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Stay-at-home mom becomes a sex addict

Nancy Masters was tired. She was tired of being someone’s mom. Tired of being someone’s wife. Tired of being the proper little homemaker always doing for others. Putting on dinner parties for her husband’s clients. Setting up parties for her 18 year old son and his friends, then getting out of the way. Helping the PTA. Running errands. Always for someone else.

She use to have a life. At one time she was a nurse. She had her own friends and colleagues. She was suppose to go back to work after her son, Kevin began school. That was over 13 years ago. ‘When does Nancy get hers?’ Her brain asked as she watched the TV and angrily kicked her leg back.

“And 7, and 8, and 9, and 10. And relax.” The TV ordered.

Nancy was almost at the end of her workout video. Another thing she did for someone else. She had to keep in shape, for the dresses, to wear to the parties, so husband can sign clients, to keep the bills paid. She wondered what would happen if she just let herself go, like so many of the other wives with their saggy titties and their fat asses? She checked herself while she waited for the next routine. She did look good in her workout leotard.

At 38, she still had a tight little body. 5’7″ and a 110 pounds. Jet black, shoulder length hair, green eyes and full pouty lips. Her chest wasn’t too big. A nice pair of 34b titties. Not as firm as they once were, but in a cocktail dress, tight t-shirt or bathing suit, they still turned heads. Her ass was so firm and trim you could bounce a quarter off it. It was so compact, her husband could almost cover it with one hand. She was sitting back on her heels and she adjusted slightly to keep her heels from sticking to the part of her ass cheeks the outfit didn’t cover.

The next set started and she got in position. She was on her hands and knees, with her knees wider than her hips. ‘A great crotch shot for anyone behind you, girl.’ Her brain said. Nancy’s brain had been talking to her quite a lot in the past few days.

She felt the leotard creep between her cheeks. She lowered her chin to the floor and back up. Then lowered her crotch to the floor and back up. Girlie push-ups she called them. She smiled thinking how sexual this exercise was. If there was a dick in front of her and one in back, she could do them both with this exercise. Like a see-saw. ‘If your husband’s clients could see you like this, there’d be no more need for the dull parties. They could just pull that material to one side and slide a cock right up there.’ Her brain told her. Nancy was getting turned on by the thought of getting some strange cock

Bob was coming down the stairs when he heard the TV. “Okay, ladies. Last set and let’s make it burn.” Some fag said. Bob’s heart started beating faster, Kevin’s mom might be doing her exercises. He had been jerking off to fantasies about Nancy Masters since he was old enough to get a boner.

A couple times at pool parties and barb-b-ques he had peeked down her bathing suit top and almost got to see nipple. Once he got a peek up the leg of her shorts and saw the shadow of her pubic hair. He jerked off that night thinking of that dark area in her pink panties. Maybe he could get another peek. He snuck his head around the wall and looked in the livingroom. He caught his breath and his pecker got instantly hard at the sight.

Kevin’s mom was facing the TV with her ass pointed at Bob. She bent forward, lifting her ass and then sat back pressing her pussy to the floor. She did this a couple times then wiggled her ass. She rolled on her back and lifted her hips. Kevin stared as she put her hands under her ass and bounced her pussy in a fucking motion. She pulled her knees to her chest and spread her legs to each side as wide as she could. Bob could see her little outfit sliding into her ass crack. He saw her hair and one cunt lip peeking out.

“Oh fuck.” Bob moaned. He squeezed his cock through his pants. He watched as she did a pedaling motion. Pulling one leg up and putting the other straight out. This pulled the thin strip of material at her crotch even further up her ass. Bob could see her whole ass and that one pussy lip. He grabbed his dick and ran to the bathroom.

Nancy pedaled a couple more times and squinted at the stairs. He was gone. She relaxed and lowered her legs to the floor. She pulled her leotard out of her crotch and ass. She was panting and it wasn’t from the exercises. Her pussy was hot. She had seen Bob’s reflection in the cabinet glass. He was there visiting her son. At first she was embarrassed and thought to stop and cover up. But as she did her moves with him watching, she got excited. Her son’s friend, who was barely 18, was turning her on.

Nancy Masters knew it was wrong but she wanted him to see her. She wanted him to desire her. She forgot the video and did her own workout. She laid on her back and pushed her hips up. Offering them to the teenage boy. She fucked the air for him. She stretched and pushed and pulled to be as sexy as she could. Now he was gone.

Bob was sitting on the toilet with his erection in his hand. His eyes were closed and he was picturing Nancy Masters kneeling on the floor, without her leotard, waiting for him to fuck her hairy little pussy mound from behind. His fist was pounding his pecker and his breathing was labored. There were sweat drops at his temples. Suddenly his heart stopped.

“Bobby? BOBBY WELLS! What are you doing?” He was concentrating so hard on what he was doing, he didn’t hear her open the door. His eyes flew open. Mrs Masters was standing in the doorway staring at him. In his haste, he forgot to lock it. She saw him. She saw him pulling his pecker. Bob panicked, worried that she could read his thoughts and find out it was her he was jerking over. In his panic, his first response was to stand up. For 5 seconds he stood with his arms at his side, his pants around his ankles and his boner pointing at his friend’s mother.

Nancy gasped when she saw the size of the equipment the boy was working with. She thought he had gone back upstairs to her son’s room. She didn’t know he was in the bathroom. When she opened the door, she was stunned to see him there. At first she thought he was taking a dump and was embarrassed she had walked in on him. Then she saw his hand moving. ‘Oh my god. He’s jerking off.’ He was sitting on her toilet sliding his fist over his stiff cock. She stared, dumbfounded for a few seconds. She knew her son and his friends were of the age where boys did that, but she never expected to see it. And what a spectacular sight it was.

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