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Son gives his frustrated mother a much needed massage

For years now, there had been a rift growing between John’s parents. Most of the problems came from his father, who wasn’t the most considerate or romantic person. He remembered how his mother used to talk about how romantic he was when they were younger. But over the years, when he became more focused on his career, he began neglecting his mother.

He was always coming home late, always forgetting their anniversaries and other special events, and always promising to do things with his mother then finding a reason to bail on it at the last minute for a work-related thing. She had confronted him many times about it, he then makes an effort to be more mindful of their marriage, but eventually falling back into his neglectful ways.

Whenever his father behaved that way, it was usually John who ended up having to take care of his mother. He was the one who ended up taking he out to dinner, watching movies with her, getting her gifts for her birthday or Valentine’s Day, and a number of other things.

John and his mother have always been close, but he still felt that those were things his father should be doing for his wife. John was 21-years-old, he felt he should be out there being with women his own age, not spending his free time taking care of his mother.

One night, when his father came home particularly late and his mother was fast asleep in her bedroom, John waited up for his father to have a long awaited talk with him. His father came around 1am, trying to be as quiet as he could. John turned on the lights and gave him a big scare.

“Dammit, John, you scared me,” said his father.

“We have to talk,” said John.

“Not now, I’m tired, I want to go to sleep.”

“No, we need to talk now,” he demanded.

He followed john to the kitchen and they sat down to have their talk. John explained to his father about how he had been neglecting his wife and how it was hurting his marriage.

“I don’t know what to tell you, son,” he said. “But what can I say? I’ve just been too busy.”

“Well, you have to make the time, your wife needs you.”

“What should I do?”

He couldn’t believe that his father couldn’t figure any of this stuff on his own; it was his wife, he should just know what to do.

“Your anniversary is in a couple of weeks; it would be nice if you would take her out to dinner and buy her some flowers. Maybe even get her a nice gift as well to show her how much you appreciate her.”

“What kind of gift?” he asked.

“That’s up to you, not me.”

“Please son,” his father begged. “I need some help with this.”

John thought about it for a moment and figured he should help before his father screws it up.

He remembered something that one of his friends told him about what his own father did as a romantic gift for his mother. John thought it could also be something that he thought might motivate his father to be more romantic for his mother.

“How about this? Besides a romantic dinner, flowers and maybe a piece of jewelry, you give her love coupons.”

“What is that?” his father asked.

“It’s coupons you create with a variety or romantic gestures you can do for her. You can find them online or you can create one yourself.”

“That sounds great,” said his father. “Thanks John, you’re a wonderful son.”

John left the kitchen to go to bed, leaving his father to think about what he needed to do to show he loved his wife.

For the next couple of weeks, John was afraid his father might forget about their conversation and find another way to ignore his anniversary.

On the morning of their anniversary, John was awaked by his mother’s laughter. He walked out of his bedroom and looked into his parent’s bedroom to see that his father had brought her breakfast in bed.

“Look what your father did, Johnny,” she said with glee. “He made me love coupons. I already redeemed one for breakfast in bed.”

His mother was sitting up in her bed, wearing a white nightgown, with a blanket covering the lower half of her body and a silver breakfast try on her lap. His father was sitting at the edge of the bed, cutting up her pancakes and feeding it to her. John left smiling, feeling proud of his father for making the effort.

It didn’t end there, that night he brought her flowers and candy and took her out to a dinner at a romantic restaurant where he gave her an expensive necklace. They came home late at around 2am. John was awakened from hearing them laughing all the way up to their bedroom. He kind of knew what they were going to be doing next and went back to sleep trying not to think about it.

At around 7am, he was woken up by his father who was dressed in his golf clothes.

“Listen, I have to meet a client on the range and I need you to do something for me,” he said.

“What?” John asked with a groggy voice.

“I need you to make your mother some breakfast and take it up to her.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“And when you do, give her this,” he handed him a piece of paper. “Tell her it’s been redeemed.”

The piece of paper was a coupon for one breakfast in bed that apparently his mother wanted to redeem.

“You’re supposed to do these things,” said John.

“Hey, I redeemed plenty of them since yesterday,” said his father. “Especially, two for last night if you catch my drift.”

John said nothing, just stunned that his father had just joked with him about having sex with his mother.

Before John could say anything, his father quickly walked out of the room and a moment later he heard him leave the house. John got out of bed, got dressed and washed up, then went downstairs to make his mother some breakfast.

He made her blueberry pancakes, his mother’s favorite, with some eggs and coffee. He put it all on a tray and carefully took it all upstairs into his parents’ bedroom. His mother was underneath her blanket, sound asleep. He woke her up by gently calling out her name; her eyes slowly opened and she looked surprised to see her son standing there with a breakfast tray.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Dad had to leave, he asked me to bring this up to you.”

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” she said angrily. “Did he at least make that breakfast?”

“Yes,” he told her. He knew he shouldn’t have lied for his father, but he wanted her to be at least somewhat happy about the breakfast.

“At least he did that,” she said. “I knew I shouldn’t have tried to redeem another breakfast one so soon.”

She moved herself up in her bed; the blanket fell off her body and John stood there in shock as he saw his mothers’ bare breasts. His mother saw the shock on her son’s face, realized she was naked and quickly covered herself up.

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