Sunday , May 28 2023

Sloppy grotesque kink between brother and two sisters

For the past few months I have been been having an incestuous relationship with my two older sisters Becky and Lisa. The last weekend with my sister Lisa left me with mixed emotions. We both confessed to having developed strong feelings for each other that went beyond normal sibling affection. It even went beyond the amazing physical connection that she and I engaged in. This was starting to turn into true love. But how could it work? There are so many reasons why it couldn’t be that simple. She has children and I am their uncle. And how about the rest of society? We would have to up root our lives and move some place where nobody knew us and pretend to be husband and wife. Our lives would be one big lie and it would most certainly put a huge strain on our relationship and cause fights. Before you no it we would wake up one day to a horrid retched life. Now on the other hand you have my oldest sister Becky. She has no kids and is one of those people that wouldn’t give a fuck what people thought. I’m sure she would be quite open about an incestuous relationship with her younger brother except of course our parents which brings me to my last point. If our parents ever found out about any of this shit, at their age it could kill them and that’s just not an option. Total secrecy is what’s needed here so having an open relationship with Becky wouldn’t work at all. So what’s the answer?

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