Wednesday , May 31 2023

Student and Teacher in the Bathroom

I had always had a crush on my French teacher, she was a really young teacher, far younger than most of the old broads that usually taught at my school. Whenever she wore a skirt I would always “accidentally” drop my pencil, and since I was in the front row, she would be kind enough to bend over and get it for me. And every time she bent over I would get a nice view of her panty covered pussy. Everytime she wore a thong, I would have to almost immediately ask to go to the bathroom and stroke myself to release. I think she started to catch onto what I was doing…

One day she was wearing an ultra short skirt, I mean, the thing barely covered her crotch, and I, as usual, dropped my pencil. She bent over, right in front of me, and my dick nearly ripped out of my pants at the sight that was in front of my eyes. She wasn’t wearing anything on underneath her skirt. Her perfectly bald pussy was glistening out in the open for everyone to see. My hard 8″ dick strained against the fabric of my pants as I stared at her bald pussy, glistening with horniness. She leaned back up and put the pencil on my desk and I raised my hand, trying to cover my tented pants. She just nodded me on my way. I walked out of the room, nearly running to the bathroom to pump my teenage cock to the image of her young, teacher pussy. Little did I know that all my dreams were about to come true.

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