Thursday , March 23 2023

Straight Indian girl finds comfort with a black butch

Priya had had an interesting couple years of college at UVA. Life had opened up to her in so many ways since she had left high school. There were some wonderful experiences but also some not so wonderful ones. She had moved from India with her parents in 8th grade. Her parents were very traditional and she was a very obedient and loyal daughter.

Things had changed however when she was introduced to Instagram by her friends. It started off innocently with her making an account to basically model off traditional clothing from her Aunties’ Indian clothing store. Though it brought in some good attention for her Auntie, it definitely attracted the wrong type. She had many creeps sending her messages with vulgar things in them. One day a cute guy named Abdul caught her eye. He was very persistent in his messaging until one day he sort of caught the right nerve and got Priya to respond. He was dark, older guy with nice hair, very tall, and had many pictures of him with expensive cars. They had talked nicely for a while and shared their feelings for one another. Because of how traditional her parents were there was no way she would find the time to meet him. They needed to wait until she was done with high school and her parents trusted her enough to go to college in Charlottesville. She really was a wonderful student. She let nothing distract her from her school for except her boyfriend Abdul.

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