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Son sets mom to seduce his friend, then watches

This story is complete fictional!

Mom and I have a great sex life together but the other night while
watching a porn movie I noticed how dam aroused she became. It was about a guy who brought a friend home that needed a place to stay for the night. After her husband fell asleep she went downstairs and seduced his friend.

That night my mom fucked me a wild animal. She was so turned-on from
watching the movie that I got and idea. Why not see if see would seduce
one of my friends? So I put my plan into action. The next morning as we
sat eating breakfast I asked.

“So did you enjoy the movie last night?”

“Yea it was quite arousing,” she said.

“Did you ever screw around on dad?” I asked.

“NO, I stayed true to him” she answered.

“Hell maybe you should have, after all your one hell of a woman” I said.

“Yea right” she said in a cocky voice.

“You are, hell my friend David thinks your a fox” I said setting the

“OH REALLY?” she replied

“Yea, every time he’s over, all he talks about is how attractive you are” I told her.

She smiled and finished her coffee then headed for work. After she left I went down to the guest bedroom in the basement. My dad had finished
building it just before he died. The one wall adjoined the laundry room
and I thought to myself that this would be a perfect place to put a spy
hole. From this angle I could see the whole bed. So I went to work.

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