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Soumya enjoying first time bed sexperience – II

Thanks a ton for a unimaginable appreciation & encouragement that I got from you all. Here goes the 2nd part……I was quick to wash my hands as I abhorred the sticky cum there. It’s fragrance though continued to excite me along with the priceless sight of overflowing hot cream from a live cock. I sat on the edge of the bathtub, pulled him close and washed him clean.

His shrinking cock was a pleasing sight indeed. I loved it madly when I got to hear his heartbeat while lying on his chest. He caressed my back with lot of love and naughtily unstrapped my bra, my heart skipped a beat. I was too excited but was shy at same time, closing my eyes helped. I hated the call from reception asking for order for lunch since it made me get up from his chest.

Rohith used his wit and quickly ordered it. Now we know that there is a long break decided after nearly half an hour so we chose to rest. We lied beside each other and kept our eyes closed. I wanted something else but understood his requirement for sleep. I appreciated his intelligence when I realized that it was a trap he laid to kiss me all over my back (he knew that I preferred lying on ma chest).

I could hear a 1000 bells with his each kiss. He ensured that not a mm of ma back is left untouched.. no unkissed would be a better fit here. Then he finally lied on me, I loved it madly to be crushed under his manhood. He put ma hair aside and madly kissed and licked around ma neck as I helplessly moaned. Feeling of his hardening cock over my ass was a pleasurable feeling.

I found myself in a complete different world, nipples started to harden, sense of shame started to weaken, panty started to dampen. I yearned for his touch at each and every inch of my body as I experienced the feeling which seemed like zenith of sexual excitement to me.

I found myself having surrendered to him when he pulled down my panty by an inch or so, to kiss and lick around the starting point of the ass partition. It was weird but I loved every bit of it, all I wished for was to finger myself to orgasm, as it was too much for me to control. I got relief when the door-bell rang.

He was quick to get up and walk to the door after pointing towards the bathroom. His fully grown cock raring to come out of his shorts captured my attention and brought a smile to my lips as I latched the bathroom door. My hands almost instantly went inside my panty as entered the bathroom as I started to fiddle with my clit.

I stopped, freshed up & stepped out upon hearing his call. It was a pleasing sight to see the food served, as he waited for me. Soon we finished lunch amidst a few I love you’s & music videos. After taking a sharing the bedsheet with him for half an hour for pure rest, romance was on my mind, when he went to use the washroom. I rushed to the door & wait.

He had his back towards me when he stepped out and was shocked with my absence, before he could react I hugged him tight and proceeded towards the bed. I liked freedom to toy with my boy, as I completely over him. I felt so good but I couldn’t relish it for long, as he was quick to flip and come over me and kept his lips on mine and grinded them softly.

The controlled aggression experience was memorable. He slowly went down on me to reach my tummy and got hold of his t-shirt which I was wearing and lifted it till my shoulder, I supported him in taking it off, leaving just a bra on my upper body. He was quick to kiss my bosom.

And then reluctantly kept a hand on my right breast and took it off in a flash, retried and repeated the same, I didn’t like it so opened my eyes and discovered the confused look on his face. I was quick to hug him keeping his face in between my breasts, I felt tingled by his breaths. It was a pleasing sight to see tears twinkle in his eyes when I released the hug.

It seemed that it was the only spark required to start him as I found his aggression back when kissed & licked me insanely all over my front body and lift my bra to get access to my breasts. All seemed to be too fast as started sucking my nipples as I managed to caress his back. His tongue movements on my nipples sent shrills into my body and I relentlessly moaned.

Finally he cupped one of my breast squeezed it gently and moved his tongue feebly on the nipple. I felt like never before. I wanted him to grow wilder with my breast hence I exclaimed, “Bite”, he gladly obliged but ensured not to hurt me. I slowly guided him with the most apt pressure and soon he started grinding my nipples between his teeth.

I could smell my juices around the room which aroused me further. Within minutes he turned into a pro and my breasts got the desired stimulation thanks to his actions which was a perfect blend of squeezing, sucking, licking and biting. He paused, slid up and asked me, “Did you like it?”, “Yes baby, what about you?”, I replied.

He said, “I so badly wish to get you daily, you are so tasty”, the word ‘tasty’ triggered my orgasm, I appreciated it when he understood it without speaking as he concentrated on my neck and sucked my ear-lobes. I felt so horny that despite a high-intensity orgasm I wanted more. He lied beside me on his back took some rest while I returned after cleaning my pussy.

My panty was so wet that it felt as if I had pissed in it, hence I put it for drying and came out in a towel. He accepted my proposal of lying nude inside a bedsheet. Soon we freed ourselves from the chains of shyness as our bodies touched. He lovingly caressed my upper body as I badly prayed for his touch down there, after waiting for long I lost my patience and I held his hand and kept it on my wet pussy.

He was cautious as it was an unknown domain. Slowly he moved his fingers around to get acquainted with it. His slow sliding finger along its length was majestic, then he parted the lips to get access inside. Shivers went down my spine when his finger ran over my clit as I exclaimed, “Aaaahh…”, he was quick to check my comfort and wanted to know if he was doing it right, I could you only blink twice in reply.

After continuing for a good 5-7 minutes, he came to suck my earlobes & whispered, “I badly want to taste you down”, in reply I said, “Sure”& feebly pressed his head down. Soon my everything was open in front of him. I felt incredibly shy when he said, “Wow, what an awesome looking pie, lemme taste it”.

It seemed as if a high value current ran through my body when his tongue met my pussy lips. The heavenly sensation is still afresh in my head. He licked me with pleasure ensuring to explore every inch on my feminity. Top to down, left to right and then deep inside, pleasure I got was unexplainable. My breath was high I started to sweat in the AC as he continued.

It continued as my juices oozed. After sometime he stopped and wiped off all the juices, spread the lips and digged his face inside in such a way that the tip of his tongue met my clit which gave immense pleasure. Now he slowed down moved his tongue around soon my hole started yearning for a finger, it seemed magical as he inserted a finger at the right moment, soon I started moaning high and I moved close to climax.

I caressed his head with a lot of love while he gave me pleasure, I couldn’t stop myself from asking him to speed up his actions. He doubled my pleasure by doubling his fingers inside me and shaked it rigorously. My body stiffed and back arched as I climaxed and clasped his face between my thighs, he still continued to lick. After a few moments he came and lied beside me.

the feeling of shyness made me avoid an eye contact hence I opted to close my eyes & relive one of the best orgasms of my life. He got a phone call which helped me return to the present day world and I was shocked to find myself completely nude, so was he, I thought this is what is love that is when the souls meet.

Soon the evening dusked and I quick wore my dress and left him with a promise to return next morning but definitely not before a passionate kiss which I still miss.

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