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Submissive wife has a fantasy fulfilled by three men – Rape Erotica

The anticipation of what the night was to bring, had Bruce so stimulated that he was having difficulty paying attention to anything else. His eyes drifted once again to the dashboard where the digital clock mercifully now at last showed it was a mere hour until Anne was to get what he knew she needed, wanted, and deserved. The last thought caused him to simultaneously both lick his lips and adjust the growing bulge in his pants.

The truth was, just thinking of Anne often caused this same reaction. His wife was a living, breathing wet dream, who delighted in driving not just her husband, but all men crazy with lust. She was 5’7”, 120 pounds, long legs, and gorgeous green eyes that were alternately smoky and blazing. She also had a tiny waist, round ass, and the most delectable large, and natural tits. Most women disliked her without even knowing her because of the way she made them feel insecure. On the other hand, more than one man had accidentally destroyed the canned vegetable display at the supermarket by having his eyes glued to her body.

Those men weren’t as fortunate as those that frequented the “Doll House”, an upscale gentlemen’s club located near downtown. There, you could see “Jade”, as Anne was known there, covered by only a shimmering G-string, as she gyrated seductively on the stage. Or, for an agreed upon price, you could get a private dance upstairs in the VIP lounge. She made good money, and had many “regulars”. Bruce was always amused when “Jade” told him about a customer saying, “If she was their woman, she wouldn’t have to dance”. All men thought this to be the sure-fire method to get in her pants. Bruce made enough money without her dancing. She didn’t have to dance. She wanted to, and that’s what they didn’t understand. Bruce wasn’t jealous, because he knew Anne loved him, and only him. He liked the idea of other men staring at her gorgeous body wanting her. This was power in its purest form. The passion it added to their sex was an added benefit. She would tell him about her customers, and how badly she made them want her. She knew it turned him on. He also knew that when she came home with an unusually large amount of cash that she had let men suck on her tits in the VIP lounge while she stroked their cocks while whispering in their ear how much she liked playing with their large cocks and how much she would like to have it in her tight pussy.

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