from catching me by surprise.

“Son of a bitch Mary, You scared the fuck out of me.” I barely managed to get out as I faced her.

“Jesus that was funny. I thought you heard me coming .God the look on your face Ron…hee?hee?hee.” She had her hand on her stomach and chest as she laughed and looked at me.

“Well you damn near gave me a heart attack,” I said with a giggle getting caught up in her laughter. “God Mary, you shit.” I chided her now laughing almost as hard as she was.

“Well at least I got a free show for my efforts. Nice package.” Mary said, as she looked at me her laughter subsiding. I followed her stare to my crotch and realized then that I was fully exposed to my beautiful Sister-in- Law. It was a warm day and my friend had no reason to be shy so he just hung there in all his glory.

I have never been one to be was hung up on nudity so I grabbed the sides of my robe and opened them wider and said, “Why thank you.” I then took a bow before her and closed the robe as I stood up right.

“Oh no, thank you. I enjoyed the view.” She kidded me.

“You?re a funny girl, woman” I said as I reached out and took her in my arms to give her a hug. As couples and friends hugging and kissing wives and husbands was a normal routine for everyone so my giving Mary hug did not surprise her. The reaction on my part however was not normal. As I took her in my arms and pulled her close the feel of her firm breasts pressing against me caused an instant stir in my groin and I felt the all-familiar feel of the blood rushing to my cock.

It took all of two seconds for me to explode to an almost full erection as I held Mary close to my body with my chin resting on the top of her head. I pulled my groin away so I could avoid a more embarrassing situation. I wasn’t sure if Mary had felt it or not but I decided to give her a quick kiss on the top of the head and turn back to the dishes before she couldn’t help but miss it.

As I pulled away to turn Mary put her arms around my neck and pulled me down and gave me a warm kiss pulling away staring deeply into my eyes. Needless to say this didn’t help matters with my throbbing member. After a couple of seconds, I pulled away and turned back to the sink.

“Jerry and Di are over taking care of what Di had to do. There’s a note there from her on the counter there.”

I said as I dived back into the dishes trying to get my cock to settle down. I noticed very little effect however. Di and I had talked before and I told her of a dream I had about Mary several years ago. It involved Mary being in bed with us.

A few years back, Di and I were visiting them. As normal, we had been tipping a few drinks most of the day. Anyway, as I said before we are all really close so it is never a surprise or shock to any of us when the conversation turned to sex, which it usually did. We were talking about lesbianism and our views on it. Di was loud and clear that she thought the whole thing was disgusting. The other three of us picked up on this and really teamed up to pick on her.

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