Wednesday , September 28 2022

Sony Fucked by Old Married Uncle

My sexual potency may not be like the ladies in their thirties, but I can satisfy any lady in sexual intercourse. Apart from giving a nice fuck I can seduce any women by my flirting ability and can mold even a totally shy girl to a raging bitch.

Now, let me come to the topic. My wife is a pious and workaholic lady and is always busy. There is another family on the 1st floor of my apartment with an old retired father having a son Nabin, who was married, three years ago, and a daughter-in-law, Sony who is about 28 years. The mother is staying with their daughter in Mumbai.

The son has a marketing job which requires him to tour other towns and cities. He stays in hotels and enjoys his time in his own way. In a month he spends 4-5 nights with his wife.

The daughter-in-law is therefore mostly seen roaming on her scooty outdoor or spends time in gossip with some ladies in other flats. About my young dream lady, adjectives like voluptuous or gorgeous will be inadequate for her.

Her sensuous body has a strong sexual appeal, she possesses a large bosom and pleasing curves displaying luxury and will definitely furnish gratification to the senses.

Since the day I saw her first, and she greeted me with a smiling face, I have got a terrible temptation to get closer to her. That is because in my youth, I was a fan of Ayesha Takia and Sony looks exactly like her.

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