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Submissive mother submits sexually to daughter and son

“Oh” Submission Town: Brother and Son Fun

Time stood still for Kimberly as she listened to the words of her Domme daughter, “So, big brother. Are you going to stand there with that dumb ass look on your face, or are you going to get out of those clothes and come and join us?”

Ben still couldn’t believe it. His sister who he had been fucking ever since she turned eighteen had a surprise for him, but this was not what he expected. He had told Cinthia that he would love to fuck their mom while he fucked her one night. She always implied it was possible, but it was still all just a late night stroke fantasy until this moment.

“I told you Ben, I had a surprise for you,” Cinthia smiled.

Ben stammered, “Y-y-yes you did, but this was not what I was expecting.”

“You don’t like your Christmas present, Master?” Cinthia asked pouting.

Kimberly listened to the surreal conversation as they talked as if she wasn’t there, bewildered by the events that led her to this humiliating moment and the apparent relationship between her two Christian children.

Ben finally regained his usual confident demeanour and joked, “Oh no, it is the perfect present, although I see you already unwrapped it.”

“I couldn’t resist,” Cinthia shrugged, “our mother is quite the slut, aren’t you, Mother?”

“What? Please Cinthia,” Kimberly pleaded, totally mortified by the situation.

“More begging,” Cinthia smirked, taking her mother’s pleading out of context, “You really are an insatiable slut.”

“Oh God, Cinthia, please stop,” the bewildered mother said.

“Tsk, tsk, using the Lord’s name in vain again,” Cinthia teased. “So Ben, think you can get mommy screaming those same words?”

Ben began pulling down his pants and Kimberly pleaded, “Please Ben, I’m your mother.”

“And apparently my Christmas present,” Ben smiled, a long time fantasy now about to become a reality.

Kimberly was rattled, yet as her son’s big hard cock popped into view she could feel her resistance to committing yet another sin, another act of incest, weakening.

Cinthia, seeing her mother staring at Ben’s big eight inch cock, said, “I think Mommy likes it.”

Ben moved to his mother and ordered, “Worship my cock, Mommy slut.”

Kimberly stared at his big cock now directly in front of her face, even as she gasped at being called a slut from her well-behaved son. Cinthia had always been a handful to raise, but Ben had always been a perfect gentleman. Yet, at this moment her mouth watered, her cunt tingled. yet she knew she should resist this temptation. Looking up at her son, she said firmly, “Ben we can’t do this.”

“I don’t believe I was asking your opinion, Mother,” he said. “We have always been close Mom, and now it is time to get closer.” He placed his cock on his mother’ lips.

Cinthia, horny herself and wanting a piece of her brother, said, “Mom, either suck your son like we all know you want to, or I am going to.”

Kimberly couldn’t deny it even though she wanted to. She wanted to suck him. She also couldn’t deny that the thought of Cinthia having his cock instead of her made her jealous. So after a brief moment of hesitation, she opened her mouth and took her son’s cock in her mouth.

“Good slut,” Cinthia purred, biting her mother’s ear.

“Good girl,” Ben concurred, putting his hands on his mother’s head. “I have fantasized about fucking you forever, Mom, but I never thought it would happen, although Cinthia said it was a possibility, I never believed it.”

“You didn’t believe it when I crawled under your sheets and sucked your cock either did you?” Cinthia added, enjoying revealing yet another shocking secret to her mother.

“Nor when you climbed on top and rode me taking my virginity,” Ben added.

“I’m a giver,” Cinthia quipped.

“Yes you’re a gift that just coming, coming and coming,” Ben joked.

Kimberly listened to the revelation that her children had sex and that Cinthia, her daughter, had seduced her older brother. It was so shocking and wrong, yet the burning fire down below, the very heat of this sinful hell, had her so hot she was already imagining her son’s cock in her pussy.

“I have one more gift for you,” Cinthia said.

“I can’t imagine what could top this,” Ben moaned, as his mother took more of his cock in her mouth. Again, he had envisioned this exact moment over and over, especially ever since Cinthia seduced him and put the thought of making this crazy fantasy a possibility with her confident talk and promises.

“Mom, have you ever had a cock in your ass?” Cinthia asked, although she knew the answer.

