Thursday , March 30 2023

Son takes his mom in his new house

Hi this is Ishy 20 year old, I am going to tell you the incident occurred in my life, that changed the relation between me and mom. In those days dad mom and me live in a small town in US.I completed my graduation in my hometown. Then I left the town for job, I got a job in a software company. Within one month I settled there, the company gave me a house and a car. After three months stay in new city I feel lonely so I called home asked dad and mom to come here at my place. But dad refused this as he don’t want to leave town and his hotel. So my dad decides to send mom for ten days.

I would like to give you an idea about my moms looks SHE’S one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She stands around five foot, six inches tall. Mom’s sandy, brown hair goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark green, when she’s excited or happy, they turn blue. Her body is unreal, she has perky size 36 b breasts, with very small areola circles her nipples are an inch long and hard when she is excited or happy.

Now for the best, Mom’s ass and hips… Her ass is a size 36, it’s more firm than many girls half her age. Mom works out at a gym not far from home. Her hips are trim and the kind were you can see her hip bones. Mom’s legs are the type that blend into her ass like a work of art.

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