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Sonu becomes a Randi

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At the time these events happened Sonu was 32. She use to wear sarees, salwar kameez, skirts, tight blouses. She use to dress to attract attention. She was very fond of blue films and would make me get a new movie from the video library every day.

While watching a blue film Sonu would imagine herself in the role of the girl in the movie. This was especially if the movie showed a housewife being fucked. She used to imagine herself being fucked by multiple hulks. Sonu loved hard cocks and muscular men.

Sonu use to take up jobs of compering for functions where she would be out late nights and even the whole night at times. She would meet lots of men and women in these functions. The function organizers would arrange for a room for her to rest when she got tired in between.

The first time she whored herself out was to my father. The organizer Kusum Jain told her that there is this very important person from whom they want business. If they get his business then the function would be a success.

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