Kimberly froze, her son’s cock, deep in her mouth. She thought of her daughter’s finger a little earlier tonight being the first time her ass had ever been touched and how it had triggered her most intense orgasm ever.

“Answer the question, Mommy-slut,” Ben ordered, pulling his cock out of Kimberly’s mouth.

“N-n-never,” Kimberly stammered, the thought even nastier than all the other sins she had committed in this night of submission.

“Well, I think I know what your Christmas present is from us,” Cinthia said smiling, as she moved over to her purse. Pulling out a bottle of lubricant, she said, “Always come prepared, I always say.”

“Nice pun,” Ben laughed, as he shoved his cock back in his mom’s mouth.

Kimberly sucked on her son’s cock both exhilarated by the reality of her submission and the undeniable pleasure it brought her, yet also mortified by the reality of her submission and the inappropriate act of incest she was committing in her husband’s church.

“On all fours my pet slut,” Cinthia ordered.

Kimberly sat up and pleaded, “We really shouldn’t do this.”

“Do what?” Cinthia asked innocently.

“Sin here,” Kimberly answered.

“A little late for that since you’ve already sucked your son’s cock, don’t you think?” Cinthia asked.

“On all fours now, Mommy-slut,” Ben ordered sternly.

Kimberly looked at her son with a look of surprise at his new persona, yet obeyed another command as her submissive nature took over.

Cinthia moved behind her mom’s still firm ass and poured excessive amounts of lubricant between her mom’s ass cheeks. Once done, she moved her hand down her mom’s ass crack and her finger teased her mother’s inviting rosebud. “Ready to have your ass fucked?”

Kimberly couldn’t believe that she was about to commit the act of sodomy, one of the greatest sins, yet the act of obedience and her wet pussy overwhelmed any propriety as she answered, “Yes.”

Cinthia pushed her finger in her mom’s ass as she questioned, “Yes, what slut?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the horny bewildered mom answered correcting herself, as she allowed, her ass to be penetrated again.

“Yes, Mistress what?” Cinthia again questioned as she wiggled her finger inside her mom’s ass, enjoying the power over her once stern mother.

The distracted mother wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say, but then she realized what her devious daughter wanted from her. Although Kimberly didn’t want to be sodomized, did not want to be sexually humiliated by her two children, she did feel compelled to obey. She answered, accepting her sexual fate that was in the hands of her nasty, dominant daughter, “Yes, Mistress, I am ready to have my ass fucked.” The words would have been ludicrous a couple of days ago and yet at this moment, they were reality.

“Ben, she is really tight, tighter than when you took my anal cherry,” Cinthia said, revealing yet another shocking sexual secret to her mother. “Remember, it was in the girl’s bathroom in church while Dad was lecturing about resisting temptation.”

“Oh yes, that was so nasty,” Ben reminisced about that crazy morning. He then added, continuing his strong demeanor, “Let me decide whose ass is tighter.”

Kimberly felt her daughter’s finger slip out of her ass and then waited for the inevitable, being sodomized by her son. The act was so sinful, particularly because they were in a church, yet she was completely under the whim of her mistress daughter and seemingly her master son. She felt strong firm hands on her hips, she felt her son’s cock poking between her ass cheeks, and as she clenched her teeth expecting pain, she felt his cock poking at her back door.

“Beg me to take your ass, Mommy-slut,” Ben demanded.

Kimberly sighed, hating how they tried to push her further into submission when she was already a willing participant. “Please fuck Mommy’s ass,” she begged, before adding without even thinking, “sodomize Mommy and take her anal virginity.”

“Mommy wants it bad,” Cinthia teased.

“And what Mommy wants, Mommy gets,” Ben said, as he pushed forward breaking through the last barrier of resistance and invading his mom’s virgin ass.

“Aaaaaaaaah,” Kimberly couldn’t help but scream, her son’s wide cock spreading her ass wider than it was meant to be opened.

“Relax your ass, Mommy-slut,” Ben demanded, as he gently caressed her backside.

“Okaaaaaay,” the mother weakly said, not sure how to relax as her ass was being violated and used in ways that were unnatural.

“Once you get past the pain, Mom, you are going to be in heaven,” Cinthia said, smiling at another religious reference.

