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Slave Natalie

When a man or a woman agrees to slavery they accept that a slave is not a person but merely an object, and consent, willingly to give up their privilege of being a human being and become, not even an animal but something even lower an object, a thing possessed by their owner for his or her convenience and use. Admittedly they are a thing which can think and feel and talk and see but, a thing nevertheless. They become the property of their owner who will take care of them as they would a piece of valuable furniture or jewellery or a car, for example, but, like those things, they can be used or Pervert Exploitd at any time, loaned or hired out, sold or even given away, as the owner wishes, the slave’s wishes are, of course, immaterial.

Most owners like to mark their slaves with some token of their ownership be it a tattoo, an identity tag, or sometimes even a brand. A tag is often attached by a ring to a piercing through the flesh of the slave, through a nipple for example or often a piercing through the sensitive flesh of the sexual organs. Such marking is, of course, carried out without any form of anaesthetic or pain relief, it is, after all, only a slave that is suffering so the pain is of no importance. Indeed, some owners feel that a slave should be glad to suffer on any and every possible occasion.

In addition to punishing their slaves for any infringement of their stringent rules of behaviour most slave owners like to test their slaves obedience, endurance and willingness to accept discipline, humiliation and pain. For this purpose it is common for owners to meet, with their slaves, in some convenient and suitably equipped venue, to stage ‘exhibitions’ where one or more slaves will be humiliated and tortured, usually at some length and often quite brutally, to provide an evening’s entertainment for the audience. Slaves have no choice but to accept this treatment and, indeed, many look forward to being used in this way so that their owners may bask in the reflected glory of their slave’s uncomplaining obedience and submission.

The writer has no explanation of why certain individuals, both male and female, are eager to embrace slavery, and to submit themselves to a lifestyle where they are the chattels of their Masters and Mistresses with no rights of their own. It is suggested that some deviation in the individual’s psychological make up enables them to experience pleasure by undergoing humiliation and pain. Once they discover this trait in themselves, they naturally strive to increase their pleasure, often by applying gradually more severe punishment to their own bodies and later by giving themselves, literally and unconditionally, to those who will exploit their deviation to satisfy their own perverted lusts. Although many of the practices which slaves traditionally undergo are unimaginably brutal and perverted the slaves themselves seem willing, even eager, to undergo these practices and, having done so, to repeat them again as soon and as often as possible. Beatings are often carried out on areas of the body which are especially sensitive to pain such as the inner thighs, the belly and, in the case of female slaves, the breasts, and often consist of many more strokes than the traditional ‘six of the best’. Twenty, fifty or even a hundred strokes of the cane or whip are not uncommon, usually resulting in a series of livid purple weals on the flesh while drawing blood is not an infrequent result. Mutilations such as piercing and ringing in all its variations are frequently carried out on the nipples and genitals of both sexes as well as the nose and tongue. Some slaves endure piercings of unimaginably cruel involving as they do the clitoris or the penis head and it is common for a slave to be deliberately pierced and ringed so that normal sex is not possible. The writer knows of one married couple, both masochists, who have been pierced in such a way that they are unable to have normal intercourse and, in addition, they a forbidden by their owner from receiving sexual relief by manual or other stimulation � they both scrupulously observe this ban. The result is that they are both constantly desperate for sexual relief which causes them to crave more and greater punishments and to relish them all the more when they receive them.

Many slaves also like to constantly prove themselves and demonstrate their devotion to their owner and to enduring pain for his or her amusement. To this end they solicit ever more intense discipline, more degrading acts, more agonising tortures and more grotesque mutilations.

The account which follows is the story of Natalie, or slave n as she became. Natalie became aware of her masochism when, at ten years old, she entered puberty and her nipples and maiden hair started to grow. She found that, in addition to the pleasurable sensations she obtained by rubbing her clit, physical discomfort and pain increased her arousal. She experimented continuously and rapidly became adept at performing degrading and painful practices on her own body which, nonetheless, gave her intense pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Natalie was a very intelligent girl (and is still a very intelligent slave) and, by the time she was twelve she had learned to find and download large quantities of the type of material she wanted from the internet. While she indulged her secret perversion she began to fantasise more and more about being a real slave and then one day she accidentally learned that z was a practicing masochist. She pursued z relentlessly for some time until she agreed to ask her Master if he would consent to meet and interview Natalie with a view to accepting her as a new slave and matters were arranged. Master Q was impressed by Natalie and her obvious addiction to submission and pain and agreed to allow her to attend for a trial period to prove she was suitable slave material. To cut a long story short Natalie’s assistance with z’s discipline and her own willingness to endure ever increasing pain to impress Master Q did exactly that and he offered her a place as a slave in his household.

Slave z is 24 years old, beautiful and very intelligent but an extreme masochistic pervert addicted to pain. Z signed a contract with Master when she was 18 years old and has been his slave ever since. As specified in the contract she is used and Pervert Exploitd as Master wishes and is not allowed to decline any act or punishment no matter how degrading or severe. Master often uses her to give ‘exhibitions’ of the utmost brutality and perversion and she is routinely used by males, females, animals and objects in all of her orifices. Her body permanently carries evidence of the whip and the cane and she always carries fresh marks as witness to recent floggings. When taking part in exhibitions she also wears steel rings in her nose, tongue, nipples and several in her genitals so that it is easy to restrain her, although restraints are seldom needed. She is fiercely proud of her willingness and ability to undergo pain for Master and is always glad, even eager, to submit to ever more brutal and severe treatment, especially in front of an audience. Slave z works as a part time teacher at a girls’ school in the area where she lives and is sometimes required to take PE classes with the girls. Our story opens after a strenuous class when z is naked in the shower in the teachers’ cubicle but has forgotten to lock the door, she does not hear the sound of the door opening due to the noise of the shower so she steps out unprepared and completely naked, straight in front of Natalie�.

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