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Son takes his mom in his new house

Hi this is Ishy 20 year old, I am going to tell you the incident occurred in my life, that changed the relation between me and mom. In those days dad mom and me live in a small town in US.I completed my graduation in my hometown. Then I left the town for job, I got a job in a software company. Within one month I settled there, the company gave me a house and a car. After three months stay in new city I feel lonely so I called home asked dad and mom to come here at my place. But dad refused this as he don’t want to leave town and his hotel. So my dad decides to send mom for ten days.

I would like to give you an idea about my moms looks SHE’S one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She stands around five foot, six inches tall. Mom’s sandy, brown hair goes down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark green, when she’s excited or happy, they turn blue. Her body is unreal, she has perky size 36 b breasts, with very small areola circles her nipples are an inch long and hard when she is excited or happy.

Now for the best, Mom’s ass and hips… Her ass is a size 36, it’s more firm than many girls half her age. Mom works out at a gym not far from home. Her hips are trim and the kind were you can see her hip bones. Mom’s legs are the type that blend into her ass like a work of art.

I started masturbating by imagining my mom. As juices continued to flow through my young body and my perception of my mother changed, it simply happened that I’d get turned on when she was wearing something particularly provocative, or when she hugged me close against her wonderfully firm breasts and kissed me on the cheek.

I still remember that day, it was Thursday when my mom arrived here at my place. I started with showing my big new house to my beloved mom. I am on leave that day, Thursday. That whole day goes in unpacking moms baggage and talking about dad. We took our dinner and I asked, “mom please you go to your bedroom and change clothes I will be there after washing dishes in kitchen”.

After completing my work I walked into moms room unannounced as the door was not locked. I found mom undressing her cloths. She turned toward me, her face flushed with embarrassment. But my eyes were fixed on her big and beautiful boobs for a moment before I mumbled an apology and turned to leave, the door closing silently behind me.
Nothing was ever said about the incident, but things clearly were changing between the two of us.
Next day I went to my work and returned home in the evening we had had our dinner.My mother had a cocktail in her hand as she entered the den where I was watching television. It was ten in the night. I couldn’t help notice that my mother’s clothes were wrinkled, her blouse not fully tucked into her skirt, its buttons not closed down the length of its front, her legs bare rather than covered with nylons as was normal. Her hair was a bit disheveled as well, though her makeup was carefully applied. She settled on the sofa next to me, turning slightly toward me, a move that caused her short skirt to slide higher on her slender, well tanned thighs.
I don’t know what power was in my mind at that time and suddenly I said “Mom I’ve slept with enough girls and I’m not curious…what I am is…I just think about you all the time and you…make me feel different than other girls do. You’re the only one I’m really attracted to.”
Mom was shocked and she had no words to say. After few moments mom spoke out
“Oh Ishy honey that’s not good but…maybe it’s because since you become a complete man, and you’ve been alone with me in this house for last two days. …this is probably all my fault…I probably kept you to myself to much….I…”

“Mom it’s not your fault…unless you’re to blame for being so beautiful and having a body that would make any guy hard.” Mom leave the den without saying any word. I followed her and went in her bedroom. Now she was frightened. I locked the door. She was screaming.
I said, “Mom I could do you all night and all day and it still wouldn’t be enough for me.” I laughed loudly. I made myself closer to her bed and I jumped in. I torn her lingerie. Made her completely naked. I was looking at the probably the worlds beautiful boobs, the worlds hottest pussy and the big ass. Mom was crying and shouting but, All she said was, “No son, no”. He proceeded to do my ‘everything else’ through the night. “I love having a mother with such a hot pussy…and hot everything else.”

By holding her big breast in hands I started milking.It was a very exciting time in my life: a new home, a new job, a new town and a new love. I felt like I was on my honeymoon.
After drinking milk. I pass to the oh that big ass and I inserted my long hard erected cock inside her ass. “Oh mom…I’m in your ass…my cock is in your ass…it feels so good to do this to you…does it feel good mom?” Then I kept repeating, “Oh mom…oh mom…it’s so hot…and tight…and good…and…fuck…Oh fuck…”
” MOM, MOM, MOM….. OH MOM.” I shot my cum deep inside my Moms ass.

Mom cant do anything but biting me, but I didn’t let her escape.
Finally I started the big show, by kissing her pussy. Then I inserted the Big COCK in moms hot sweat pussy. ” OH MOM…. I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING.” I begins pouring cum into my mother’s cunt.

I held her as her anger subsided and said, “Mom, I got the new job and I want to take it but not without you. This is how we should always feel. I want you to come and live with me; will you”?

Mom doesn’t answered with her body molded against mine and my mouth on her.

Mom and me lived together in my new house for four years and enjoy a circle of close friends.

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