“You’ll be moaning to the choir,” Ben added.

“Weak,” Cinthia scolded playfully.

“Sorry my witty word play isn’t as good as yours,” Ben shot back, even as his cock continued exploring further into his mom’s no longer virgin ass.

Kimberly meanwhile just tried to focus on the intensity of the act she was willingly submitting to. The pain was sharp, yet the excitement at obeying seemed to overshadow the uncomfortable burn in her ass. Undeniably she wanted to feel all her son’s cock in her ass; unexplainably she wanted to feel him fucking her ass hard regardless of the pain; inexplicably she wanted to be called names, the term Mommy-slut somehow turning her on more and making her sin more acceptable.

Cinthia asked, another reminder of the ultimate sin her mother was committing, “Do you like your son’s cock in your ass, Mother?”

Kimberly no longer wished to pretend to resist her ultimate submission to her daughter and now her son, instead just giving into the pleasure that overwhelmed her through obedience. “Yes, Mistress, I love my son’s cock filling my ass.”

Cinthia smiled and continued, “How about submitting to the act of sodomy in the house of The Lord?”

Kimberly thought, it’s the basement not really the house of The Lord, and using this weak theory to defend her actions replied, “Oh God, so wrong and yet so goooooood.”

“Fuuuuck,” Ben grunted, “that is the hottest thing I have ever heard.”

“And you will worship both of us, and be at our every beck and call?” Cinthia asked.

“Yeeees, Mistress and Maaaaster,” Kimberly agreed knowing she could not go back to her facade of happiness in her marriage and couldn’t possibly resist the opportunity to taste her daughter’s pussy or suck her son’s cock.

“You will obey every order?” Cinthia questioned, stressing the word ‘every’.

“God, yeeees,” Kimberly agreed, even as her brain went to the housewives club, Lucy, Tommy and whoever else was a part of the twisted sexual web of deviancy that her daughter had spun in this supposedly reserved Christian town.

“I’m all in,” Ben announced which surprised Kimberly.

Kimberly couldn’t believe it. She expected there to be burning fires in her ass when all eight inches had filled her back door, yet although the pain was there, it was not overly intense. “Master,” she said.

“Yes, Mommy-slut,” Ben asked, as he looked down at his beautiful mother on all fours.

“Please fuck your Mommy-slut’s ass, use me as your vessel of sin,” Kimberly begged.

Cinthia chuckled, “Vessel of sin, I like that.”

Ben began slowly moving is cock in and out of the Velcro like grip of his mom’s ass.

Kimberly moaned loud as the strange pleasure of anal submission somehow turned her on.

Cinthia, horny again from watching her mother being sodomized by her son, crawled onto the table and spread her legs, moving her shaved cunt directly in front of her mother’s face, “Come lick some holy juice.”

Kimberly stared at her daughter’s cunt that she had licked less than an hour ago, but seemingly it felt like years, her life forever changed based on decisions she had made in the past hour. She extended her tongue and began licking her daughter again, as her son began moving faster in her ass.

Cinthia moaned, “Oh Mother, I have so many plans and tasks for you.”

Kimberly wondered what they were, yet instead of fear, a rush of excitement pulsed through her at the possibilities. She moaned, “I can’t wait.”

“I bet you can’t,” Cinthia smiled, her mother even more obedient and a bigger slut than she could have ever imagined. She already had a list of naughty tasks for her mother to fulfill playing in her head.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Ben grunted, unsure where he should come.

Cinthia purred, “Come whenever and wherever you want.”

Kimberly wondered what it would feel like to have cum shot in her ass and begged, “Please Ben, fill Mommy’s ass with your cum.”

“As you wish, you dirty little slut,” Ben grunted.

Kimberly moaned back, “Yes, baby, I’m your slut, your Mommy-slut.”

“Rub yourself, Mommy-slut,” Cinthia demanded, “I want you to cum from getting your ass fucked.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly eagerly obeyed, the ass pleasure creating a constant tease. The mother then became the vessel of sin she had said she would be. She licked her daughter’s pussy; she rubbed her own clit as she got reamed in the ass by her son.

