Wednesday , February 1 2023

Straight guy gets talked into

I was introduced to cross dressing when I was about 18.
I was picked up by a local divorcee who was sex mad.
After I finished shagging her on her bed and was having
a break before having another go, she opened a drawer in
her room and pulled out a dark pink camisole top. I
thought she was going to change into it but instead
pulled me up to the side of the bed and began putting it
on me.

It was a bit of a tight fit but felt silky soft. I was
then sitting on the side of her bed in a pink camisole
that went down to just above my dick. Although this made
me extremely horny, it made her even hornier as she got
on her knees and began sucking my cock like mad, it was
unbelievable how she slobbered on it.

I had felt a bit strange putting the top on but soon
realized it was well worth trying. Once she finished
sucking, I got her onto the bed with her legs apart and
began fucking her as hard as I could. I soon had her
knees up at her chest with my arms behind her thighs so
I could give her everything I had. I felt as horny as
fuck in that camisole with her pinned to the bed so shot
my load as deep into her pussy as I could.

I wore the top all night and had sex with her until
daylight. The divorcee was obviously carrying out her
fantasy of picking up a cute young guy and dressing him
up like a girl.

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