Sunday , May 28 2023

Stud Rape

The day started out as it usually does. I rolled out of
bed, showered, drank a cup of coffee and off to work I
went. Although my job is boring, I felt secretly
excited. Under my no-nonsense business suit, bunned hair
and slight frown, lurked a sensual woman clad in sexy
underthings. Shivers went through me at the feel of silk
on my skin throughout the day.

Driving home, I reflected on the men at work. I’d dated
and bedded more than a few of them with the same
results. Being a high-powered female executive with the
power to hire and fire seemed to always get in the way
of relationships. Most of the men I finally did go out
with were just as stuffy in bed as out.

The workday was finally over and after the usual hour
long commute I was home. Opening the door I wished for
a little excitement, a small adventure.

Deciding on a bath, I was heading for the bedroom when
a hand closed over my mouth. Instantly my adrenaline
soared and I felt more afraid than I ever had. I
struggled against my attacker until I felt the cold
steel against my throat. It was at his whispered threat
that I fainted.

I don’t know how long it was before I woke. I opened my
eyes to a blindfold and when I tried to sit I realized
that I was tied spread-eagle with pillows under my butt
and my pussy arching upwards. I was trying to free
myself when I heard footsteps approaching and lay back
very still. As he sat next to me and placed a hand upon
my stomach, I jumped. My sudden jerk belied my conscious
state and I heard him whisper, “This will be warm,

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