Ben slammed into his mom’s ass with forceful urgent thrusts, each time their bodies collided his mother’s face crashed into his sister’s cunt. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his mom, in the ass no less, but finally the pleasure was too intense, and he erupted; his cum coating his mother’s ass walls.

Kimberly felt his cum filling her ass, but couldn’t do much more than moan as her face was buried in Cinthia’s cunt. The feeling was quite different from when she had her husband come in her pussy, yet it got her off even more. She continued to frantically rub herself as Ben slowed down the assault on her ass, her orgasm so fucking close.

Cinthia ordered, “Come now, you nasty Mommy-slut, you son fucker, ass whore, lesbian cunt licker, you incest slave.”

The litany of names was the final straw for the bewildered, no longer straight laced mother, who somehow got turned on even more by the name calling as she screamed, “Yeeeees, mother fuckers, I’m your sluuuuut.”

Both children watched their mother come as her body quivered.

Kimberly couldn’t fathom how such pleasure could exist, pleasure that she had been oblivious all these years. How sex had become a rare part of her wifely duties, something she did but barely enjoyed enough to get off. This was a euphoria like she had never experienced and she never wanted it to end.

Ben kept his cock lodged in her ass for a couple of minutes until it seemed her orgasm had subsided. He then pulled his cock out, moved around the table and shoved his cock into his surprised sister’s face. “Clean me off, slut.”

Cinthia was indeed surprised but loved to obey a man who knew what he wanted and she eagerly began bobbing back and forth on his cock. She had never sucked a cock that had been in anyone’s ass before, including her own, nevertheless her mother’s. It was so nasty, so twisted that it turned her like nothing she could imagine. She grabbed her mother’s head, who had quit licking when her own orgasm hit, and she began moving her ass up and down, literally fucking her mother’s face with her cunt.

Kimberly simply extended her tongue and tried to pleasure her daughter the best she could all the while feeling cum leaking out of her ass. Her orgasm done, a sense of overwhelming guilt hit her at what she had just done. She had cheated on her husband with two boys (one her son), licked her daughter’s pussy, had her ass taken and all of this done in the sanctity of the house of God. She shivered at the complete compass of her sin even as her daughter’s pussy juice coated her face.

“I’m comiiiing,” Cinthia screamed, her brother’s cock slipping out of her mouth.

Ben, still hard, wanted to fuck again but couldn’t decide which one, as he watched the adorably cute face of his sister coming.

Kimberly was swallowing as much of her daughter’ cum, a taste so exotically delicious that her guilt had already began to fade. Her guilt faded more when she felt hands on her ass again and then a cock filling her cunt. “Wholly fuck,” she gasped.

“Holy fuck indeed,” Ben quipped, playing with the words of his mother.

As Cinthia moved away, her legs needing a stretch, she quipped, “Fuck, Mommy, you really are an insatiable whore. How did you ever hide your true sluttiness?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Kimberly stammered, greatly distracted by her son’s cock in her cunt.

“What are you, Mother?” Cinthia asked, as she moved off the table.

“Your Mother, your Mommy-slut, your cunt licker, and Ben’s cum bucket,” Kimberly admitted, uttering the words turning her on even more.

Ben pulled out of her cunt and sat down on a chair. “Come ride me, Mommy fuck toy.”

The lustful mother didn’t hesitate as she was thankful to change positions and hungry to have her son’s cock back in her wanton pussy. She straddled him and lowered herself slowly on his big rock hard cock, moaning as it filled her from this new position.

She began slowly riding her son’s cock as she got used to the position, loving the sudden control she had.Cinthia asked, as she watched the hot mom-son action, “What about Daddy?”

Kimberly’s eyes went wide at the reference to her husband, yet she was too far-gone and hungry for another orgasm to consider the long-term consequences of her sins. “I don’t know, Mistress, I guess that is up to you.”

Cinthia loved the answer. Her mother was easily the most submissive of the many MILF’s she had seduced in her mission to turn her boring religious town into a sinners haven.

Ben ordered, putting his hands on her shoulders, “Take all my cock, Mommy-slut.”

Kimberly obeyed, allowing her whole body to land on her son’s lap. “Fuuuuck,” she screamed, her son’s cockhead reaching new depths in her cunt. “I’m so full.”

