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Sneaky Panty Smeller

I’m writing about the sexiest, most perfect smelling, creamy wet panties that I have ever had the pleasure of putting to my nose.

Here is how it went down. I recently was working for my Mother in law at her house, doing some house projects that required a little more help. So, as the first day began, I was in and out of the house most of the day. During that time, anytime I needed the restroom, I would have too pass by Beckys room. she’s my hot sister in law. Her and her pussy husband divorced recently and she was now living there at her moms.

Let me tell you, now Becky is, sexy, beautiful and smart, funny, just amazing. Being a personal trainer and a marathon runner, she is just incredibly hot. Shes a tall brunette with brown eyes, creamy skin, such a tight body, a perfect ass and very wet, creamy delicious panties.

That first day as I worked, I noticed near Becky’s door in her room was her laundry hamper. Being the dirty fucker that I am and always being curious of how her pussy would smell and taste, my thoughts went to plotting the ifs. Could I possibly find her panties, clean or dirty, or something else, a picture, a toy, etc.

So as my day went on, I would get closer into her room when I would head to the bathroom, seeing how much time I would have, in case someone walked in the house, or came near her room. I mean, how the hell would I explain that to anyone. So, I had to be careful.

That first day, I finally had a few minutes when my Mother in law left for some supplies. Leaving my wife and I there. Once my mother in law was gone, I seized the moment, giving my wife a chore that would last a few minutes at least, then headed to the restroom. she never gave any thought about it and straight into Becky’s room I went.

As I walked in, I remember back to when Becky had given some old clothes to my wife for donation and inside was two pairs of her sheer thong panties. One pair was still crusty from her juicy pussy. Becky knew of my panty fettish from chats with my wife, so I couldn’t help but wonder if that was on purpose. But, we didn’t ask. However, later that week, I some how managed too get my wife too wear a pair of Beckys panties one night before I fucked her. I had the hardest cock ever seeing my wife in those panties. That will have to be another story.

Now in her room and into her hamper I went, looking through the items inside. First, her bra, the soft material that covers her soft small breasts, mm, she smelled good. Her perfume was intoxicating.

I moved a pair of pants and there they were, a dark blue pair of thong panties. I could see the patch of white in the crotch as I lifted them from the hamper. My finger tips feeling the wet material. Realizing, these were her workout panties from that morning. My cock instantly was hardening, my heart beating a million beats a minute.

I couldn’t believe how messy and creamy they were. So much that her pussy and clit were outlined on the crotch of the material with white slick cream. I lost track of time as I placed them to my nose. Her smell filling my nose for the first time. It was amazing, she smelled so clean, so sweet, yet like flowers. I could only imagine how yummy she would taste if I could eat her sweet pussy.

As I smelled her panties, I thought, I need pics of these. So I laid the panties on the bed, so the messy crotch was visible. Taking pics, but only a couple, since I didn’t have much time. I then decided too look for more and good thing I did, I found two more pairs. Not wet and creamy like the first pair, but one pair was very crusted up with white cream, again, showing her pussy and clit with an outline.

So fucking hot. Imagining her working out, her pussy so so wet and creamy, fucking yummy.

I snapped pics of the panties, all the dirty crotches and I smelled them as I felt my cock pushing against the material of my pants. Wishing I could fill and stretch Becky’s tight pussy with my long thick cock. I would fucking pound her so hard. I pulled my cock free, stroking it only a few times, I got close too cumming, placing the material of her wet panties on my hard cock. I held back though, knowing my wife had to be wondering where I was by now, so I stopped, put things back as I found them and headed to the front door.

Good thing I did, because in walked my wife as I went to open the door. Asking if I was okay and commenting that I was gone a long time. So I told her I hadn’t been feeling good. Ending that curiosity quickly.

After we got back to work, I would keep sneaking a peak at my new pics when I had a moment of free time, just in disbelief that I had gotten too smell her pussy, feel Becky’s cream on my nose, and on my cock. Seeing what a mess she makes in her panties, so fucking sexy. I wanted more, fuck I wanted those blue wet and creamy panties on my face and nose again.

A couple hours went by and my Mother in law had arrived back home. Her and my wife helping me when they could, but then ended up working on another project. Which gave me my chance. I snuck back into her room, grabbed the blue panties and took them to the bathroom with me. I closed the door behind me, pulled those messy panties out, pulled my hard cock out and stroked it long and hard.

I imagined her peeling her panties off after her workout, then laying on her bed, playing with her juicy wet pussy until she was cumming on her fingers, or toy. I could feel my balls tightening up, my load of cum ready to be let free. I pushed her panties into my nose, inhaling deeply, her sweet delicious pussy smell.

I then wrapped them around my cock. My nose was now full of her smell as the soft material barely covered the head of my cock, but felt so amazing.

I started cumming, unloading so much hot cum into the crotch of Becky’s panties. Fuck yes, I realized her pussy juices on the panties were now on my cock and also mixed with my cum in her panties. So hot.

I had just made another creamy mess of her panties. I came so hard it took me a few minutes of regaining myself and coming back down, I just wanted more. I thought about it for a minute as I got myself together, what to do with the panties now? I contemplated keeping them, but that was a huge risk of being busted, so I figured I better just put them back.

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