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Ssbbw story, Mom and her saggy boobs

I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was fully dressed from the waste down. She had on loose black sweatpants that had be size 4XL. Her back fat spilled over her pants causing a muffin top. No clothes were on above her waste. I was dying for her to turn around and show me those giant tits I had been dreaming of. Besides the muffin top, her back also had a crease on either side when she had her arms at her side. She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and fourth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man’s’ ideal tit. These tits were a size H, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size H tit would sag without age, add the fact that she was 55 and had 2 kids and you could only imagine.

They looked like 2 giant water balloons before the knot gets tied and you just let the water sag down the balloon. They came to right above her belly button. Her nipples could not be seen because they were tucked under due to the sagging. The areoles were dark and could tell they were pretty large even though only half was showing. She reached for her bra. It was an old lady bra. Skin toned with large cups that covered most of the tit. She did not put her bra on like a normal person would. First she put her arm through the strap, then she lifted her left breast up into the bra and then did the same for the other. They were so big and saggy she actually had to lift them into the bra. Once in the bra they looked very bunched up and equally as massive.

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