“Wait until you take my ten inch strap-on, Mother,” Cinthia smirked, another hint to a growing list of submissive tasks she had in mind for her Mother.

“I caaaaan’t wait,” the mother moaned, even though she couldn’t fathom taking anything bigger than her son inside her.

In a rhythm now, Kimberly began to ride Ben’s cock completely, each downward thrust taking every part of her son’s cock in her. She cupped her breasts, an erogenous zone ignored completely by her old fashioned husband.

“Hmmmm, does Mommy like her tits to be played with?” Cinthia purred.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly admitted, hoping her daughter would join them making the twosome a threesome, even as she thought to herself she couldn’t believe she was thinking that.

“Does Mommy want her daughter to suck on her nipples?” Cinthia asked, walking towards her.

“God, yes,” Kimberly whimpered, already excited before her tits were even being touched.

“You really love to praise The Lord in your cries of ecstasy don’t you, Mother?” Cinthia questioned as she cupped her mom’s breasts in her hands as they bounced up and down.

“Aaaaaah,” Kimberly moaned as her daughter cupped her breasts, before saying the absurdist thing ever to leave her mouth, “You’re my Goddess now, Cinthia, I am but your servant.”

“Fuck, that is hot,” Cinthia said, as she leaned forward and took her mother’s right nipple in her mouth.

“God yes, my Goddess,” Kimberly whimpered.

“What about me?” Ben asked.

“Cinthia is my Goddess and you my Sex God, my Himeros,” Kimberly declared, her orgasm building.

“And I am Aphrodite?” Cinthia questioned as she swirled her tongue around her mother’s nipple.

“Yeeeeeeeeeees,” the mother of two agreed as her orgasm begged to be released.

“Don’t you dare come until I do, slut,” Ben ordered, his orgasm on the build as well.

“Yes, Master,” Kimberly weakly got out, the double pleasure of his cock in her pussy and Cinthia’s tongue on her nipples putting her in a sexual trance of euphoria.

Cinthia switched to her mother’s left breast and replicated the teasing breast attention.

“Oh yes, baby, I love your mouth on Mommy’s titties,” Kimberly said, watching her daughter smother her breast with attention.

“Ready to come, Mommy whore?” Ben asked.

“Yeeeees,” Kimberly eagerly answered.

“On three, Mother,” Ben demanded, as he wanted to explode in her simultaneously when she did.

“Okaaaay?” Kimberly again agreed, three seconds seemingly an eternity away at this moment.

“One,” Ben announced, bucking his ass up to meet his slut’s downward fall.

“Fuuuuuuuck, shit,” Kimberly screamed, surprised by the new depths her son’s cock had hit. She tried to stop herself from coming, but couldn’t as she finished, “Soooooorry, I’m comiiiiiing.”

Ben felt the wetness coat his cock and lap and he too shot his load as he continued bucking his ass up and filling his mom’s cunt with his seed.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, come in Mommy, baby, fill her cuuuunt with your cum,” Kimberly whimpered, always loving the feeling of having her cunt filled with cum, something her husband never understood.

Cinthia moved away and watched her mom and brother orgasm, all because of her.

Finally, a couple of minutes later, all three exhausted, they silently got dressed, each having strange conversations with themselves in their head:

Ben pondered how he was going to continue fucking his mom once his father got home, knowing that it had been the best sex he had ever had.

Cinthia was making a mental list of all the naughty things she had in mind for her new pet mommy. The first being a new haircut for her mother that would shock the community and her father. So many possibilities so little time before her father came home.

Kimberly, cum leaking out of her cunt and ass, couldn’t believe what she had just willingly done. She looked at her children and wondered how she could ever look them in the face again. How could she continue to be their mother, to look out for their best interests, to discipline them when they sinned? Yet, all the while she pondered these serious concerns, she was already wondering when Ben would fuck her again, when she would be able to taste Cinthia’s pussy again and what did her daughter have in store for her next.

Once back home, Kimberly got the answer to a couple of her questions as her children joined her in her bed. Kimberly lay on her back as Ben fucked her pussy one more time that night, while Cinthia straddled her face.

Tomorrow, Kimberly thought, she would have to have a serious talk with her children about how this was wrong and had to be a one-time thing, but that would be tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Kimberly…tomorrow never comes.

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