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Sparks fly when father sees his college son in lingerie

Danny looked at himself in the mirror on his wardrobe door as he danced to the music and shook his shaggy shoulder length, blonde hair. He loved his time alone in the house, when he could crank his music up and dance without feeling self-conscious.

The track ended and he was suddenly aware of a noise by his bedroom door. He turned to see his father, Phil, stood there staring at him.

Phil was shocked. He had not been prepared for this. He had walked into Danny’s room to ask him what he wanted to eat for dinner, and found him dancing and wearing a pale blue bra, lacy g-string, suspenders and black stockings. Phil had stared in amazement until the music stopped and Danny noticed him, and as he did not know what to do next, he turned and left.

Danny turned the CD off and said ‘Dad’ in a pleading tone as his father left the room. He struggled out of the underwear, which fought against him in his haste, found a t-shirt and shorts, put them on and went to find his father and try and explain.

He went downstairs and called out. He went in to the kitchen and the lounge, but he was not there. The car was still on the drive, so he had not gone out either. Danny went back up stairs and as a last resort opened his fathers bedroom door.

His father was stood with his back to him, his trousers round his ankles, facing the mirror. Danny could see that his father was stroking his big cock and his eyes were closed. Danny stood there just taking the scene in. His father’s big six foot one frame looked impressive from behind. His hairy buttocks were moving as the muscles tightened and relaxed with each stroke. In the mirror he could see his fathers left hand cupping his hairy balls and his right hand stroking his big uncut cock, the foreskin pulling back the covering the head again and puckering at the tip.

Phil opened his eyes, saw his son and said ‘Shit!’. He let go of his cock and bent quickly to pull his trousers up again.

‘Danny, you weren’t meant to see that. Sorry!’

‘It’s OK dad, you weren’t meant to see me either.’

‘Do you dress up like that often son?’

A pause….’No.’

‘Tell the truth son.’

‘Well, yeah. When I’m alone, and sometimes at night in bed, but it doesn’t mean anything though!’

‘Like what, Danny?’

‘Like, I’m not gay or anything dad’

‘Do you want boys or girls to see you wearing that stuff?’


‘What do you think about, boys or girls?’

‘ I don’t, it’s just me wearin’ my stuff.’

‘Well, you wear it well son.’


‘Yeah, you look like your mum did when she was young.’

‘You still miss her?’

‘Of course! No one ever came near.’

‘Is that why you were jacking off then?’

‘Yes. I saw you; you looked so like her and I got really hard. I just had to go and do it.’

‘Sorry dad.’

‘Don’t be sorry Danny, it’s not your fault.’

‘I won’t do it again dad.’

‘I told you it’s OK. If you want to, it’s up to you, I’m not going to stop you. Come here son.’

Phil put his arms around Danny and hugged him. Danny put his arms around his father’s waist and his head on his shoulder and relaxed. It felt better now his father knew and was OK with it all, and he had seen his father in a compromising situation too.

‘Come on, it’s time for dinner. That’s what I came to ask you, what do you fancy?’

‘Can we go for pizza?’

‘Sure, put on some decent clothes and we’ll go to Franco’s’

Danny returned to his bedroom to dress. The idea that his father was OK with him wearing girls stuff was cool. Danny looked at the pile of lingerie on the floor, and decided he should put them on underneath his jeans and t-shirt. He would have to leave off the bra as it would be easily seen under his t-shirt.

He took off the old shorts and T-shirt and put the g-string, suspender belt and stockings on. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought of his father jacking off because he looked like his mother. Danny paused and thought; Yeah, I do look a bit like mum.

He was a couple of inches taller at five foot nine inches, but like her he was slim, blonde and good looking. Danny was still smooth chested with few hairs on his face, arms, legs and buttocks. His trimmed blonde pubic hair just showed above the top of his g-string and his balls were shaved so nothing peeped out from the side either. But at this moment sticking out from the top of his panties was the tip of his stiffening cock.

The thought that his father was wanking, and about him had got him hard. Danny was surprised, as he had not thought about guys sexually often, and never about his father. He wondered if his father had jacked off properly after he had left him.

He opened his door and slipped across the hallway to listen outside his father’s door. He heard his dad making noises so edged the door slowly open a little more to see.

His father stood there, perfectly naked, facing the mirror again. Danny was transfixed. He stood there and gawped at the sight. He could see his father as before holding his big hairy balls and stroking his big cock.

Unlike Danny, Phil was tall, heavily built with big shoulders, muscular arms, well-developed pectorals and a firm but slightly rounded belly. His father was naturally muscled and kept fit working in engineering and by using weights a few evenings each week in their garage.

Danny obviously had inherited a lot from his mother as his father had dark hair, and lots of it too.

The hair on his head was cropped short and, at 41, just starting to thin on top. His goatee beard was also cropped short. The hair on his chest came well up to his neck and would have met his beard if he did not shave round his goatee daily.

Phil also had hairy shoulders and a thin river of hair ran down the centre of his back to his broad hairy buttocks, which was moving in time with his strokes. Danny could fully appreciate the wide hips and firm thighs, which were also very hairy.

Danny could see that his father’s eyes were closed and he was engrossed in masturbating and was not aware he was being watched. Danny’s cock was rock hard now and was sticking well out of his panties. Pre-cum glistened at the tip of his foreskin. Danny’s hand moved to his cock and rolled his foreskin back and forth in time with his father’s strokes.

Suddenly Phil’s jacking became more furious and he grunted a bit louder. With a few big hand strokes he exploded. Strings of cum erupted from his cock and flew across the room. They splattered on the polished wooden floor, and ran down the mirror.

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