Monday , January 30 2023

Stripping For My Uncle

I make extra money stripping at parties. But I never
perform in my home town. I have seen some familiar
faces but I don’t think they’ve recognized me. In
makeup and a wig and no clothes, they don’t think for
a moment that it could be me. But last month I was
doing a gig at a bachelor party 60 miles from my home
town and who should I see but my father’s brother,

He recognized me right off. Our eyes met and he smiled
and winked to let me know it was cool. I danced and
strutted my stuff, shaking my tits and even letting
the groom-to-be finger my pussy. The entire time I
kept my eyes on Uncle George who watched me with a
leer and an obvious bulge in his lap. I was hot, a
usual state for an exhibitionist, but the thought that
my own uncle was watching and lusting for me rang my
bells like crazy.

Uncle George managed to corner me after my number. I
had put a robe on, but it wasn’t tied and I wanted to
see if he’d do anything. No one else knew he was my
uncle and they figured that he was just hitting on a

“Nice job,” Uncle George said, getting his eyes full
of my knockers and pussy.

“Bet this is nice, too, Uncle George,” I said,
touching his bulge and rubbing the hard-on straining
to get out. He reached out as well, cupping my cunt
and slipping a finger in me.

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