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Strip Poker on Roommate Bonding Day

“Austin. Wake up.”

It’s not that I’m lazy. Sure I’ve missed a few college classes over the years from sleeping in, but the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping in more often for a very good reason.

I slowly blinked open my eyes and was quick to sit up when I saw Alanna standing in my bedroom doorway. My best friend since we were kids, we’d been inseparable and ended up as housemates in college. The reason I was sleeping in so much was that two weeks ago Alanna and I started fucking. I’d been in love with her for years, but she had been a gold star lesbian and I had thought she was never interested in me in ‘that way.’

Turned out I was very wrong.

Alanna stood in my doorway with a towel around her waist, fresh from the shower. Her thick blonde hair was dark and damp, hanging in ringlets over her bare shoulders; beads of water clinging to her arms and thick, athletic body. Her large breasts were high and proud on her chest, slightly outthrust as she smirked at me, dark pink nipples hard in the open air.

“Morning, beautiful,” I said.

Without a word Alanna stepped over to my bed and dropped the towel at her waist, slipping under the covers I held up for her. Naked body pressed into mine, she kissed me firmly, a teasing smile on her lips as she felt my already swollen dick harden next to her thigh.

“I love you.” It slipped out.

Alanna blinked and I almost panicked. Practically twenty years as best friends and two weeks as lovers, but neither of us had ever said those words. At least not like that, and not to each other.

What the fuck is wrong with me!?! I screamed in my head.

That first night together, Alanna had told me she didn’t want to see or date other people. It wasn’t a ‘let’s go steady and be exclusive’ or even a ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ talk; we’d decided to sneak around a bit and not even let our other housemates know because Alanna had said it would be our only chance to do that. Everything pointed to us being together, but I might have just royally fucked that up.

Alanna’s slightly stunned expression shifted to one of delight and she squeezed us closer together. “I love you too, Butthead.” As she kissed me again it felt like my heart was beating a mile a minute in my throat, forced there by a swarm of butterflies taking over my stomach and chest.

She loved me.

“We need to talk about something though.”

The heaven I was experiencing came to a crashing halt like a DJ ripping a record track. “Okay,” I said slowly, filled with trepidation.

“Austin, I really, really love you. You are the only guy in the entire world for me. I want to grow old and have gross ninety-year old sex with you. But there’s something you can’t give me. The other thing I really love is pussy.”

My mind, after two dramatic 180 degree turns from panicked to elated and back, was having a hard time catching up. “So you want to date other girls?”

“No, well not really. I just want to fuck other girls. The only relationship I want is with you.”

I was scrambling to try and figure out how I felt about this. On the very physical hand, I mean… sproinnnggg. I had always fantasized about Alanna with other girls because she had often described her sapphic pursuits to me. Only recently had I found out she’d been doing that to try and spur me into making a move on her and I was too dumb to do it. My mind was also saying yes; I knew Alanna was bisexual, or lesbian with me as an exception or something, so saying yes to this and keeping her happy was the right and fair thing to do.

Still, my heart was screaming no. Or more appropriately, ‘Hell to the no!’ I’d finally reconciled the love of my life with reality. Alanna had been through a dozen relationships since coming out as a lesbian in the 10th grade. What were the chances she hooked up with some girl and a cosmic event revealed they were deeper soul mates than we were? What if I lost Alanna right after I finally got her?

“Ok.” The answer came from the part of me that was envisioning the sapphic pursuits Alanna used to tell me about. And my penis in the middle of them.

“Ok?” Her eyes had gotten big and her hands were resting on my chest as we lay next to each other. “Do… do you want to have sex with other people too?”

“I’ve never been that person,” I said. “I don’t even know if I could. Sure I’ve fantasized about other girls, but it’s always been you.”

I’m such a schmuck.

Alanna quirked an eyebrow slightly. “What if I want you to fuck other girls with me?”

Uh, what? Come again?

“Uhm,” I stumbled over my words and thoughts, “Yes?”

She just smiled and curled into me, her hands slipping around my back as she buried her face in my chest. After a long moment of silence she asked, “So who do you want first? We know a lot of hotties.”


We stood at the front bay window of our house, six roommates looking out at the torrential downpour. In all honesty we had needed the rain, but did it have to come on our Housemate Bonding Day? Beth, who had planned our outing, was forlornly holding the full picnic basket she had packed that morning when the sky had still been clear and blue.

“Monopoly?” Josh, our only other male housemate, asked the room.

We all groaned.

“Risk?” Josh loved board games and we had all played at least a few rounds with him since the start of the school year. His most recent suggestion was met with more groans. At least he wasn’t suggesting one of his strange non-mainstream I-bought-it-online-from-korea games.

“What about something cool like blackjack or poker?” Malena asked. We all raised our eyebrows and made ‘that’s a pretty good idea’ faces. Malena flashed her all american, girl next door smile and brushed a lock of her light brunette hair from her face. After Alanna, Malena had been on the top of my ‘would date’ list but I had never pursued her. Always telling myself it was because we lived together, deep down I’d known it was because I’d been holding out hope.

“How about we picnic inside and play cards?” I suggested. “We could move all the furniture and sit on the floor in the common area.”

“And drink,” Beth smiled, setting down the picnic basket. “Break out your booze, no flasks required.”

We all laughed and quickly got to work moving the couches as far to the outside of our little living room as possible, clearing the center of the room for Beth to spread out the classic red-and-white checked blanket. While Alanna, Ricki and Josh disappeared up to their rooms or the kitchen to grab alcohol, Malena and I helped Beth start setting out the food she had made up. It wasn’t a gourmet feast by any means, we were college students after all, but the sandwiches looked good and she had splurged a bit on chocolate bars and snack-sized bags of chips for us.

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