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Sparks fly when father sees his college son in lingerie

Danny looked at himself in the mirror on his wardrobe door as he danced to the music and shook his shaggy shoulder length, blonde hair. He loved his time alone in the house, when he could crank his music up and dance without feeling self-conscious.

The track ended and he was suddenly aware of a noise by his bedroom door. He turned to see his father, Phil, stood there staring at him.

Phil was shocked. He had not been prepared for this. He had walked into Danny’s room to ask him what he wanted to eat for dinner, and found him dancing and wearing a pale blue bra, lacy g-string, suspenders and black stockings. Phil had stared in amazement until the music stopped and Danny noticed him, and as he did not know what to do next, he turned and left.

Danny turned the CD off and said ‘Dad’ in a pleading tone as his father left the room. He struggled out of the underwear, which fought against him in his haste, found a t-shirt and shorts, put them on and went to find his father and try and explain.

He went downstairs and called out. He went in to the kitchen and the lounge, but he was not there. The car was still on the drive, so he had not gone out either. Danny went back up stairs and as a last resort opened his fathers bedroom door.

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