Saturday , June 3 2023

Son discovers working with Mom might have benefits!

I managed to time my graduation possessing my not so marketable English Lit degree with the onset of the latest recession and quickly found myself despairing over ever finding a job that I trained for. Luckily, my Mom was equally despairing over the sudden departure of her computer tech partner and since I was a computer nerd from before I had even hit puberty, she pulled a few strings and I stepped into the position without Mom’s sales tour hitting a snag.

Mom is a sales rep extraordinaire for an educational software company and is on the road most of the time, presenting her company’s latest efforts or doing training seminars. Mom knows her stuff, but her presentations need a good computer savvy partner who can keep pace with her, making sure her programs are cued up when she needs them and that the internet is straining at the leash to do her bidding. My mother in action is a marvel to watch, a short, fiery dynamo, dazzling and thrilling her audience while raking in record sales each year.

In a darkened conference room or auditorium, I sit in the back and fiddle and manipulate my laptop and assorted hard-drives and it becomes almost a dance as I initiate programs or activate links as Mom does her sales spiel, her potential buyers’ eyes riveted on her constantly in motion body, entranced both by her powerful enthusiasm for her products and by her hot body.

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