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Submissive wife is exposed by husband – Forced Wife

Hi, I’m Paul, and I thought I’d share some of my recent experiences with you. The centre of these is my relationship with my wife Brianna. Brianna is what is considered a very attractive woman. She is tall with long blond hair and a face with the same fine features of Michelle Pfeifer. She has the slim body of a glamour model with firm shapely breasts. We have been married now for some 7 years and in recent months I have been varying our sex life and have discovered that she has a submissive nature which nicely matches with my own increasingly dominant tendencies. Brianna has not been completely comfortable with this developing trend in our relationship, but I have gradually increased the pressure on her to accept the roles I have imposed on her during our sexual activities. The story I am telling here describes how I planned and executed the first major step in imposing my will on her in a more public fashion.

In outline, my plan was to invite a group of friends and colleagues to our home and progressively display her submissive side to them. I was not sure how far I would be able to take it, but I was intent on going as far as she would go and even beyond. I told Brianna on the Friday that I planned the party for the Saturday night, but, at that stage told her nothing of what I intended. She seemed pleased to host a party, though I had not told her who was to be invited. In fact I had composed the guest list very carefully. I had invited both friends of both of us, but also a few people who I alone knew and several others who were colleagues from my wife’s work. (She is a secretary in a lawyer’s office). I had in mind that her humiliation, for that was what I planned, should be as broadly public as possible. My guest list was 14, predominantly men but with two couples thrown in. When I invited the men, although I did not give details of what I planned, I did indicate that it was not to be the ordinary dull party and I made one request that they bring a specific gift along with them (more of that later).

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